Notre Dame Cathedral and Cemetery in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
375-385 Sussex Drive

New map, April 17, 2010:

Photo Source: Planted By Flowing Water, The Diocese of Ottawa, 1847-1997, page 13.

the Grey Nuns, Notre Dame Cathedral and St. Josephs College, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in 1855              Roman Catholic Dioces -- Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, Canada

The Twin Spires, an Ottawa Heritage Building Notre Dame Steeples

Here is an extract from the diaries of James Latchford, farm manager for the Ruggles Wright estate. It notes the first mass held in 1846 at the Cathedral. Thanks to Frank Latchford. First Mass at Notre Dame Cathedral

From Norma O'Toole: I called Notre Dame Cemetery in Ottawa (they do not have an e-mail address). In order to search for a burial at their cemetery, you must have either the month and the year, or the lot # and section. They are not computerized and have to go through the original register. They don't mind going through a month of records, but can't go through a whole year. They have been open since 1872 and have over 114,000 burials. If you would like to contact them once you find a date of death, their mailing address is: Notre Dame Cemetery Ottawa 455 Montreal Road Ottawa ON K1K 0V2 The phone number is (613) 746-4175 ... Norma who posted this information to the UOVGEN List.
The following graphic was sent by Taylor Kennedy
Map of Notre Dame Cemetery

March 22, 2008: Notre Dame Plaque
September 12, 2009: - An English message follows - Bonjour, Le Muséoparc Vanier, en partenariat avec le Cimetière Notre-Dame d’Ottawa, est heureux de vous inviter au lancement du livre Le cimetière Notre-Dame d’Ottawa : cimetière historique d’importance nationale créé en 1872 de l’auteur Jean Yves Pelletier. Cet événement bilingue se tiendra le lundi 14 septembre 2009, de 16 h 30 à 18 h 30 à la salle Kiwanis du Centre communautaire Richelieu-Vanier. Prière de prendre connaissance du communiqué ci-joint pour de plus amples renseignements. Le cimetière Notre-Dame d'Ottawa a célébré ses 135 ans en 2007. Créé en 1872 par Mgr Guigues, le cimetière est le plus grand cimetière catholique de la région de la capitale nationale et il compte aujourd'hui près de 123 000 sépultures. C'est le dernier repos de catholiques de multiples origines, anglaise, canadienne-française, française, irlandaise, écossaise, italienne, libanaise, polonaise, pour ne nommer que celles-là. Cet ouvrage fait le survol historique du cimetière et brosse un portrait d'hommes et de femmes qui ont souvent joué un rôle de premier plan dans la communauté et qui ont imprégné la vie pionnière, religieuse, commerciale et politique d'Ottawa et de leur région. Les sépultures de nombreuses personnalités canadiennes, québécoises et franco-ontariennes avantageusement connues se trouvent au cimetière, dont celles de Marius Barbeau, Lucien Brault, Benjamin Chee Chee, Suzanne Cloutier, Jean Dallaire, Antoine Gérin-Lajoie, Tommy Gorman, Aurèle Joliat, Yousuf Karsh, Wilfrid Laurier, Lucien Lamoureux, Almanda Marchand, Séraphin Marion, Étienne Parent, Jean-Luc Pepin, Joseph Pope, Richard W. Scott et Joseph-Charles Taché. Jean Yves Pelletier est expert-conseil en patrimoine et il œuvre depuis plus de 25 ans pour la promotion et la mise en valeur du patrimoine franco-ontarien. Au plaisir de vous y voir! Bien à vous, Le Muséoparc Vanier

******************** Hello, The Vanier Museopark, in partnership with the Ottawa Notre Dame Cemetery, is proud to invite you to a celebration in honour of Jean Yves Pelletier and the release of his new book titled Ottawa Notre Dame Cemetery: An Historic Cemetery of National Importance Established in 1872.” This bilingual event will begin at 4:30 pm and end at 6:30 pm on Monday, September 14, 2009 in the Kiwanis Hall at the Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre. The Ottawa Notre-Dame Cemetery celebrated its 135th year in 2007. Established in 1872 by Bishop Guigues, the cemetery is the largest catholic cemetery in the national capital region and has approximately 123 000 burials. Interred are Catholics from many different origins such as English, French-Canadian, Irish, Scottish, Italian, Lebanese, Polish and Ukrainian, just to name a few. The book is an historical overview of the cemetery from its beginning and paints a portrait of men and women who played an important role in the community and who influenced the religious, commercial and political life of Ottawa and its surrounding region during its formative years. Many influential Canadians, Quebecers, and Franco-Ontarians are buried in the Notre Dame cemetery including Marius Barbeau, Samuel Bingham, Lucien Brault, Benjamin Chee Chee, Suzanne Cloutier, John J. Connolly, Jean Dallaire, Henry J. Friel, Antoine Gérin-Lajoie, Tommy Gorman, Aurèle Joliat, Yousuf Karsh, Filip Konowal, Wilfrid Laurier, Lucien Lamoureux, Almanda Marchand, Séraphin Marion, Daniel O'Connor, John J. O'Gorman, Étienne Parent, Jean-Luc Pepin, Joseph Pope, Richard W. Scott and Joseph-Charles Taché. Jean Yves Pelletier is a heritage consultant for various organizations and institutions and has been working on promoting local heritage for over 25 years. We hope to see you there! Your truly, The Vanier Museopark Joëlle Amélie Dallaire Programmes éducatifs/Educational programs
Notre Dame Plaque
June 26, 2011: St. Joseph's College, originally on Sussex Drive became the University of Ottawa in Sandy Hill.

September 7, 2011:
The Archbishop's Palace, 143 St. Patrick's Street, Ottawa Notre Dame Archbishop's Palace, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

January 26, 2012:
Notre Dame Funerals, 1832 Source: Funerals at Notre Dame Cathedral, Ottawa, Canada, 1832
Note the large numbers of deaths by misfortune -- drowning, gunfire, killed by the fall of a tree, etc. Also, deaths of young children and the first records of deaths from the 1832 cholera epidemic. We can search individual Ontario Roman Catholic Church Records at Ontario RC Records.
January 29, 2012:
Thanks to Sue from British Columbia for this photograph of Notre Dame as seen from the Peace Tower. At the bottom left is the National Gallery of Canada, the glass building. The large black spider at the front of the Gallery is "Maman". Notre Dame Cathedral, Ottawa, Canada, Photo from the Peace Tower

November 12, 2012: Here is a new link to Notre Dame Cemetery -- contributed by Jean Yves Pelletier. ... Al

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