Northfield Cemetery
Northfield Canton, Ottawa County, Quebec, Gatineau Valley, Canada

New December 1, 2003:
    Several years ago I recorded the burials in the Northfield Cemetery. This 
cemetery is a small Protestant cemetery in Northfield Canton about 3 to 4 
miles south of Bouchette on the east side of the Gatineau River. I thought it 
would compliment the other cemetery listings in Gracefield and Maniwaki. 

My Great-grandmother Isabella Turney is buried there and I think that my great 
grandfather William  Cleland (1831-1914) is buried there.

... James Cleland
The Old Northfield Cemetary  
Octave Grouix Genvievre Prescott Thomson Thomas Thompson  
d. 27 Mar. ,1903 Died Juin 1889 Joseph Thompson d. Feb. 11,1899  
Age 52 years 4 mos Age 84 b. 4 April ,1879 Age 63 years 5 mos 11 days  
    Died Sept 1910    
    He was a fun dude & a cheerful companion    
Eliza Edey Jane Stevenson      
Wife of H. H McIntyre Wife of Samuel Hutton      
D. Mar 10 ,1888 D. Sept. 16,1910      
Age 58 Age 73      
  Samuel Hutton      
  D. Jan. 3 1917      
  Age 81      
Thompson Murphy Grant Theresa Hartley  
Maria Lang   Wilfred Wife of Arthur Scharf  
Wife of John Thompson   Husband of Anne Neveu D. May 6 ,1937  
1833-1917   1884-1965    
      Yvette Gauthier  
      Feb 16,1935 Age 22  
      Wife of Harold Scharf  
Lydia Frances Sarah Kinessey James Wright Bridget Grouix Harold Fitzpatrick
McNally Wife of James Wright D. 2 Oct., 1898 Wife of Pete Age 2 years
Wife of P.H. Wright D. Aug 23 ,1891 Age 68 years D. Dec. 11,1949 Dec. 26 ,1902
D. Mar 27 1871 Age 52 years   Age 91  
Age 22 years        
Chilcott Isabella Tourney Lewis McNally    
Jennifer Beloved wife of William Cleland 1842-1923    
D. Jan. 24 .1899 D. June 24,1895 Abigail McNally    
  Age 58 years 1879-1938    
Mackenzie Thomas M. Grant Allan Peter Grant    
John L. Sapper B. July 26,1927    
1903-1955 1 GRT GET D. Sept 20,1982    
Husband of Lina Fournier D. May 9 ,1960 Mother    
1909- Age 90 Annie Neveu    
    B. June 8,1901    
    D. 1991    
    Wife of Wilfred Grant    
Mary McNally James Russel      
wife of Son of Allen & Hattie      
Samuel Resenstrom d. Mar. 1 ,1908      
d. July 27,1906 Age 3 days      
Age 46        
1.28 Stones & 35 documented burials      
2.There appear to be more unmarked burials.The death certificate of William Cleland (1831-1914) shows he is buried here.William James Cleland 1914-1914 may be buried here.  
3.The Cemetery is in a beautiful site on the east side of the Gatineau River about 3 to 4 miles below Bouchette.  
4.Across the road there is a small vacant lot which may be the location of the old Northfield Church  
5.The cemetery was well taken care of when I visited it in 1994 to record it.        
James Herbert Cleland        

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By James H. Cleland

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