New March 6, 2006:

Hello All, 
Interestingly I had written Al earlier today regarding the Nolan clan who lived in 
I noticed the name 'Nolan' in your history and also noted 'Gladstone Ave.'  My 
grandfather and grandmother lived on Gladstone Ave. in Ottawa and if my recollection 
is correct they had lived there for a generation or two.  My grandfather was 
Joseph Nolan and he was married to Mary (we don't know her surname)  They had three 
children, a daughter died when she was young, and three sons Harry (Harold) Leo and 
Emmett.  All are deceased now. 
If there is a connection I would love to know.  By the way, our grandmother had a 
very English accent although we were lead to believe they originally came from Ireland. 
On our mothers side of the family, Donnelly, we have a little more information.  
Her surname was Martha Moss and married Christopher Donnelly in 1898 in Ottawa.  
They had six children and he passed away in the 1920's.  She passed away in the 1940's.  
Again, we assume that both sides came from Ireland with their parents.  
We have no information on generations prior to our grandparents.
We are now attempting to locate any relatives on either side of the family to see 
if we can obtain more information. 
If you ever hear of or have any information which you think might be helpful we 
would very much appreciate hearing from you. 
Thanks again. 

Ann Martin (Nolan) 

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