Northern New York State, USA, Newspapers from the 1800's
Using them for cross-border historical research

April 4, 2009:

During the 1800's, there were many family and commercial connections between folks living in
Eastern Upper Canada / Ontario, and those living in Upper New York State. Here's an interesting 
link from Sue:

Hi Al - you may already have seen this, but I ran across it and seeing as it's free and 
easy to access the digitalized images, I thought you might like to see it.  If you drag your 
mouse on the part of the state you are interested in, then click on the newspaper you're 
interested in, you can search it by surname (I did Tierney) and newspapers from the 1800s 
onwards come up.  Not a bad source.

... Sue
New April 6, 2009: And here's an example, from Anne Burgess, of how the New York State newspapers of the 1800's can be used for historical research of Ontario persons who had connections to Ogdensburg, New York: Anne has been studying the emigrants from the Coolatin Estate (Lord Fitzwilliam) from southern County Wicklow, Ireland between 1847 and 1854. Many of these families settled in the Ontario hinterland of the St. Lawrence River. Here is a cross-border family of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burns: I noted your link to the NY newspapers, Al, and when I used the keyword "Wicklow" it came up with these two pieces on children of Arthur Byrne and Eliza Kehoe, a FW family. The children were Edward Byrne and Mrs. Anne Byrne Kinch. ... Anne Burgess
Annivisary of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burns of Brockville
This article was reported in the St. Lawrence Republican (1910-1912) from the above database. The family was connected to Ogdensburg, New York, the Perth Road in Ontario and finally they retired in Brockville, Ontario.

Here is the obituary for Mrs. Abraham Kinch, also from County Wicklow to the St. Lawrence River Basin:
Obituary of Mrs. Abraham Kinch
Source: St. Lawrence Republican, March 1904-May 1905, submitted by Anne Burgess. ... Al Keywords: Throoptown, Frank Fogarty, Steamer Rutland

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