George (from Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland) and William NEWSOME
Lockmasters at Kilmarnock, Rideau Canal
also Joseph BEEK, born 1776 in Bandon, County Cork
and John Allan LONG, born 1850 at Kilmarnock

Thanks to Ron Bos for the following pictures of the Lockmaster's house
at Kilmarnock (between Merrickville and Smiths Falls on the Rideau Canal.
The pictures span 3 centuries:

Painting by John Burrows (1789-1848)
Kilmarnock Lock, 1835
Source: Library and Archives Canada, REPRODUCTION:  C-092892 
Kilmarnock Lock, 1835
The following two photographs were taken in 2004 and the early 1900's.
Kilmarnock Lock Station
May 7, 2005: Hi I was wondering if anyone had any details on a George Newsome, Kilmarnock Lockmaster (Rideau canal lock station #24) 1846-1871, or his son William Newsome, Kilmarnock Lockmaster 1871-1921. George Newsome took over lockmaster duties from the original lockmaster appointed by Col. By, Sgt. James Maitland , 90th Regiment. George Newsome was also the postmaster in the early 1900's for Kilmarnock. Ron Bos ______________________ Good Morning, Mr. Bos: Thanks for your e-mail regarding George and William Newsome. The following family is probably your Newsomes. This is from the 1881 census: 1881 Census Place: Wolford, Leeds & Grenville North, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375867 NAC C-13231 Dist 107 SubDist C Div 1 Page 26 Family 125 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace George NEWSOM M Married age 76 Irish born in Ireland Occ: Farmer Religion: Church of England Ann NEWSOM F Married 29 Irish Ireland Religion: Church of England William NEWSOM M Married 33 Irish O Occ: Lock Master Religion: Church of England Charlott NEWSOM F Married 26 English O Religion: Church of England According to Robert Passfield's book Building the Rideau Canal, A Pictorial History, the waterfalls where the Kilmarnock Locks were built were called Maitland's Rapids. The rapids may have been named for Sgt. James Maitland or possibly for Sir Peregrine Maitland, who was the Lieutenant Governor for Upper Canada. On page 93 of the book is a pencil sketch by John Burrows, showing the rapids, lock and weir in 1832. (National Archives, drawing # C11166). If it is OK with you, I'll start a new web page on our site for this family. Please let me know if this is OK with you. Thanks again for this. ... Al ______________________________ Hi Al Yes ! Thats the right famiy and by all means go ahead with the web site ! Thanks for the info. I have since spoken to Mr. Phil Newsome of Brockville and he provided me with a few missing pieces. George Newsome was born in Cork Ireland in 1805. He married Anne Oconnor born in 1822. Together they had 8 children. Their son William Newsome born in 1842 and died in 1922 married Carole Phillips. William went on to be the longest serving lockmaster on the system (50 years). Their son Albert Edward Newsome born in 1852 married Margret Moir born in 1856 and died in 1926. Also of interest is the fact the lockmaster in 1901 was making $400.00 a year. Some of the Newsome family now rests at the Hillcrest cemetery in Smiths Falls. Thanks again Al! ... Ron Bos
May 11, 2005: Hi Al. Here is some info supplied to me by Barbra Sprigings, a direct decendant of George Newsome. Re: George Newsome. Rideau Canal Lockmaster (1846-1871) Kilmarnock, Lock #24. Marriage: George Newsome and Anne O'Connor Married in County Cork, Ireland 4th of November, 1840 George Newsome was born 26th of February 1805 near Arklow in the County of Wicklow, Ireland Anne O’Connor was born 21st September, 1821 in the City of Cork, Ireland Their children: - John Newsome, was born 14th January, 1843 - George Newsome, was born 18th October, 1844, died: Dec 13 1927 - Thomas Newsome, was Born 24th November, 1846 - William Alfred Newsome, was born 12th, December 1848, died: April 15 1922 - Benjamin Newsome, was born 27th September, 1850 - Albert Edward Newsome, was born 31st August 1852 Deaths: George Newsome (Senior) : Died at Kilmarnock, Ont September 13th 1881. Buried at Smiths Falls. Anne O’Connor (wife of George Newsome) Died at Kilmarnock, Ont March 17th 1904. Buried at Smith Falls. ___________________ Re: William A. Newsome Rideau Canal Lockmaster at Kilmarnock (Lock #24) (Longest serving lockmaster on the Rideau Canal system, 50 yrs) 1871-1921 William Alfred Newsome and Charlotte Phillips married at the residence of brides father in Wolford (Ont) January 5th, 1881 Births: 1st George Newsome born 18th October 1881 2nd James Harvey Newsome 29th April 1884 William Alfred Newsome, was born 12th, December 1848, died on April 15th, 1922 at Smiths Falls. Buried in Public Cemetry. Charlotte Phillips (wife of William A Newsome) died August 22, 1929 Charlotte Phillips was born November 30 1855 ... Ron also posted on May 11, 2005, from Barb Sprigings: Ron Bos has contacted me. My great great grandfather was the lock master at Kilmarnock. How might I obtain a copy of the photograph of the stone house by the lock so that I could get some copies for our family. I have never seen it until Ron sent it electronically.. (those may be my descendents in the photo). I am not technically "advanced" but can figure out most jargon or can obtain some help from co-workers if you provide me with some suggestions .. thanks. Barb (Newsome) Sprigings _____________________ Hi Barb: I just noticed that there is another picture in Robert Passfield's book (page 90). It is a 6" by 10" watercolour painting of Maitlands Rapids / Kilmarnock painted on August 19, 1830 by J.P. Cockburn. It shows two log structures, one a house and the other a smaller shed. This painting is now in the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto but I don't know it's catalogue number. I have not seen the picture of the stone house which Ron sent to you. If it is a standard photographic format, either a .jpg or a .gif file, you should be able to get your graphics people to print it off for you. They may also touch it up a bit and improve the quality if necessary. Another possibility is to save the image onto a floppy disk and just bring it to a photographic store and they should be able to print it for you. To save it to a floppy or to your hard drive, put your cursor over the photo on your computer screen and then Right Click with your mouse. One of the options on the menu will be "Save Picture As" ... Choose this option and then save it to your A: drive (the floppy) or to your C: drive (the hard drive). This photo sounds as if it would make a nice addition to the Newsome page at Bytown or Bust. Also, if you like, I could add your e-mail address to the page as a contact for other researchers. Just let me know. ... Al _____________________ Thanks for the information. Yes, add my name as a contact to your website (Barbara Sprigings) email Barb
May 30, 2005: Hi Al I was speaking to the current lock master at Kilmarnock, (Steve Fielding) and he gave me the attached list of the all the previous lock masters at Kilmarnock. 1st. James Maitland (1832-1846) 2nd. George Newsome (1847-1871) 3rd. William Newsome (1872-1921) 4th. Jim Dalton (1922-1941) 5th. Fred Dawe (1942-1945) 6th. Dick Marshall (1946-1963) 7th. Ted Moncrief (1964-1972) 8th. Ken Bygrove (1973-1977) 9th. Stan Irvine (1978-1995) 10th. Steve Fielding (1996-Present) Ron.... ____________________ Hi Ron: Thanks for this. Is it OK for me to put it on the Newsome / Kilmarnock web page? I guess that Maitland's Rapids was named after James Maitland. ... Al ____________________ Hi Al No problem with entering the info on the web site.... The lock was named after James Maitland because he donated the land used for the canal without asking for compensation. He settled there before the canal was built. The rapids there were called "Maitland's rapids" ...named after James Maitland as well, and the Maitland family ran a ferry service from the the mainland to "Maitland's Island" which is now known as "Kilmarnock Island" . It was reffered to as "Maitland's Lock" until about 1866, when the name Kilmarnock became the more common name. James Maitland was a Sgt. in the 90th Regiment and the first lockmaster at Kilmarnock, having been appointed by Colonel By himself. This information is found on this web site: The author is Ken Watson Thanks ... Ron ______________ Hi Al This is a picture of the tombstone of William A. Newsome and his wife Charlotte Newsome that I took a few weeks ago. They are resting at the Hillcrest cemetery in Smiths falls. The significance is, that William A. Newsome was the longest serving lockmaster on the Rideau Canal system, with 50 years of service (1871-1921). A record that still stands today. Ron
Kilmarnock Lock Station

October 10, 2005: Hi Al Here are two pictures for your web site. One is the tombstone of George Newsome, lockmaster at Kilmarnock from 1847-1871, who is resting at the St. John's Anglican Cemetery in Smith Falls, and the other is the tombstone of Sgt. James Maitland, lockmaster at Kilmarnock from it's opening in 1832 to 1846 , he is resting at the Wolford Chapel Cemetery. ... Ron Bos
Tombstone of George Newsome
George Newsome
Tombstone of James Maitland
Sgt. James Maitland

September 23, 2007: Dear Family Members and Friends, The Beek Family History Book is back from the printers a few days ago. It is ready to be mailed out. The book exactly as stated was $12. per copy for printing. It is 8x11'', 180 pages with pictures. Generalizes all the Beek offspring of Joseph Beek b. 1776 in Bandon, County Cork, Ireland.(daughter Eliza married a Maitland). The biggest expense is the cost of mailing the book which more than doubles the cost for a single copy. It is probably close to $16. mailing costs to the US or CA per copy. If you get more than one copy the price of mailing goes down per unit. (CA and US $ at par). I am trying to find the most economical way of getting this book to you. Further delay has occurred because I slammed a garbage container lid on my head two weeks ago and with concussion and possible vertebrate fracture, I have been kind of limited. Beyond all that, I am determined with my husband's help to get this book to you ASAP. What I need now is specifically how many copies you want and what is your mailing name and address. As soon as I receive that info, your book(s) will be on their way. I will include in your package exactly how much the postage was. Do not send a cheque payable to "Gloria Beek" until you have received your book(s). I am in no rush. One further statement about this book, it is experimental in nature, with various formats and use of photos that I have not seen tried before. I hope that it will be a benchmark to change the way genealogy is presented in future. Thank you all again for your input and co-operation. Sincerely, Gloria Beek Merrickville, Ontario, Canada Canada E-mail: __________________________ Hi Gloria: Thanks for your e-mail regarding your new book. Another possible means of distribution of your book would be to try and get the bookstore in Merrickville (it's an Art Store now) but they have some local history books as well. Last weekend I bought a terrific book regarding Harry McLean, (PEI to Glengarry County to North Dakota, USA and finally to Merrickville), there. The store is on the left as you enter the Hardy Arcade. Just a thought. ... Al
February 26, 2009:
John Allan LONG, born Kilmarnock, 1850
Hello Folks I have communicated with Al Lewis before concerning family members in Bytown (Ottawa). And now I have run across correspondence that you all have had concerning Kilmarnock Lock on the Canal. I am particularly interested in Kilmarnock, as my great grandfather John Allan Long was born there 24 June, 1850. And I suspect that John Long age 55 at the 1871 census, resided in or near Kilmarnock. As on the 1871 census his is in Lanark South, Montague. My family, through the Long and Locke (no pun intended) names has connections to Merrickville also. Any little tidbits (not "timbits") that you could provide would be most greatly appreciated. Sincerely Gary Long Town Crier for Middleton & Berwick, Nova Scotia, Canada since 1984
February 27, 2008: Well, Al: I was happy to find on your Newsome page, beside the info. that though George Newsome was married in Cork, that he came from Wicklow: George Newsome was born 26th of February 1805 near Arklow in the County of Wicklow, Ireland Here's George's death certificate, Al, showing him as a "retired soldier."
George Newsome -- Death Registration
Record Summary Scope and content GEORGE NEWSOME Born ARKLOW, Wicklow Served in Royal Artillery Discharged aged 43 Covering dates 1826-1848 Availability Open Document, Open Description, Normal Closure before FOI Act: 30 years Held by The National Archives, Kew ... Anne Burgess
November 9, 2014: Dear Friends, In 1881, my Great Grandfather Warren Y. Soper married Ann Newsom, daughter of the late Lieut-Col. Newsom, in Ottawa Ontario Canada. Do you know if this is a relation to the Ann Newsom or perhaps the lady who is the Irish Immigrant, 29 years old, in the 1881 census? Yes you may post this email about Warren Y. Soper and Annie Newsom. As it turns out, my research in the Archives of Canada shows that Annie was in fact a nickname for Martha Susannah Newsom. Her father was the late LCol Thomas Newsom. In fact, Annie was born in Franktown and due to its remoteness at the time, this family wasn't included in the 1881 census. Annie's mother was Amelia Howell. Research from the 1891 census may indicate that she as a widow, remarried. Warren was named after his mother Ellen Young, hence the middle name. I would love to know a little bit more about Thomas. I do know from the 1991 census, when she was Mrs. Soper, she put down that her parents emmigrated from Ireland. I would love to know if he was a soldier here in Canada or in Ireland. Thank you, ... Laura Soper-Gosset
New December 29, 2014:
Camping at Montgomery Farm, Kilmarnock, Ontario, Canada, 1913 Source: Library and Archives Canada, MIKAN Number 3300912
Camping at Montgomery Farm, Kilmarnock, Ontario, Canada, 1913

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