County Meath, Ireland to Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada

May 11, 2003:
Notre Dame record:
July 3, 1843
After three publications of banns, marriage of Francis Nevin of Osgoode Township,
son of the late Patrick Nevins and the late Margaret Russell of County Meath in
Ireland, to Mary Corrigan of Hogsback, daughter of John Corrigan and the late
Elizabeth Connor of County Westmeath
Witnesses: Thomas Daley, William Kelly and Ellen Connor (all neighbours in Osgoode)

Source: Drouin Records at

1881 Census Place:	Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375865  NAC C-13229  Dist 104  SubDist G  Div 1  Page 56  Family 243
	Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace
Francis EVANS / NEVINS	M	M	65	Irish	Ireland
	Occ:	Farmer	Religion:	Catholic	
Mary EVANS	F	M	60	Irish	Ireland
			Religion:	Catholic	
Joseph EVANS	M		36	Irish	O 
	Occ:	Farmer	Religion:	Catholic	
Patrick EVANS	M		31	Irish	O 
	Occ:	Farmer	Religion:	Catholic	
Luke EVANS	M		25	Irish	O 
	Occ:	Farmer	Religion:	Catholic	
Francis EVANS	M		23	Irish	O 
	Occ:	Farmer	Religion:	Catholic	
Margaret EVANS	F		28	Irish	O 
			Religion:	Catholic

The Nevins family farmed on the east half of Lot 12, Con 3, Osgoode. In 1843,
Francis Nevins inadvertently cleared several acres of the neighbouring Jordan
farm (west half of Lot 12). The record of the amicable settlement of this problem
can be found on microfilm #TP-2 at the Osgoode Township museum in Vernon, Ontario, including a nice hand-drawn
map detailing the two properties. 
May 5, 2013: Hello Al, Joseph Nevins and Ann Kenny were my husband's great- grandparents. When I first began searching I had a difficult time because the family was recorded in the 1851 and 1861 censuses of Nepean under Evans. Also the marker in Notre Dame cemetery gave his date of death as 1909 and then the obit in the Ottawa Journal for March 8, 1898 gave the date of death as the 7 March 1898. Died at Hogs Back aged 102 and 3 days. Funeral took place at St. Mary's Church, Bayswater. This church is now called Notre Dame de Bon Conseil). Burial Notre Dame Cemetery. The obit in the Ottawa Citizen March 9, 1898 says he was from Navan, County Meath and came in 1840. He left a widow, five sons and two daughters. Ann Kenny was born in Dublin, Ireland on May 24 1820 and died Oct. 16 1909 and buried Oct. 19 Her father was listed as John Kenny and mother as Ann Stone. Children born in Canada: Francis, born Dec. 14, 1840, bapt. Jan. 10 1841 Notre Dame. Married Jan. 21, 1873 to Margaret Quinn in Notre Dame. Died Apr.15,1930 Buried April 17 1930 in Notre Dame Cemetery. Margaret born Nov. 4, 1842 Bapt. Nov. 27 , Married James O'Connor in St. Patrick's Church. Date I have to find. Moved to Boston, USA, area. The O'Connors were neighbours in Osgoode Township. Mary born Nov. 4, 1842 Bapt. Feb. 20 in Notre Dame Died Dec. 27, 1930 Married John Jordan (Apr.21 1848-Jan.25, 1914). (John Jordan was the best man at my grandparents marriage. My Grandparents were JOHN George BURNS and Catherine Theresa CHRISTOPHER ... Al) Helen born March 15 1847 Bapt. Apr.4 Notre Dame Nicolas Dec,10,1848 Notre Dame Bapt. Dec. 24 Married Feb.3, 1891 to Catherine Egan St. Thomas Aquinas, Billings Bridge Lawrence ( Husband's grand father) born Sept. 5,1851 Bapt. Sept.18 Married Notre- Dame de Lourdes Cyrville to Ellen Hayes on April 29, 1880 Died Aug.15, 1916 St. Joseph's Parish Buried Aug.17 Notre Dame. Joseph Born Jan.31, 1856 Bapt. March 1856 St. Patrick's Church Died Jan.9, 1935 John Born Sept. 10, 1858 Bapt. Sept.26, 1858 St. Patrick's Married Jane Hill Worked at the Experimental Farm. Twins born May 31, 1862 Bapt. June 10, Patrick died June 11, 1862 Rose Ann died July 9, 1873 from drowning Buried July 10, age 11. There are still events to be found and entered. I have no info on the Manotick Station family. Wonder if there is a connection. Anita Nevins _______________________________ Thanks to Michael Daley for the following information: Hi ,Al , Mary Anita if you dig a little deeper you may find your Ancestors are related to our Osgoode Nevins, your Joseph Nevins from County Meath died ,age 102 March 7 1898. a tombstone in our Lady Of the Visitation ,reads , In Memory of Francis NEVINS native of County Meath Ireland died Nov. 8th 1897 aged 100 years Question , Are they brothers, ?? Just a thought, check those obits ,for family names Michael Daley May 6, 2013: Anita - check through the google news search using "nevins ottawa" as the search items. I found Catherine (Egan) Nevins death notice June 24, 1934; her husband Nicholas Nevins obituary June 12, 1933; their son Father Wilfred Nicolas Nevins obit and photo May 28, 1960 (he once was parish priest at St. John's Osgoode - Mike may know more about him) these obits have lots of good family details. ... Mary Quinn _________________________________ Here is the Nevins family on the Nepean Township side at the lock at Hog's Back in 1847. Many of these families moved to Osgoode Township at the urging of the Ordnance Department who owned the land adjacent to the Rideau Canal.
Map 1 Dow's Lake area, settlement by 1847 Map Source: Bruce Elliott, Nepean, The City Beyond, page 23 Dow's Lake in 1847

May 8, 2013: Hi all .Thanks Mary ,you just jogged my memory ; I have Father Wilfred Nevins Biography in front me son of Nicholas Nevins,and Katherine Egan. Father had 4 brothers , Joseph M., Francis L. Lawrence E , John Emmett, 3 sisters , Anna, Catherine, Florence. This Biography is rather lengthy , { just a line ] Father was in St Johnís at Enniskerry From July 6 1940 to November 1942, I was an altar server in those times. He did not like being in a country parish especially in winter time ,He would find a way to get back to the city on a Sunday After noon,{ our roads were not ploughed ] He retired 1955 for health reasons, Some thing in the back of my mind, seems to tell me he was born in the Richmond area, ?? Michael _________________________________ Hello everyone, Now you are referring to Father Wilfrid and I must tell you that he and Florence and Katie came to my wedding in Montreal. Bill`s mother, Mrs. James Lawrence Nevins had asked that they be invited since they were Mr. Nevins first cousins. Fr. Wilfrid did not officiate but was a guest. I have the birth certificate somewhere but cannot look for it tonight. Francis L. lived in Montreal for a time and he welcomed my husband when he came for his first job after University. I have been in touch with one of Frank`s daughters. She lives in Beverly Hills, California, USA. Their only son has been in touch with me, but not recently because he asked me to find info about Kate Egan . She was born in Quebec, and the son was thrilled to get the info as I do not think that his mother knew that. Must close. Anita
May 13, 2013: Here are the locations of the two Evans / Nevins farms in 1879. The road on the right is the Stagecoach Road. The adjacent farm to the west is the farm of the Jordan family. It faces onto the Manotick Station Road.
Map Source: McGill University Digital County Atlas for Osgoode Township in 1879 Evans / Nevins farms in Osgoode Township, 1879
My Great Great Grandfather, Lawrence Burns, married Bridget Jordan c. 1844 after the death of my Great Great Grandmother, Margaret Doyle. Today, Sleepy Cedars Family Camping occupies the old Jordan farm. I have a branch office, OK, camping trailer there for the summer. ... Al
April 1, 2015: The 1847 map above by Professor Bruce Elliott shows some Irish and French families who lived on ordnance land at Hog's Back. Many families who worked at building the Rideau Canal were involved in the construction of the large dam at Hog's Back. This dam caved in twice in the late 1820's and had to be rebuilt. The names above at Hog's Back in 1847 include Nevins (living close to where the lockmaster's house is today), Fagan, McCabe, Mulligan, Burns and O'Rourke. Some of these families migrated to the Manotick Station Road and to the Stagecoach Road in Osgoode Township. ... Al New April 15, 2015: Josh is looking for the descendants of John Jordan and Mary Nevins: Mary Nevins Jordan was a daughter of Joseph Nevins (1796-1898). I have the following dates: John Jordan (born? died: 1914) Mary Nevins Jordan (1845-1930) Looking for any biographical info, kids names, etc. Feel free to send any other Nevins info or trivia. Would also love to locate the passenger manifest when they came over from ireland in 1840. Thank you! ... Josh _______________________________ See posting by Sue on the Jordan family page.

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