From Ireland to East Lot 3, Concession III, Osgoode Township
and to Waverly Street in the Golden Triangle (of downtown Ottawa)

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

May 22, 2003:

1881 Census Place:	Osgoode Township, Russell County, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375865  NAC C-13229  Dist 104  SubDist G  Div 1  Page 1  Family 6
		Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace	Occ		Religion
Patrick NEVEL	M		30	Irish	Ireland		Farmer		Catholic
 (This is the son of Patrick Neville, Sr.)
Elize NEVEL	F	W	45	Irish	Ireland				Catholic	
Bridget NEVEL	F	W	65	Irish	Ireland 			Catholic
 (This is Bridget Neville, the widow of Patrick Neville, Sr.)
Thomas NEVEL	M		25	Irish	England		Farmer		Catholic
April 2, 2015:
The farms of Patrick Neville and Patrick Christopher in Concession 4, Osgoode Township, in 1879 (Now called the Stagecoach Road) Source: Belden's Atlas of Carleton County, 1879 CHRISTOPHER farms in 1879
There are many records of the Neville family in the registers of Notre Dame Cathedral on Sussex Drive. Here are two of them: (from the DROUIN records at the OBOGS Library) 29 Oct 1846 Funeral service for John O'Brien, aged 109 who died October 28 Witnesses: Patrick O'Brien and John Neville 11 Mar 1847 (My GGGrandparents ... Al) Baptism of Michael, born at Osgoode about February 28, son of Patrick Christopher and Mary Fitzgerald Witnesses: John Neville and Mary Walsh ... Al
November 25, 2015: Hi Mr Lewis, I was just looking at the ByTown web site and saw your note saying Patrick Neville is related to you. I also saw that Patrick Neville was present at John O'Brien's funeral Do you know Patricks connection to John O'Brien? I know that John O'Brien is my GGGGrandfather (maybe add one more G there if he was Bridget O'Brien / Neville's grandfather. I have been stuck for a bit now trying to find information on my family in order to move with my research. I have found records in Ireland where Cornelius and Bridget NEVILLE were the parents of children, one being Michael I think and the other Bridget. I have also found a record in Ireland stating Cornelius was the father of one John NEVILLE but it lists another women as his mother although the dates are right. I think I am not making much sense to you so I will quit LOL, looking forward to hearing from you. ... Annie Bottiglieri _______________________________ Hi Annie: Thanks for your interesting e-mail. The O'Briens and Nevilles were close neighbours of my ancestors in Osgoode Township (now part of the City of Ottawa) through at least the last half of the 1800's. My ancestors were Patrick CHRISTOPHER and Lawrence BURNS. Last summer I spent a lot of time, on rainy days, going through the records of two churches in the neighbourhood. See Our Lady of the Visitation (formerly St. Mary's) and Saint John the Evangelist. Lots of O'Briens and the Nevilles there. Is it OK with you if I add your e-mail to our web page for the Neville family? This is a co-operative (and free) web site where we are trying to document many of the pioneer families in the Ottawa area. Please let me now. I'll get back to you in a couple of days, hopefully with more information. ... Allan Lewis _________________________________ Dear Allan, Hahaha! I thought that Patrick Christopher was Patrick Neville. So sorry about that. I didn't think Christopher was a surname. I thought I found another cousin! By all means please add my name! I am a direct descendant of John NEVILLE of Neville's Gap (no longer there) He had property on the Rideau Canal at the foot of Neville Street (renamed Waverly) John O'Brien was either his grandfather or great grandfather. His mother Bridget came to Canada when John was only six or so after his father Cornelius died in Ireland. John married Bridget Finn of Billings Bridge. I could go on as I know almost all there is to know about the family here in Canada LOL I will check out your links that you sent me. Now I am retired I can do this full time and hope to make another trip to Ottawa and also Ireland. I just know I can find them! ... Annie _______________________________ Note: There was a Neville family also in Renfrew County or at Fort Coulonge. These Neville families were related. ... Allan
June 3, 2020: Hello, Al: I just saw an email that you sent to my second cousin Annie Bottiglieri almost 5 years ago asking if you could send her a link to the Neville family webpage. I would be most appreciative if you could send me that link. According to a published obituary, our GG grandfather John Neville (c. 1823-1904) came from Ireland around 1829 at the age of 6 with his widowed mother Bridget O'Brien Neville, possibly to join her parents in Bytown or in the area that would become Bytown. John married Bridget Finn (1826-1910) in Ottawa in 1849. Bridget had emigrated from Wexford, Ireland, at age 20 with her parents and siblings around 1841 to the Gloucester area (Billings Bridge?). John and Bridget had 10 children, two of whom died in infancy. Their eldest son, my great grandfather William Neville (1850-1903) was a mariner and boat captain on the Ottawa River who navigated between Ottawa and Kingston where he met and married, in 1879) my great grandmother Jane Nelligan (1859-1935), daughter of Bartholomew Nelligan (1834-1904) and Mary Langan (1841-1899). Bartholomew was the son of John Nelligan and Catherine Daly of whom I have seen mention on your website through the writing to you about the Nelligan family by James Conway who says he is descended from Patrick Nelligan, a brother of Bartholomew. John and Bridget eventually acquired land in the Deep Cut area of Bytown/Ottawa at the end of present day Waverley Street, which was once called Neville Street when Neville's Creek ran through it before the Rideau Canal was built. John was involved in timber, boat building, and making of bricks, as many Irishmen were during the building of the canal. The original Neville property abutted that of Thomas O'Brien, related to John through his mother Bridget O'Brien Neville. Thomas was possibly John's uncle or grandfather. John O'Brien, possibly Bridget and Thomas' father or grandfather, died in Ottawa at age 109 in 1846. Or, the property could have been acquired from Bridget Finn Neville's family, of which I have so far identified three brothers, James, Patrick and Dennis, and one sister Joanna. The second son of John and Bridget was James J. (JJ) Neville became a successful Ottawa contractor. Among other properties he and his partner developed were several houses and duplexes on Neville/ Waverley Street which were originally, and for quite a while, occupied by Nevilles during the first part of the 20th century. I believe there is now an embassy (German?) on the corner of Waverley and The Drive (not sure if that is the name of the road that borders the Rideau Canal where John and Bridget's original homestead once stood). Al, I am interested in discovering more about the early Nevilles, Finns, O'Brien and Nelligan families I have described a bit above. Any help you or your readers could provide would be very much appreciated. Thank you for all the wonderful work you and your followers have done on Bytown or Bust. It is a treasure - so helpful and interesting in rich history and detail. Best, John Neville

June 14, 2020: Thanks to John Neville for the following obituaries of his Neville ancestors: JOHN NEVILLE d. 30 Apr 1904 - obituary: The Ottawa Evening Journal, Monday, May 2, 1904 Old Ottawa Pioneer Joins the Great Majority. John Neville Resided Here 75 Years. King of Corkstown. Another of Ottawa's pioneers has joined the great majority. All that was mortal of John Neville, Sr., for 75 years a resident of Ottawa, was laid at rest in Notre Dame Cemetery this morning. The late Mr. Neville was 81 years of age and died Saturday. The funeral took place this morning from his late residence, 5 Waverley St., to St. Patrick's Church, thence to Notre Dame Cemetery, being very largely attended. Rev. Father Whelan of?ciated. The chief mourners were: James J., Charles and John Neville, sons; John P., Leonard, Redmond, Charles, Jr. and Redmond Neville and Harry Muldoon, grandsons; John James and D'Arcy Finn, John Stackpole and Thomas Smith, nephews. Spiritual bouquets were sent by the following: Mrs. Mary Redmond, Mr. and Mrs. Weir, Mrs. William Neville, Miss Lillian Neville, Ms. Irene M. Neville, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith, Miss Jennie Finn, Mr. J. P. Neville, Mr. and Mrs. James. J. Neville, Mr. D'Arcy Finn. Among the many beautiful floral tributes were: a cross and azalea plant, Mr. Thomas Birkett, M. P.; cross, Mr. and Mrs. A. N. McLean; cut ?owers, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Neville; spray, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Stanley; sprays, Mesdames John. McCuaig, Sarah Wright, John Graham, James Brown, William Burgess, J. H. Jones, W. Cooper and Archibald Harris. The late Mr. Neville was a native of County Cork, Ireland, but came to Ottawa at the age of six with his grandparents, the late Mr. and Mrs. John O'Brien. Ever since the death of his son William, the late Captain Neville, last fall, he had been in poor health, though he was confined to his bed for less than two months. Owing to his advanced age his recovery was not expected. He had lived in the same place since before he was married, 54 years ago last Christmas. During his long and useful career he had been engaged in the wood business for many years, but was a most successful boat builder. Latterly he took corporation contracts for snow cleaning and street sprinkling. Besides his widow he leaves a grown-up family and about 20 grandchildren. He leaves for sons, Messrs. James J., Charles and John, in Ottawa, and Christopher S., In Chicago, Illinois, and one daughter, Mrs. A. Muldoon, Ottawa. The late Mr. Neville lived near the deep cut (of the Rideau Canal, borders on the campus of the University of Ottawa, today) and was long known as the King of Corkstown. ______________________________________________________ JOHN NEVILLE d, 30 Apr 1904 - obituary May 1904 ENTERED INTO REST. Death has robbed the Capital of one of its pioneer residents in the person of Mr. John Neville, who passed away at the family residence, 5 Waverley St. on Saturday morning. The late Mr. Neville was one of Ottawa's best-known citizens, having been in business in the city up to a few years ago, when he retired from active life. He was esteemed by all with whom he came in contact as a man of sterling business principles and honesty of purpose, and there are few in Ottawa today who did not either personally or by reputation favorably know John Neville. Deceased was born in Cork County, Ireland, in 1823, and came to Canada when but 6 years old, settling at the "deep cut" where he had lived ever since. When but a young man his commercial abilities manifested themselves and he at first engaged in lumbering and transportation operations on the Upper Ottawa. At the time of the American Civil War he dealt heavily in horses, sending large shipments across the border for use in operations of the contending armies. He also owned and operated a fleet of steamers, engaging in the forwarding business between Ottawa and Kingston, and Ottawa and Montreal. Later he engaged in the brick and wood business and contracting in the city until he retired from business life several years ago. Having been a resident of Ottawa for 75 years, the late Mr. Neville had many interesting anecdotes of the early days of Bytown, especially of the time of the building of the Rideau Canal, the course of which lay past his own home, and perhaps no man in Ottawa was better posted on the early history of the city. Deceased is survived by a widow and family of four sons and one daughter who have the sympathy of the community in their bereavement. The members of the family are Christopher of Chicago, James, John and Charles and Mrs. Muldoon, of this city. He was predeceased by five of his children. The late Capt. William Neville, who died in November last was a son. ______________________________________________________ WILLIAM NEVILLE OBITUARY-December 3, 1903 His death removed a widely known Ottawa River Captain. By the recent death of William Neville, of this city, there passed away one of the oldest and best-known captains of the Ottawa River. He had a large circle of friends in the Ottawa Valley extending from the metropolis of Kingston. He was held by all in the highest esteem for his many admirable qualities of head and heart and the sympathy of all who knew him goes out to the bereaved family in the loss of a kind and affectionate husband and a loving father. The deceased has been suffering from locomotor ataxia for the past three years. For 25 years previous to his serious illness, to which he finally succumbed, he was employed with the Ottawa Transportation Company and was captain during recent years of the steamer Archie Stewart. Deceased was 49 years of age and leaves to mourn his loss a wife, daughter of B. Nelligan, formerly of Kingston but who now is a resident of Los Angeles, California, USA. Besides Mrs. Neville he leaves three sons and three daughters, John P. Neville, pianist of the Grand Opera House here; Leonard, of the Dominion Stamp Trading Company, and William B. The daughters are Misses as Irene, Loretto and Norma. He also leaves his father, mother, and four brothers, James J., the well-known contractor of Ottawa, Charles and John, also of Ottawa, and Chris S. of Chicago, and a sister, Mrs. Muldoon, of this city. For many years, Mr. Neville was a member of Emerald Court, No. 213, Catholic Foresters, which society attended the funeral as a body out of respect for the memory of their late brother. The floral offerings were numerous and beautiful. The religious service was held at St. Patrick's Church and interment took place at Notre Dame Cemetery.

June 21, 2020:
Obituary of Mrs. Bridget FINN NEVILLE
FUNERAL OF BRIDGET (MRS. JOHN) NEVILLE 21 February 1910-Ottawa Citizen, page 12 The funeral took place this morning on 51 Waverley St. of the late Mrs. John Neville, senior, one of the oldest residents of the Capital. Deceased had attained the age of 84 but had been a remarkably active woman for her years. Death followed an illness of about two months. The late Mrs. Neville, whose maiden name was Bridget Finn, was born in Wexford, Ireland, and came to Canada in 1841. Sixty-three years ago she wedded John Neville and from that day until recently occupied the old homestead at the corner of Waverley Street and the Driveway. Her husband predeceased her six years ago. None of the old residents of Bytown were better-known or more generally popular than Mr. and Mrs. Neville and the funeral this morning was a fitting tribute to the close of a life of great usefulness. Deceased is survived by four sons, James, Charles and John of this city, and Christopher of Chicago, and of one daughter, Mrs. Robert Dunn of Ottawa. She also leaves 22 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. The funeral took place at three o'clock at St. Patrick's Church whose high mass was celebrated by Rev. Father Whalen. Interment took place at Notre Dame Cemetery.
New July 6, 2020:
1875-1878 list of Crown deeds & plat description for John Neville property.jpg (the Grantor to John Neville is likely a descendant or relative of Nicholas Sparks --- actually, it says Robt. Sparks PLS --- this could stand for Provincial Land Surveyor) Neville property in the Golden Triangle of Ottawa 1878 diagram of Lands held by John Neville & Thos O'Brien.jpg Neville property in the Golden Triangle of Ottawa 1878 map showing Neville subdivion on Neville Street in Nepean Township- from Belden Atlas.jpg Neville property in the Golden Triangle of Ottawa 2012 Mapquest view of Waverley (formerly Neville) Street.jpg Neville property in the Golden Triangle of Ottawa

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