From Ireland to East Lot 3, Concession III, Osgoode Township

May 22, 2003:

1881 Census Place:	Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375865  NAC C-13229  Dist 104  SubDist G  Div 1  Page 1  Family 6
	Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace
Patrick NEVEL	M		30	Irish	Ireland (This is the son of Patrick Neville, Sr.)
	Occ:	Farmer	Religion:	Catholic	
Elize NEVEL	F	W	45	Irish	Ireland
			Religion:	Catholic	
Bridget NEVEL	F	W	65	Irish	Ireland (This is Bridget Neville, the widow of Patrick Neville, Sr.)
			Religion:	Catholic	
Thomas NEVEL	M		25	Irish	England
	Occ:	Farmer	Religion:	Catholic
April 2, 2015:
The farms of Patrick Neville and Patrick Christopher in Concession 4, Osgoode Township, in 1879 (Now called the Stagecoach Road) Source: Belden's Atlas of Carleton County, 1879 CHRISTOPHER farms in 1879
There are many records of the Neville family in the registers of Notre Dame Cathedral on Sussex Drive. Here are two of them: (from the DROUIN records at the OBOGS Library) 29 Oct 1846 Funeral service for John O'Brien, aged 109 who died October 28 Witnesses: Patrick O'Brien and John Neville 11 Mar 1847 (My GGGrandparents ... Al) Baptism of Michael, born at Osgoode about February 28, son of Patrick Christopher and Mary Fitzgerald Witnesses: John Neville and Mary Walsh ... Al
New November 25, 2015: Hi Mr Lewis, I was just looking at the ByTown web site and saw your note saying Patrick Neville is related to you. I also saw that Patrick Neville was present at John O'Brien's funeral Do you know Patricks connection to John O'Brien? I know that John O'Brien is my GGGGrandfather (maybe add one more G there if he was Bridget O'Brien / Neville's grandfather. I have been stuck for a bit now trying to find information on my family in order to move with my research. I have found records in Ireland where Cornelius and Bridget NEVILLE were the parents of children, one being Michael I think and the other Bridget. I have also found a record in Ireland stating Cornelius was the father of one John NEVILLE but it lists another women as his mother although the dates are right. I think I am not making much sense to you so I will quit LOL, looking forward to hearing from you. ... Annie Bottiglieri _______________________________ Hi Annie: Thanks for your interesting e-mail. The O'Briens and Nevilles were close neighbours of my ancestors in Osgoode Township (now part of the City of Ottawa) through at least the last half of the 1800's. My ancestors were Patrick CHRISTOPHER and Lawrence BURNS. Last summer I spent a lot of time, on rainy days, going through the records of two churches in the neighbourhood. See Our Lady of the Visitation (formerly St. Mary's) and Saint John the Evangelist. Lots of O'Briens and the Nevilles there. Is it OK with you if I add your e-mail to our web page for the Neville family? This is a co-operative (and free) web site where we are trying to document many of the pioneer families in the Ottawa area. Please let me now. I'll get back to you in a couple of days, hopefully with more information. ... Allan Lewis _________________________________ Dear Allan, Hahaha! I thought that Patrick Christopher was Patrick Neville. So sorry about that. I didn't think Christopher was a surname. I thought I found another cousin! By all means please add my name! I am a direct descendant of John NEVILLE of Neville's Gap (no longer there) He had property on the Rideau Canal at the foot of Neville Street (renamed Waverly) John O'Brien was either his grandfather or great grandfather. His mother Bridget came to Canada when John was only six or so after his father Cornelius died in Ireland. John married Bridget Finn of Billings Bridge. I could go on as I know almost all there is to know about the family here in Canada LOL I will check out your links that you sent me. Now I am retired I can do this full time and hope to make another trip to Ottawa and also Ireland. I just know I can find them! ... Annie _______________________________ Note: There was a Neville family also in Renfrew County or at Fort Coulonge. Were these families connected ? ... Allan

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