Patrick NELLIGAN and Catherine BUCKLEY
Peter Robinson Settler in 1823 from Doneraile, County Cork, Ireland
Also Thomas NELLIGAN came over in 1825

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

July 1, 2004:

Dear Al,  I find your site very informative and interesting.  I'm researching 
Nelligan & McCarthy, my great grandparents, believed to be from Bowesville Ontario.  
Until I found your site I did not think there really was a "Bowesville".  
Thanks for all your hard work, if you have any insight on these surnames please let me know.  
Carol Bennett
Hi Carol:
Thanks for your e-mail.
I have quite a bit of material regarding the Nelligans and McCarthys. 
The Nelligans at Bowesville (where the Ottawa International Airport is 
located today) came from Doneraile in County Cork, Ireland in 1823 and 
lived, beginning in the 1840's, not far from my ancestors. I have some 
census and church records from the area. I'll start a new web page.

Many of these families came to west Ottawa with the Peter Robinson group in 1823.

... Al

September 13, 2004: The following records are from the Drouin records at database: Notre Dame Cathedral, Bytown: 30 Aug 1829 Baptism of William, aged 5 days, lawful son of Patrick Nelligan (ML# 455) and of Catherine Buckley Godparents: Angus McDonell and Catherine Toyner (Traynor?) 23 Nov 1831 Baptism of John, 3 days old, son to Patrick Nelligan and Catherine Buckley Godparents: Michael Lawlor and Mary Buckley M. Lalor, Priest 26 Feb 1834 Bytown Baptism of Mary, daughter of Patrick Nelligan and Catherine Buckley Michael Donoher & Mary Donoher / Donagher 29 Mar 1836 Baptism of Thomas, 3 wks. old, son of Patrick Nelligan and Catherine Buckley T. T. Connor and Mrs. Deruafortte 23 Jul 1838 Baptism of David, born 13 March of the marriage of Patrick Nelligan and Catherine Buckley Michael Donagher & Mary Donagher 18 Feb 1840 Baptism of James, born 30 January of the marriage of Patrick Nelligan and Catherine Buckley William Nelligan & Mrs. Croan / Crone? Marriage of a Catherine Nelligan: 7 Jan 1843 After two publications of banns, marriage of Michael O'Brien, resident here and widower of Catherine Nelligan of County Cork, and Catherine Donovan, resident of Black Rapids and widow of John Sullivan also of County Cork James Gilligan, Mary O'Brien & others 10 Mar 1843 Baptism of Patrick, aged 6 mos., son of Patrick Nelligan and Catherine Buckley of Gloucester William Kelly & Margaret Blanchfield of Bytown 29 Jan 1844 Baptism of Ann, born 19 January of the marriage of John O'Doherty of Gloucester and Charlotte Sparrow (John Doherty donated land for Our Lady of the Visitation Church at South Gloucester ... Al) Patrick Nelligan & Catharine Buckley (his wife) 25 Aug 1846 Baptism of Joseph, born 5 November 1845, son of Patrick Nelligan and Catherine Buckley Joseph shows up on the map of Gloucester Township in 1879 -- see map below under date of February 27, 2012. William Nelligan (brother of Patrick) & Unknown Dunah? (Donagher or Donaghue)

January 8, 2012: Hi Al & Carol, I am so glad to have found this website. The Stackpole tree posted by Joy Eastop was very helpful. My Michael Stackpole & Mary Ann Nelligan are there. I'm looking for help finding Mary Ann Nelligan's parents. She was married to Michael Stackpole. I have their church death records, the 1871, 1881 & 1891 censuses from Ottawa. Also have their children's records. A Patrick Nelligan attended Mary Ann's funeral in 1891. I'm wondering if this shows a connection to the Patrick Nelligan & Cathy Buckley tree. They had a daughter, Mary, born in the approximate time frame that I'm looking. I've been searching, without success, for a marriage record to give me Mary Ann's parents. Can anyone help? Thank you, Michele Krogh ______________________________ Hi Al, Thank you so much for your reply. As for Mary Ann's birth year, it's about 1839, 1842 or 1844 depending on which record I use. I have her ages on the 1871 & 1881 census and her death record. I'll attach them for you to look at. I have found ages from those sources to be off by up to 10 years. It took a lot of digging to find my grandmother's, Caroline Stackpole, baptism record. It was 10 years earlier than the records showed, even the marriage record. I have been looking as early as 1834. Mary Ann & Michael had the 4 children baptized at St Patrick's in Ottawa, and were both buried at St Patrick's. So my focus was that church and Notre Dame. But if they were living elsewhere before 1869 when 1st daughter was baptized, I'm looking at the wrong area. Any help would be much appreciated. As for the Stackpole side, I have learned so much from this website. I keep checking back to read more about Bytown and the canal workers. I would like to read more on the life left behind in Ireland someday, but for now I'll study their life in Canada. It must have been very difficult. Thanks again, Michele Krogh
February 27, 2012: Note: See also our page for John Nelligan and Catherine Daly who came from County Waterford, Ireland to Bytown in 1829.

Extract from Map of the Township of Gloucester Township in 1879

Map Source: McGill University Digital Atlas Project McGill University Digital Atlas Project
Joseph Nelligan has a farm near the top of the map. This is a waterfront lot at Walkely Road and Riverside Drive, just south of Mooney's Bay. Patrick Nelligan has a farm, further south. This farm, (in Bowesville), may have been expropriated for the Ottawa International Airport.

New June 21, 2020: Patrick Nelligan came to Canada in 1823. Thomas Nelligan came over in 1825. The next document is from Peter Robinson's Settlers, 1823 and 1825, by Carol Bennett, page 128. Patrick and Thomas Nelligan, Ireland to Canada
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