Aboriginal Veterans Honour List
from River Desert, Maniwaki, Quebec
Canadian Forestry Corps

New September 20, 2011:

Thanks to Bob Briggs for sending along this list of Algonquin men from the River Desert Band at Maniwaki, Quebec who served in the 
Canadian Forestry Corps. Native people across Canada were recruited for service in the Forestry Service in both WWI and WW2.

The men from Maniwaki followed many generations of experienced woodsmen and lumbermen. 

Baptiste, Ignace Andrew
Baptiste, John Joseph
Brascoupe, James
Carle, John
Carle, John - WWI
Chabot, James
Chabot, Michael J.
Cooko, John
Cote, Sam
Dancey, Angus
McDougall, Jacko
McDougall, Joseph W.
Mitchell, Joseph
Odjick, Basil Alias
Odjick, Joseph
Odjick, Robert Simon
Ottawa, Joseph
Scott, Michael J. (picture below)
Whiteduck, Daniel Joseph

Source: Aboriginal Veterans Honour List

Stephen McGregor's excellent book Since Time Immemorial: "Our Story" is the best reference work on the Algonquin Band at River Desert. Here is a photograph of Michael J. Scott from his book: Michael J. Scott - Canadian Forestry Corps, Maniwaki, Quebec

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