Garrett NAGLE and Honorah MONAGHAN, PR
from Rathcormac, County Cork, Ireland to Ramsay Township, Ontario in 1823

ML# 51 on the 1829 McCabe List

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

Photo Source: Peter Robinson's Settlers, 1823 1825, by Carol Bennett, page 126 Garrett Nagle family
My Nagles were Peter Robinson settlers who migrated from Ireland (Rathcormac, near Fermoy as I understand it) in 1823. They initially settled with the Robinson group near present day Almonte, Ontario. The head of the family was Garrett Nagle. Clearly he would likely have had brothers and sisters in Ireland, but thus far we've been unable to determine who. I'm afraid I haven't anything that would connect him to your Mary Elizabeth. Elizabeth does not seem to figure as a name for girls in the family. My reason for asking about Rock Forest was the number of times that place name shows up in subsequent generations... who named farms in Quebec, and British Columbia "Rock Forest". (Note: Many of the pioneer Irish Catholic families received land which was not optimal for farming. In Osgoode Township where my ancestors settled, many of the original farms were affectionately called "Stoney Acres". ... Al)
Heather: I've also been doing some work on Nagles who go back to County Cork and the Blackwater River region. My ggggrandfather Garrett Nagle and family emigrated from that area in 1823 to Lanark County, Ontario Canada. The name Rock Forest comes up a number of times, as different sons named their locations so. As well, one of the families spent considerable time at St. Hyacinthe. I'd be interested in sharing information with you! ... Patrick Nagle

Here is the grave marker for the pioneer Garrett Nagle (1767-1851). Notice the wide range of ages of persons interred in this cemetery plot at St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church Cemetery in Huntley Township, Ontario, Canada. Image Source: St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church Cemetery & Lists of Peter Robinson Settlers, Ottawa Branch Ontario Genealogical Society Publication 81-4, page 9.
A Garrett Nagle family Cemetery Plot Michael Dominic Nagle in 1875
The 1875 photo on the right is Michael Dominic Nagle and his second wife, Ellen Burke. Photo Source: Peter Robinson's Settlers 1823 1825, by Carol Bennett, Juniper Books, 1987, ISBN 0-919137-16-4, page 161. This family lived in Huntley Townhip, now part of the City of Ottawa, Canada. Note for search engine - this surname is spelled NEAGLE on the 1829 McCabe List

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