MURPHY surname in the Arnprior area, Ontario, Canada
Especially Richard Murphy & Catherine Gaffney

I have extracted various Murphy appearances from a film of the St.
Chrysostome, Arnprior, parish registers.  Spellings are as they appear in the
registers.  Note that these may be subject to error, due to interesting
handwriting and eye fatigue.  Hope these help someone out.

... Melissa

Abbreviations:  p = page; b = born; bp = baptised; d = died; f = funeral "dernier" = last date (French)

Murphy, Mathew (#B17; p19) b. 21 "dernier"; bp. 30 May 1869
Parents:  Mathew Murphy & Mary Collins
Godparents:  Charles O'Connor & Bridget (Hendrein?) (Hendrick ?)

Murphy, John Richard (#B8; p50) b. 18 Apr; bp. 23 Apr 1871
Parents:  Richard Murphy & Catherine Gaffney
Godparents:  John Mulkahy & Catherine Mulkahy / Mulcahy / Mulcahey

Murphy, Ann Mary (#B5, p112) b. 24 "dernier"; bp. 31 Jan 1874
Parents:  Richard Murphy & Catherine Gaffney
Godparents:  Lawrence Hickey & Jane Agnes Mulcahy / Mulcahey

Murphy, Anastasia (#B25, p159) b. 12 May; bp. 21 May 1876
Parents:  Richard Murphy & Catherine Gaffney
Godparents:  Patrick O'Leary & Esther Burns

Murphy, James (#B37, p203) b. 21 Aug; bp. 26 Aug 1878
Parents:  Richard Murphy & Catherine Gaffney
Godparents:  Pierre Mackay & Ann Monaghan

Murphy, Mary Alice (#B32, p268) b. 18 May; bp. 21 May 1882
Parents:  John Murphy, shantyman & Anna Murphy, of this parish (shantyman = lumberer)
Godparents:  John Mulvihill & Mary McKnee

Murphy, William Henry (#B14, p6) b. 07 Feb; bp. 27 Feb 1883
Parents:  Joseph Murphy & Juliette Dumais, parish of Bristol, Quebec, in Pontiac County (just across the Ottawa River from Arnprior)
Godparents:  Thomas McKee & Margaret Murphy

Murphy, Margaret Ann (#B46, p56) b. 30 Jun; bp. 02 Jul 1884
Parents:  John Murphy, shantyman & Anna Murphy, of this parish
Godparents:  Mathew Murphy & Catherine Murphy

Murphy, Mary (#B58, p61) b. 01 Jul 1861 in Hull, Quebec (now Gatineau); bp. 08 Sep 1884
Parents:  John Murphy & Elizabeth (Hare?)
Godparents:  Alexis Gravel & Mary Tierney

Murphy, John (#B8, p93) b. 05 Mar; bp. 06 Mar 1886
Parents:  John Murphy, shantyman & Annie Murphy
Godparents:  Thomas Murphy & Mary Jane (Jerim?)

Murphy, William Henry (#B25, p98) b. 25 Apr; bp 26 Apr 1886
Parents:  Joseph Murphy & Margaret Odburn
Godparents:  William O'Hara & Mary Odburn

Murphy, Ellen May (#B20, p250) b. 29 Mar; bp 02 Apr 1892
Parents:  John Murphy, shantyman & Annie Murphy, of this parish
Godparents:  John Murphy & Alphonsine Gagnon

Murphy, Esther Ann (#B23, p251) b. & bp. 17 Apr 1892
Parents:  John Murphy, shantyman & Rebecca Ann Smith, of this parish
Godparents:  Charles McGuire & Annie Murphy

Murphy, Lawrence Callixtus (#B29, p283) b. 29 Mar, bp. 01 Apr 1893
Parents:  James Murphy, shantyman & Margaret Gillies
Godparents:  Lawrence Murphy & Jennie Gillies

Murphy, Patrick Donovan (#B86, p16)
Parents:  John Murphy, shantyman & Margaret Buckley
Godparents:  Michael Buckley & Catherine Murphy

1872:  Mary Murphy & Catherine Murphy (p65)

Murphy, Arthur (p229) 06 May 1880 - son of Arthur

Murphy, Richard (p49) 21 May 1884, son of Richard Murphy & Catherine Gafney / Gaffney

Murphy, Mathew (p50) 21 May 1884, son of Mathew Murphy & Mary Collins

Murphy, Annie Mary (p88) 21 Jul 1885, daughter of  Richard Murphy & Catherine

Murphy, James Leo (p219) 26 Jun 1891, 12 yrs old, son of Richard Murphy &
Catherine Gaffney

22 Aug 1881 (#M4, p253)
Groom:  Murphy, John - laborer, of age
Bride:  Murphy, Anna - of age
Groom's Parents:  Matthew Murphy, laborer & Mary Collins, of this parish
Bride's Parents:  John Murphy & Mary Mullahan of Mount St. Patrick
Witnesses:  John Mulvihill & Mary Murphy (sister of groom)

13 Feb 1882 (#M2, ;261)
Groom:  McKnee, James - farmer, of age
Bride:  Murphy, Mary - of age
Groom's Parents:  James McKnee, deceased & Jessy Brown, deceased, of (Medat?)
Bride's Parents:  Matthew Murphy, laborer & Mary Collins, of this parish
Witnesses:  Hugh Tierney & Ann Basset / Bassett

11 Sep 1882 (#M8, p173)
Groom:  Murphy, James - laborer, of age
Bride:  Gillies, Margaret - of age, of this parish
Groom's Parents:  James Murphy & Ann Kavanaugh of this parish
Bride's Parents:  Charles Gillies & Charlotte Bennett, deceased, of Perth
Witnesses:  John Murphy & Annie (Lavalles?)

08 Sep 1884, p61
Groom:  Cazenivieux dit Robillard, Alphonse - Laborer, of age
Bride:  Murphy, Mary - of age
Groom's Parents:  Amable Cazenivieux dit Robillard & Adelaide Derouin of this
Bride's Parents:  John Murphy & Elizabeth Hare
Witnesses:  Alexis Gravel & Mary Tierney
Note:  They "had been married some years ago before a Protestant minister in
the Gatonease / Gatineau"

21 Jul 1885 (#M4, p80)
Groom:  Murphy, Joseph - of age
Bride:  Odburn, Margaret - of age
Groom's Parents:  Margaret Murphy, of this parish
Bride's Parents:  Henry Odburn, yeoman & Catherine Fitznommons, deceased
Witnesses:  Walter Reed & Mary Odburn

31 Jan 1893 (#M2, p277)
Groom:  Murphy, John - "gardner"
Bride:  Buckley, Margaret - of age, of this parish
Groom's Parents:  Patrick Murphy, deceased & Catherine Kelly of this parish
Bride's Parents:  Michael Buckley & Bridget Donovan, of this parish
Witnesses:  Walter Kennedy & Bridget Buckley (bride's sister)

27 Nov 1893 (#M26, p13)
Groom:  Gadbois, André - painter, of age, of this parish
Bride:  Murphy, Annie - of age
Groom's Parents:  Theophile Gadbois & Angelique Chaloux, of this parish
Bride's Parents:  John Murphy & Anne Kavanaugh, of this parish
Witnesses:  (Fran?)cois Xavier Gadbois (groom's brother) & Catherine Murphy
(bride's sister)

Murphy, James (p164) d. 28 Jun (age 10 yrs 2 mos); f. 30 Jun 1876
Parents:  Richard Murphy & Catherine Gaffney
Present:  Richard Murphy & Ferdinand Brunet

Murphy, Matthew (#S3, p93), of this parish, d. 10 Feb; f. 12 Feb 1886
Parents:  Matthew Murphy, laborer & Mary Collins
Present:  Patrick Dore & Napolean Cousineau

Murphy, William Henry (#S15, p109), d. 15 Nov; f. 16 Nov 1886
Parents:  Joseph Murphy & Margaret Odburn
Present:  Henry Odburn & Alexis Gravel

Murphy, Charles (#S11, p253), d. 27 apr age 2 mos 21 days, f. 28 Apr 1892
Parents:  James Murphy, shantyman & Maggie Giles (Gillies ?), of this parish
Present:  James Murphy & Alexandre Gravel

Murphy, James (#S12, p253), d. 27 Apr age 2 mos 21 days, f. 28 Apr 1892
Parents:  James Murphy, shantyman & Maggie Giles, of this parish
Present:  James Murphy & Alexandre Gravel

Murphy, John (#S55, p5), d. 18 Sep age 7 yrs 6 mos; f. 19 Sep 1893
Parents:  John Murphy & Annie Murphy
Present:  John Murphy & Alexandre Gravel

Murphy, Mary (Abjuration #5; p61) 08 Sep 1884

Note: The above was posted to the Upper Ottawa Valley Genweb 
Bulletin Board (UOVGEN) by Melissa

December 27 2001, From Mark Murphy I stumbled accross the correspondence between Melissa and Al and Norma O'Toole on the internet regarding Murphy/Gaffney. The notes were not dated, so I'm not sure if your search is still current. I am a great grandson( one of many ) of Richard Murphy and Catherine Gaffney as per below. Quote (snipped) ... Unquote Melissa - your work has helped someone - me If the Catherine Gaffney that you were interested in was in fact the one mentioned above, I have a lot of information for you. Would either of you please e mail me back so that I know that you recieved this message Thank you Mark Murphy Calgary ================ December 28, 2001, from Mark: Yes I would be pleased to assist anyone on the topic. I do have a lot of information on the family. The family operated Murphy's store in Arnprior for decades, and my uncle Francis now deceased was the editor and writer for the Arnprior Guide. I am pretty new at the internet, and as I say I stumbled across the correspondence between Melissa and yourself. If I wanted to find out more about Richard Murphy ( from County Wexford I understand ) and Catherine Gaffney ( from Europe I believe ) do you have any suggestions as to how I might pursue it ? Thanks Mark Murphy
January 4, 2002 Al, Mark, and Mellisa: Carolyn and Mark Murphy where kind enough to send me the link to your "MURPHY surname in the Arnprior area" page. Wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed it. I am the granddaughter of Esther Ann Murphy born April 17, 1892. The joys of genealogy you answered one of my questions and out popped a dozen more. Please tell me your list is not complete of Murphy's in the parish registry. You have added Murphy infants to my clan but many of the people I have listed are not mentioned. I would be quite open to sharing what little information I have and some portraits too of John Murphy, Ann Kavanagh and Rebecca Ann Smith and would be very grateful if you would be kind enough to help point me in some direction to further my research. Confess to being quite spoiled because I tackled my Dad's side first which is French Canadian. If a Quebecois sneezed somebody recorded it but the Irish side is proving more daunting. I'm going to have to hunt down James William Smith (Esther Ann's maternal grandfather) and the maiden name of his wife Marguerite from the Township of Thorne. Well you get my drift. Any pointers would be gratefully received. I'm hoping to hop over to Arnprior this Summer to nose around so even an address would be a help. I live in Montreal. Thank you, Marlise Leroux P.S. Just say the word and I'll scan the portraits in a jiffy and send them off as well as the information I do have. I don't want to clutter your mail if you are not interested.
More on January 4, 2002: ----- Original Message ----- From: To: "Marlise Leroux" Cc: ; Sent: Friday, January 04, 2002 1:53 PM Subject: Re: Murphy's of Arnprior > Hi Marlise: I don't have any additional information about the Smiths, but > we MAY have a connection. > > I was literally just going back through the St Chrysostome information. > John H. Murphy and Rebecca Smith were the godparents at the baptism of > Arthur Thomas Murphy, b. 01 Feb & baptized 02 Feb 1899, St. Chrysostome, son > of Thomas G. Murphy & Marie Louise Meyette. > > Do you have anything on the line of John H. Murphy? Parents? Marriage? > Thomas Murphy's obituary (d. 27 Apr 1934, Arnprior), mentions a surviving > brother, John, of Tacoma, Washington ?. > > Thomas was the son of Patrick Murphy & Mary McMahon (only thing I've been > able to find about them was Mary's death in Arnprior in 1908). > > Also suspect that Thomas had a sister Catherine. Catherine & her husband, > Edward Fitzgerald, were godparents of a child of Thomas & Marie Louise, and > vice versa. > > Thanks, > Melissa ================ Hi all: Here's a record involving Catherine Murphy and Edward Fitzgerald: Item # 4 Page 89 # B 57 Mary Violet Billings September 18th 1898 We the undersigned Priest baptized Mary Violet born on the first day of last July of the lawful marriage of Michael Billings and Julia Delaney. The sponsors were Edward and Mrs. Fitzgerald, (nee Catherine Murphy.) Francis L. French, P.P. The above comes from the registers of several churches in the Brudenell area, west of Arnprior. There are lots of familiar names of people who came from the Fitzroy / Almonte area. Here's a link to Bill Martin's site, which has copies of the original records. ... Al
January 5, 2002 Al: You are way ahead of me. Confess the pictures are not scanned a present but promise to get them to you next weekend. Melissa too was wonderful and replied tout de suite. I'm afraid I dont have a Catherine Murphy as I explained to Melissa am just starting on this trail and to date have the sketchy skeleton from a conglomeration of family. John H. Murphy and Rebecca Smith are/were my great grandparents. John moved to Arnprior when he was ten I believe after the death of his father in Pakenham. Rebecca's Mother Margaret widow of James William Smith remarried and put Rebecca in to service and headed west with new husband. She lived in Shawville and somehow met John Murphy. When they had the three children he was in an accident they brought him home and amputated both legs on the kitchen table. Poor lady opened a boarding house to support the family. Apparently John had been quite the toe dancer prior to the accident and settled to calling the dances. He must have been a neat guy and he passed away in a Nickel Theatre (spelling?) from an Asthma brought on by a fit of giggles. My grandmother was a wonderful raconteur and told me these stories when I was a little kid. The only information I had from family round tables was a John Henry Murphy who was buried in Pakenham 1895 I'm taking a leap of faith that this chap buried in Indian Hill would be the same as my John who by our calculations died in 1894. I know that the family landed in Montreal from the UK(?) and settled in Pakenham prior to Arnprior but this opens the next question that he came with his parents? And is this indeed the same Murphy. So far I gather there are a few families. Your page already provided me with the name of the Parish which is a great head start to tracking down all these neat dates. Now I'll do the rounds of the centres to find the microfiche. Being over in Montreal it naturally favours the french geneology with the occasional bone from English Canada tossed in. Thank you ever so much for the quick reply. I will follow up with the pictures as promised. Kind regards, marlise
new March 19, 2010: Greetings All, I came across your webpage discussion regarding the Murphy’s of Arnprior Ontario. My name is Darren Kastner and my Grandmother was Esther Ann Murphy Thoms (1892-1976). John Murphy and Rebecca Ann Smith were her parents. Photo One: Four Generations John Murphy’s mother Kathleen Ann Cavanaugh Murphy, with John Murphy, his daughter Esther Murphy Thoms, and her first son George Thoms. Photo Two: is taken shortly after John Murphy passed away in 1912. It is of his three children, Eva Murphy Dupuis , (1894-1969), Esther Murphy Thoms (1892-1976), and Leo Murphy (1895-1969). I have been told that they emigrated from Wexford County Wexford sometime in the 1850’s or a little later. Nothing official, just folklore. Photo Three: is of Rebecca Ann Smith Murphy with her granddaughter Genevieve Dupuis around 1915. Let me know if this helps Regards ...Darren _________________________________________ Hi Allan, Happy Saint Patricks Day! Feel free to add it to the webpage. My family moved to the US in 1966 and I never got to know my cousins as my brother (made in Canada born in the USA 1966) and I were the only Yanks born in the US and we rarely got back to Montreal and then the families all spread out across Ontario and Nova Scotia. My parents took us on a nostalgia visit in 1979 to Arnprior and we met up with my Mom’s first cousin Maurice Dupuis (Eva Murphy Dupuis was his mother she was the daughter of JH Murphy) who took us out to the cemetery where J.H. Murphy and Rebecca Smith Murphy were buried. All the best ... Darren 4 generations of Murphys at Arnprior Murphys at Arnprior, 1912 Murphy and Dupuis, Arnprior, 1915

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