John MULVIHILL and Julia (or Judith) RYAN
Borrisoleigh, County Tipperary, Ireland to Bytown and Hull, 1820's

ML# 248 on the McCabe List

April 28, 2002:
Hello Al
Thank you for replying to my query. A web page on Bytown sounds like a great idea. 
I am looking forward to browsing through it.
Yes, you can post my query on your query page with my e-mail address as a contact.
I find that the McCabe list seems to be a well kept secret among genealogists. I was 
thrilled when I found it in the library and found my gg grandfather, John Mulvihill, 
listed in it. In a very short entry it provided quite a bit of fabulous information. It 
lists him as coming from Borrisoleigh, Tipperary. I was able to visit that town and spend 
about an hour with the current Pastor. He consulted the parish records and was able to give 
me the names of several other Mulvihills. My gg grandfather gave the name of Daniel Ryan 
of Inch as his reference in the McCabe list. The Pastor told me that the Ryan estate at Inch 
was about a mile outside of Borrisoleigh. I visited the estate. It is now a fine country hotel. 
I am surmising that John Mulvihill was a tenant of Daniel Ryan and may have visited the very 
same house.

Note: Borrisoleigh is close to Borrisokane in County Tipperary. (see map on that page)
Many of the original settlers in the Ottawa / Gatineau area came from that area.
I also visited the genealogy department at the National Library in Dublin. They were very 
helpful to me. They had never seen the McCabe list and thought it was a wonderful resource. 
I have bought an extra copy and I am sending it to the Library. 
I have been amazed at how many references to my gg grandfather I have been able to find in 
the Bytown sources. According to the entry in Lower Town Ottawa, Vol. I, 1826-1854 
(Manuscript report 104, Researched and prepared by Michael Newton, edited by Robert Haig, 
published by the National Capital Commission, 1976; Appendix B: Lots in Bytown Leased by 
Col. By 1827-1832) On May 1, 1827 Lot K on the West side of Sussex Street in Bytown was leased 
by John Mulvihill from Colonel By. Lot K was about opposite the end of present day York Street. 
According to John H. Taylor in his book Ottawa, An Illustrated History. Toronto; James Lorimer, 
1986 these premier lots were given to the men of his civilian establishment. This supports the 
idea that John Mulvihill was more than a common labourer on the Rideau Canal.
Also According to Bruce Elliott, in his book the City Beyond, John Mulvihill applied for a 
land grant in the Clergy Reserves in Nepean but was not granted the land. (Bruce S. Elliott. 
The City Beyond : a history of Nepean, birthplace of Canada's capital, 1792-1990. 
Nepean, Ont. : City of Nepean, c1991)

In the book The Upper Ottawa Valley to 1885 edited by Richard M. Reid there is an account 
of a drunken riot which took place in Bytown on St. Patrick's Day, 1828 during which one man 
was killed and another was arrested for murder. The case went to court at the Perth Assizes 
and was reported in the Kingston Chronicle, August 30 1828. John Mulvihill was one of the 
witnesses for the prosecution. His testimony is quoted as "Saw the prisoner on Patrick's Day; 
did not see him take any part in the fight; saw him severely beaten; witness (John M.) was
standing by himself, and was knocked down so often for nothing at all, that he cannot remember 
much of what happened." You can imagine how thrilled I was to find a quote from my ancestor.
I have heard that the National Archives have a special section of documents from the Rideau 
Canal. Have you used this Collection? Was it useful? I would be very happy to learn of any 
other resources on the Canal or Bytown that you think might provide me with information on 
John Mulvihill.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Joan Luszczek
July 7, 2003: Hello , During my search for information regarding my wifes family tree I came across a John Mullvihill and Judith Ryan, born in Ireland, no other details. They had 2 known daughters: Mary born about 1831 at Old Chelsea, married George Wright. Lucy born 1 july 1846 at Old Chelsea, married John Ranson. Below is all that is in my John Mullvihill file:- Helen Wright was the daughter of George Wright(from Hawkesbury Ontario) and Mary Mulvihill(from Old Chelsea,Quebec).Mary Mulvihill was the daughter of John Mulvihill and Judith Ryan both from Ireland.(They are buried in St. Stephen's Roman Catholic Cemetery in Old Chelsea. found in St Patricks R.C. Ferguson Falls Lanark Co. Ellen Mullvihill died Jan 9/1932 aged 67 years wife of Martin Costello died 24 July 1911 aged 55 (connections unknown) Joan, Can you see any connections here to your Mullvihills ? Dave ________________________________________ also posted on July 7, 2003: (source: Garry McFadden ... who also has more complete tree for this family ... Al Descendants of John Mulvihill 1 John Mulvihill . +Julia Ryan ........ 2 John Mulvihill ............ +Sarah Daly ........ 2 Mary Mulvihill ............ +George Wright ........ 2 Anne Mulvihill Note: See posting dated March 10, 2010, below ............ + Josiah Chamberlain Note: See posting dated March 10, 2010, below ........ 2 Philip Mulvihill ............ +Philip Grimes ........ 2 Ellen Mulvihill ............ +John Grimes ........ 2 Julia Mulvihill ............ + Patrick Hendrick ........ 2 Lucy Mulvihill ............ +Robert Ranson ........ 2 Agnes Mulvihill ............ +David Richards ........ 2 Jessie Mulvihill ............ + Dooley ........ 2 Martin Mulvihill 1831 - 1898 buried at Martindale Cemetery ............ +Maria (Mary) Brown 1840 - 1922 ................... 3 Thomas (2nd) Mulvihill ................... 3 Bridget Mulvihill 1859 - 1925 ....................... + Michael Daly ................... 3 John Mulvihill 1860 - 1938 ................... 3 Catherine Mulvihill 1861 - ....................... + Thomas McDonald ................... 3 William Mulvihill 1863 - ................... 3 Martin J. Mulvihill 1865 - 1865 ................... 3 Martin James (2nd) Mulvihill 1866 - 1877 ................... 3 Mary Jane Mulvihill 1868 - ....................... + John McCovic 1865 - ................... 3 Thomas (1st) Mulvihill 1870 - 1870 ................... 3 Julia May Mulvihill 1871 - ....................... +John J. Finn ................... 3 Philip E. Mulvihill 1874 - ................... 3 Michael Joseph Mulvihill 1876 - ....................... +Ellen J. Hogan ................... 3 Martin James (3rd) Mulvihill 1878 - ................... 3 Thomas Patrick Mulvihill 1881 - 1881 ................... 3 Edwin* Francis Mulvihill 1883 - ................... 3 Ellen Mary Mulvihill 1887 -
July 9, 2003: Garry, Al and Joan My own records show that Lucy Mullvihill married John Ranson while yours shows Robert Ranson. John and Lucy were married at St Stephen R.C. Old Chelsea, 27 Aug 1872. Please correct me if I am mistaken. They also appear in the 1881 census: Census Place: Clara & Head & Maria, Renfrew North, Ontario Source: FHL Film 1375870 NAC C-13234 Dist 114 SubDist D Page 11 Family 49 Household: Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace John RANSON Male M 31 English Ont Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Lucy RANSON Female M 32 Irish Que. Religion: Catholic Julia RANSON Female 7 English Ont Religion: Catholic Annie RANSON Female 5 English Ont Religion: Catholic Catherine RANSON Female 3 English Ont Religion: Catholic Robert RANSON Male 2 English Ont Religion: Catholic Josia CHAMBERLAIN / Chamberlin Male 12 English Que. Religion: Catholic John CHAMBERLAIN Male 8 English Que. Religion: Catholic regards Dave
August 13, 2003: Hi folks: My sister Monica and I are descendants of Thomas Mulvihill. I am interested in tracing the Mulvihill immigration to Canada and the USA. One story I heard was that three brothers left Ireland in the late 1820's one went to the Ottawa area, one to California and one to Quebec (I think, then to Western Canada). Interestingly, there are a great many Mulivhills' in California. Thomas is my grandfather, presumably Thomas the first was my great grandfather, who probably had a brother or brothers Patrick and Martin,, although I'm not certain of this. If you have any data or seach tips, I would appreciate it. Ted Mulvihill
March 5, 2004: 1881 Census Place: Hull, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375861 NAC C-13225 Dist 97 SubDist Z Div 1 Page 110 Family 469 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace John MULVIHILL M M 79 Irish Ireland Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Julia MULVIHILL F M 78 Irish Ireland Religion: Catholic ________________ 1881 Census Place: Hull, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375861 NAC C-13225 Dist 97 SubDist Z Div 1 Page 110 Family 470 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace John MULVIHILL M M 55 Irish Ireland Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Sarah MULVIHILL F M 58 Irish Ireland Religion: Catholic Richard MULVIHILL M 28 Irish Quebec Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic John MULVIHILL M 26 Irish Quebec Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Philip MULVIHILL M 24 Irish Quebec Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Catherine MULVIHILL F 22 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Martin MULVIHILL M 19 Irish Quebec Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Julia MULVIHILL F 17 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Mary A. MULVIHILL F 15 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic
May 3, 2004: See the YOUNG family who also came from Borrisoleigh to Old Chelsea, Quebec
August 17, 2005: Hi Al: My father was born in Westport, Ontario and we have relations who pioneered in the Orillia / Atherley area (many by the names of Thomas, Patrick, Daniel and John). My father was Alphonsus born in 1898 and his father was Thomas wife McCann; his mother was a McHugh, previous generation Moriarity, then Fahey. The records I have indicate that Mulvihill and Fahey emigrated from Ireland but I have no confirmation that this is correct. I had thought that our family emigrated during the famine but that doesn't seem to make sense by the number of generations in Canada. If you have info to clarify this I would appreciate it. Later this year we will be visiting Westport. Ted Mulvihill
January 8, 2006: Thanks to Anne-Marie for the following:
Mulvihill and Murphy
Hi Al, I was just reading the Mulvihill page and realized that these Mulvihill's connect into my Murphy line. Please keep in mind some of this info is unconfirmed as I have collected it from many different sources. I would love to hear from anyone who might have any additional Murphy information. Descendants of Philip Mulvihill Generation No. 1 1. PHILIP2 MULVIHILL (JOHN1) was born 1837, and died 1923. He married MARY GRIMES, daughter of MICHAEL GRIMES and CATHERINE RYAN. She was born 1845, and died 1934. Philips parents were John Mulvihill and Julia Ryan. Notes for PHILIP MULVIHILL: 1901 Census: District: QU WRIGHT (#200) Subdistrict: Hull m-3 Page 22 5 197 Mulvihill Philip M Head M Dec 11 1837 63 6 197 Mulvihill Mary F Wife M Sep 29 1845 55 7 197 Mulvihill Frank M Son W Aug 24 1872 28 8 197 Mulvihill Richard M Son S Sep 5 1878 22 9 197 Mulvihill Teresa F Daughter S Sep 19 1880 20 10 197 Mulvihill Mary F Daughter S Mar 14 1888 12 1881 Census: Household: Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion Philip MULVIHILL M Male Irish 43 Quebec Farmer Catholic Mary MULVIHILL M Female Irish 35 Quebec Catholic Julia MULVIHILL Female Irish 15 Quebec Catholic Michel MULVIHILL Male Irish 13 Quebec Catholic John MULVIHILL Male Irish 11 Quebec Catholic Francis MULVIHILL Male Irish 9 Quebec Catholic Catherine MULVIHILL Female Irish 7 Quebec Catholic Richard MULVIHILL Male Irish 3 Quebec Catholic Theresa MULVIHILL Female Irish Less than 1 Born: Sep; 8/12 Quebec Catholic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Source Information: Census Place Hull, Ottawa, Quebec ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- More About PHILIP MULVIHILL: Burial: St Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Quebec More About MARY GRIMES: Burial: St Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Quebec Children of PHILIP MULVIHILL and MARY GRIMES are: 2. i. JULIA3 MULVIHILL, b. 1865; d. 1965. 3. ii. MICHAEL PATRICK MULVIHILL, b. 1868; d. 1950, Old Chelsea, Quebec, Canada. 4. iii. JOHN THOMAS MULVIHILL, b. 1870; d. 1951. iv. FRANK MULVIHILL, b. 1872. v. CATHERINE MULVIHILL, b. 1874. vi. RICHARD MULVIHILL, b. 1878. vii. TERESA MULVIHILL, b. 1880; d. 1964; m. WILLIAM M. RYAN; b. 1882; d. 1970. More About TERESA MULVIHILL: Burial: St Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Quebec More About WILLIAM M. RYAN: Burial: St Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Quebec viii. MARY MULVIHILL, b. 1888. Generation No. 2 2. JULIA3 MULVIHILL (PHILIP2, JOHN1) was born 1865, and died 1965. She married WILLIAM CRILLY, son of CRILLY and FRANCIS. He was born 1862 (Source: ST Stephen's Cemetery Inscription.), and died 1931. More About JULIA MULVIHILL: Burial: St Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Quebec Notes for WILLIAM CRILLY: 1901 Census: 27 201 Crilly William J. M Head M Jan 4 1865 37 28 201 Crilly Julia F Wife M Jun 7 1866 34 29 201 Crilly Henry P. M Son S Jul 24 1892 8 30 201 Crilly John J. M Son S May 7 1895 5 31 201 Crilly Mary f F Daughter S Dec 3 1896 4 32 201 Crilly Moirrice J. M Son S Sep 5 1898 2 33 201 Crilly Francis A F Mother W Oct 14 1835 65 34 201 Welch John M adopted son S Dec 14 1882 18 Page Information District: QU WRIGHT (#200) Subdistrict: Hull m-3 Page 22 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ More About WILLIAM CRILLY: Burial: St Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Quebec Children of JULIA MULVIHILL and WILLIAM CRILLY are: 5. i. JOHN4 WELCH, b. 1882; d. 1922. ii. HENRY P. CRILLY, b. 1892. iii. JOHN J. CRILLY, b. 1895. iv. MARY F. CRILLY, b. 1896; d. 1929. More About MARY F. CRILLY: Burial: St Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Quebec v. MORRICE J. CRILLY, b. 1898. 3. MICHAEL PATRICK3 MULVIHILL (PHILIP2, JOHN1) was born 1868, and died 1950 in Old Chelsea, Quebec, Canada. He married JULIA MURPHY (Source: Kevin McKinney.) Jun 15, 1897 in St Stephen's Church, Chelsea, Quebec, Canada, daughter of JAMES MURPHY and MARY BARRETT. She was born Oct 1869 in Old Chelsea, Quebec, Canada, and died Mar 17, 1917 in Old Chelsea, Quebec, Canada. More About MICHAEL PATRICK MULVIHILL: Burial: St Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Quebec Notes for JULIA MURPHY: Julia Murphy married Michael Mulvihill June 15, 1897 at St Stephen, Old Chelsea Julia parents were James Murphy and Mary Barrett Michael parents were Philip Mulvihill and Mary Grimes B.D. 1901 Census: District: QU WRIGHT (#200) Subdistrict: Hull m-2 Page 32 8 265 Mulvihill Michael M Head M Jul 11 1868 32 9 265 Mulvihill Julie F Wife M Nov 20 1867 33 10 265 Mulvihill Philip M Son S Jan 6 1899 2 11 265 Mulvihill Mary L. F Daughter S Sep 19 1900 6/12 12 265 Grimer Marg F Niece S Feb 10 1895 6 Next Door: 5 264 Mulvihill John M Head M Aug 15 1870 30 6 264 Mulvihill Gertrude F Wife M Oct 13 1876 24 7 264 Murphy Patrick M Domestic S Sep 10 1882 18 More About JULIA MURPHY: Burial: St Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Quebec More About MICHAEL MULVIHILL and JULIA MURPHY: Marriage: Jun 15, 1897, St Stephen's Church, Chelsea, Quebec, Canada Children of MICHAEL MULVIHILL and JULIA MURPHY are: i. PHILIP4 MULVIHILL, b. 1899. ii. MARY L. MULVIHILL, b. 1900. 4. JOHN THOMAS3 MULVIHILL (PHILIP2, JOHN1) (Source: 1901 Census.) was born 1870, and died 1951. He married GERTRUDE MURPHY Jun 18, 1899 in St Stephen's Church, Chelsea, Quebec, Canada, daughter of JAMES MURPHY and MARY BARRETT. She was born 1876 in Old Chelsea, Quebec, Canada, and died 1956 in Old Chelsea, Quebec, Canada. Notes for GERTRUDE MURPHY: Gertrude of Kingsmere (Obituary) in 1909 More About GERTRUDE MURPHY: Burial: St Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Quebec More About JOHN MULVIHILL and GERTRUDE MURPHY: Marriage: Jun 18, 1899, St Stephen's Church, Chelsea, Quebec, Canada Children of JOHN MULVIHILL and GERTRUDE MURPHY are: i. MARY4 MULVIHILL, b. 1906; d. 1911. More About MARY MULVIHILL: Burial: St Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Quebec ii. GLADWIN MULVIHILL, b. 1901; d. 1951. More About GLADWIN MULVIHILL: Burial: St Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Quebec iii. PHILIP J. MULVIHILL, b. 1904; d. 1977. More About PHILIP J. MULVIHILL: Burial: St Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Quebec Generation No. 3 5. JOHN4 WELCH (JULIA3 MULVIHILL, PHILIP2, JOHN1) was born 1882, and died 1922. He married BRIDGET FINNERTY. Notes for JOHN WELCH: Adopted Son according to 1901 census. 1901 Census: 19 48 180 Welch / Walsh John M Head M Feb 24 1853 48 19 49 180 Welch Bridget F Wife M Jul 20 1860 40 19 50 180 Welch Sarah F Sister S May 2 1854 46 20 1 180 Welch Nicolas M Brother S Feb 21 1858 43 20 2 180 Welch William M Brother S Feb 2 1862 39 More About JOHN WELCH: Burial: St Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Quebec More About BRIDGET FINNERTY: Burial: St Stephen's Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Quebec Children of JOHN WELCH and BRIDGET FINNERTY are: i. SARAH WELCH. ii. NICHOLAS M. WELCH. ... Anne-Marie Ibell
March 10, 2010: Hi, Just read your 2002 letters on the Internet about the Mulvihill Family. I am a direct descendent of Josiah Chamberlain and Annie Mulvihill. Their son John Joseph was my grandfather. My family and I have made several trips to Old Chelsea to visit Annie's grave. We are plagued in our own family research and wonder if the Ted Mulvihill in your group might know anything about where Josiah's father Josiah Sr. came from in New England? He came up with his three brothers from, we think, Merrimack, New Hampshire. But we have been unable to find any records to prove this. I imagine in your own research you have been frustrated with lack of vital statistics. I appreciate having your own data for my brother and I though because the Mulvihill history is part of our own background of course through Annie. Hoping that you might be able to help us. Sincerely, Laurel Gurnsey (Chamberlin)
June 30, 2011: Hi, I’ve been doing some work for our Genealogical Society (Outaouais) and encountered the Mulvihill family line. For your information John Ranson married to Lucy Mulvihill was the son of Robert Ranson and Ann Ranson. It is probable that John was probably named Robert John Ranson or John Robert Ranson. Julia Ryan also named Judith Ryan in some documents. Lucy Mulvihill was baptized on the 19 jul 1846 at St-Stephen Old Chelsea, Qc. She was baptized at 3 weeks old. Godftaher: Michael Grimes, Godmother: Jane Lacharité Agnes Mulvihill was baptized on the 8 april 1844, Aylmer Mission. 46 days old born 22 feb 1844. Godfather: Martin Daily (Daley / Daly), Godmother: Sally Daily Elleonora Mulvihill, d/o John and Judith Daly(Daley,Daily) Baptized on the 8 march 1840 in St-Grégoire de Naziance (Buckingham), born on the 12 feb 1840. Godfather: Richard Daley, Godmother: Mary Daly. Elleonora is probably Ellen. The 1851 census give Ellen born in 1840. Gaston Lamontagne Société de Généalogie de l’Outaouais (SGO)

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