The pioneer MULLIGAN family at Quyon
Pontiac County, Quebec in the 1850's

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     I have come to know a bit of information on the Mulligans who settled in Quyon Quebec in the mid 1800's.  
	 Hopefully some readers may be able to add some more information to this family that have expanded and achieved 
	 some noteable things.

     The Mulligans of Quyon Quebec originiated in Ireland in the early 1800's. The parents, Bernard Mulligan and Hannah Donnelly raised
	 a family of all boys.  After the death of Bernard Mulligan in Ireland Hannah emigrated to Canada with five surviving sons and settled 
	 in the area of Quyon, in Pontiac County near Quyon, Quebec. 

     The sons all married in Canada as follows: John married Mary Devine, Bernard married Catherine Dean, Philip married Margaret Richardson, 
	 Patrick married Bridget Draper, David married Catherine Draper ( sister of Bridget) and Hugh married Mary Griffin. At least three of 
	 David's son's became noteworthy individuals; James A. Mulligan became a judge following a lawyer association with Sir John A. Macdonald 
	 and brothers,David and George became noted hotel men in Canada and the USA with the Waldorf Astoria in New York and the Drake Hotel in 
	 Chicago, Illinois, USA amongst their respective resume's.

     Bob Bourke 

The map below shows the location of four Mulligan farms at Quyon. Three are located in Pontiac Bay and the other is just around the point.

The Thomas Draper / Catherine Fox (parents of Catherine and Bridget Draper) farm is next to a Mulligan farm. On the west side of the "Road to Bristol" are
the names of Irish Catholics who came to Bytown in the 1820's to work on building the Rideau Canal. 
All of these families are recorded in the early records of Notre Dame Cathedral on Sussex Drive in Lowertown.

It's possible that these families went up to Pontiac Bay in the 1850's to work at building the canal and horse-railway at the Chats Falls.
See the location of the canal (started by John Egan) and the railway on the map below.

These families also intermarried among several 1823 Peter Robinson families from the Ontario side of the Ottawa
River. There are some of these Mulligans recorded in the early records of St. Michael's Church at Corkery. 

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Irish Catholic Settlement at Quyon, Quebec Early Map of Onslow Township, Pontiac County, Quebec

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