Thomas MULLIGAN and Ellen POWELL
County Cavan, Ireland to Huntley Township and to Kazabazua, Quebec area

August 12, 2004:

Hello to you all
I had been searching to find record of my great-great grandparents, Thomas Mulligan 
and his wife Ellen Powell, both born in Ireland in aprox. 1815, and who died in 
Hincks County, Quebec, in 1892.  
(The great-great-greats, Thomas and Dorothy, came from Ballyhaise, Castletara, 
County Cavan, and first settled in Huntley, ON. 
I haven't yet found where they are buried, but The Mulligan Schoolhouse, 
now The Cheshire Cat at Carp Rd. and Richardson Side Rd., is a legacy.)  
A sincere thank you to those who transcribed and double-checked those early 
headstones against St. John's in the Wilderness church records. Until I found 
this site, I only could verify that my great-grandfather, Richard Mulligan, 
married to Ann Mitchell, was born in Aylwin. They, as well as my grandparents 
Mulligan and Joynt and my mother are all buried in Kazabazua. 
Many thanks to both Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Thayer for their painstaking work.
Have you any idea how I might find out where Ellen and Thomas Mulligan lived, 
and when they came to the Gatineau from Huntley?
Sharron Dorothy Wall
It's possible that Thomas and Dorothy are buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery
in present day Kanata. Some of the early settlers (including some Richardsons
I believe, are buried there). The Mulligans and Richardsons were neighbours in
Huntley Township. Both families built large, lasting stone homes.

Many second generation families from Goulbourn and Huntley went to Renfrew County,
Cumberland Township or to the Kazabazua area. The census records would tell you,
within a ten year span, when the Mulligans settled on the Quebec side.

A Thomas Mulligan is listed as having received a land grant as a military settler 
in the Stittsville area. He came to the area in 1828. The Cheshire Cat building is 
just outside Stittsville.

... Al
Thanks to David Smith for the following:
Hi Sharon;
There are still Mulligan's around who may be able to help you out. The Mulligan Ferry 
Road just north or Aylwin is where the ferry transported  people and goods across 
the Gatineau River to Hinks. I will contact Doug Carruthers who's brother in law 
John Mulligan worked with me on the Ottawa Fire Department. Both Doug and John 
married sisters and fought overseas in World War 2.
Doug and his wife are well acquainted with the area. 
It is interesting to note that Thomas and Dorothy came from an area near my great 
grandfather John Litle. It has been a bit of a mystery how come they ended up in 
the Gatineau after working in the Bathurst area. 
Nice to hear from you. I hope we can find some more connections.
April 5, 2005: Hello folks, Hope all is well with everyone. I descend from the above noted couple as well (I am a direct descendant of Mary Jane Mulligan (born 1841, who married Michael Cavanagh)) and thought you might be interested in the following info I have on the first couple of generations. If anyone is willing to add/swap further family info, would be happy to hear from you.. All the best, Debbie Prince (see below)
Descendants of Thomas Mulligan
Generation No. 1 1. THOMAS1 MULLIGAN was born 1771 in Castleterra, County Cavan, Ireland, and died 1844. He married DOROTHY LEATHEM in Ireland. She was born 1763 in Townland of Tumroght, Town of Cavan, County Cavan, Ireland, and died 1855. Notes for THOMAS MULLIGAN: "The name Mulligan originated as the Celtic name O'Maologain of Donegal, Ireland. Thomas Mulligan was born in 1771 in Castleterra, County Cavan, Ireland. He married Dorothy Leathem who was born in 1763 in the Townland of Tumroght, Town of Cavan, County Cavan. Thomas and Dorothy attended the Church of Ireland (Anglican) in the parish of Castleterra at Ballyhaise. In 1821 they emigrated to Canada; the family then consisted of parents Thomas and Dorothy, and children John 20 years, Phoebe 15 years, Eliza 15 years, Sarah 14 years, Thomas 12 years, James 8 years, and Nathaniel 5 years. They first settled at Eardley, Quebec and then in 1825 acquired a land grant on the Carp Road. Thomas and family settled on 100 acres and the oldest son, John, took over the adjoining 100 acres on the north east half of lot 6, con. 2, Huntley Township. (See Pioneer Families and Early Settlers of Huntley Township, Volume 3) Dorothy died in 1855; there is no information on when Thomas died." (pg. 3, Pioneer Families and Early Settlers of Huntley Township, Volume 4.) More About THOMAS MULLIGAN: Emigration 1: 1821, Emigrated to Canada with family. Emigration 2: First settled at Eardley, Quebec. Emigration 3: From parish of Castleterra at Ballyhaise, Ire. Occupation: Farmer Religion: Attended Church of Ireland (Anglican). Residence: 1825, Land grant 100 acres - Carp Road, Huntley Township, Carleton County, Ontario More About THOMAS MULLIGAN and DOROTHY LEATHEM: (Latham?) Marriage: Ireland
May 24, 2005: Thomas Mulligan donated land for one of the first schools in Huntley Township, at the corner of the Carp Road and the Richardson Side Road. See also Nathaniel Mulligan.
March 18, 2009: I have been trying to fill in the pieces of a puzzle very nearly completed by my late cousin Marlene Chapman. I am a descendant of Thomas Mulligan and Dorothy Lathem who came to Canada in the 1820ís. They had a son Nathaniel who was married first to Eliza Acres and then to Jane Hodgins. Nathaniel and Eliza had a son named George who married Dinah Storey. They had a daughter named Eliza Mathilda who married Alfred Chapman. They had 5 children, 3 boys and two girls. The youngest son was Lloyd George Chapman. The Chapmanís lived on Holland Avenue for 90 plus years. My aunt Laura who died last year was the last survivor. A few years back my aunt Laura and my father visited Christ Church the Anglican church on the 3írd line of Huntley township ( the Carp Road) which is in proximity to Carp Ontario. The Orange Hall is across the road and the church yard has many graves of the Mulliganís of Huntley township. I believe it is in this cemetery that you will find the graves of Thomas who passed in 1844 and Dorothy who died in 1855. I know that my great grandfather George moved his family to Cantley, Quebec by sled in winter but I cannot recall what date that might have been. My father talked of spending summers in Cantley and I have a photo - a copy of the original- of one of my grand motherís brothers either Hiram or George taken by Malak Karsh of Ottawa for a magazine cover. It might have been a magazine supplement for the Ottawa Journal back in the 60ís. Anyway with what Marlene had put together and what I have found through you and the Huntley township Historical Society I am putting together a fuller picture of my family tree. I hope this correspondence finds you and maybe we can share what we know and get a full picture of the Mulliganís of Huntley Township. ... Lou Chapman
New July 10, 2011: Hello: I was reading some of my family history (descendant of Joseph Mulligan, Ballyhaise, County Cavan) and noted the reference to Joeís cousin, Thomas who appears to be your ancestor. My great grandfather, Joseph and his family settled in the Ottawa Valley, near Shawville, Quebec. My Lineage: Joseph William Mulligan (my great, great grandfather, born Ballyhaise, Ireland, 1776) Joseph Mulligan (my great grandfather, born Ireland, died in province of Quebec, Canada) Arthur Mulligan (my grandfather, born in Quebec Canada and died in province of Manitoba, Canada) I must acknowledge the hard work of my now deceased relative, Wallace, who did much of the groundwork on our family history when he lived in Ottawa and the fine job Bryan Mulligan (New Zealand) has done in putting much of the family story on line (see link below). Some of my kids are living in Ottawa now, and Iím looking forward to getting out there and doing some more exploration regarding our pioneering ancestors and their descendants. I was told by one of my aunts who was born in the Thorne area, near Shawville, that some of the Mulligan history of the region was captured in a book entitled: ďSome of the Stories They Told us Were True.Ē I havenít found it. Should you ever come across it, please let me know as Iím sure it would be an invaluable resource. ... Calvin Mulligan Here is a link to an interesting web site about the Mulligans in Ireland, Canada and New Zealand:

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