Patrick MULHALL and Elizabeth McCARTHY
also Richard MULHALL and Jane WILSON, Osgoode Township

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

May 18, 2008:

The surname MULHALL appears in the earliest records of Notre Dame Cathedral in Bytown.

Patrick Mulhall was a popular best man at the weddings of several of his fellow canal
workers. He may have been related to some of the persons who came from County Cork in 1823
with the Peter Robinson settlers.

Here are some from the DROUIN collection at

23 Aug 1829    
Marriage of Patrick Shea from the County of Cork and Mary Brown from the same county
Witnesses: Patrick Mulhall and Edward Higgins (Edward Higgins was also from Cork)

Patrick gets married in 1829:

28 Nov 1829    
After one publication of banns, marriage of Patrick Mulhall and Elizabeth McCarthy
Witnesses: Maurice Higgins and Catherine Dunn

25 Dec 1836
Baptism of Denis, 9 wks. old son of William Burns and Julia (Judith) Doyle 
(Hog's Back to Fallowfield later)
John Ring (PR) & Mary Mulhall

23 Feb 1840
Baptism of Mary, born 22 January of the marriage of Michael Stackpole and Mary Mulhall
John Darcy & Mrs. Maher / Meagher

A Richard Mulhall of Osgoode Township, appears in 1842:

25 Nov 1842
Baptism of James, aged 4 months, son of Richard Mulhall, farmer, and Jane Wilson of Osgoode
Witnesses: John Palmer & Elizabeth Blaney

Also, a Thomas MULHALL arrived in 1847 from the Fitzwilliam Estate in County Wicklow.
Did he settle in the Ottawa area? Here is his record from the emigration files of
the Fitzwilliam Estate assisted passage event:
(Source: Companion CD to the book Surplus People, by Jim Rees)
Fitzwilliam Tenants - Family Group 
    ID:  790 Parish     Carnew 
          Year Listed:   1847 
   Surname   Mulhall 
         Reference No.     151 
   Group Members: 
   Thomas, Mary, Richard 9, Mary 7. 
   Voyage       Townland 
  Ship          As spelt in the Emigration 
   Departure            Ballard 
   Arrival          Official 
   Other Information    Holding: Cabin from Timothy Donoghue. House to come down. 

Finally, an apparently new Mulhall family, Patrick Mulhall and Mary Hayden, show
up in the late 1840's and may be tied in with the FW emigrants above:

20 Jul 1851
Baptism of Julia, born 19 July of the marriage of Patrick Mulhall and Mary Hayden of Bytown
Godparents: William Garrett & Ann Hackett

and here's another connection to the Burns / Byrnes from County Wicklow:
7 Apr 1853
Baptism of John, born yesterday of the marriage of Michael Burns and Jane Burns of Bytown
Witnesses: James Carroll & Mary Mulhall
Anne Burgess is researching this group emigration.

Can anyone shed any light on the various Mulhalls in the Ottawa area?
December 27, 2008: Hi Al, Best of the season to you. I'm so happy because I've just nailed down (with Marg T's help) that Richard Mulhall (m. Jane Wilson) who was in Osgoode/Ottawa in the early 1840s. First off: attached is a page from the Coolattin estate account books (sent to me by Annette Code), apparently giving Richard Mulhall, wife and two children some assistance to emigrate on Jan. 27, 1842: 5 pounds, 6 shillings and 8 pence. (Annette's transcription is on B or B) Marg T had some Clonmore records, and here are two Mulhall children baptized there: 1836-09-18 Catherine, d/o Richard Mulhall and Jane Wilson, Ballynulta [where else!!] 1840-09-13 Jane, d/o Richard Mulhall and Jane Whelan, Ballybutter You can see that either the Clonmore priest or the transcriber had trouble with Jane's name, and maybe the townland name, as well. This will also be another addition to our page on Ballynultagh emigres to Bytown. How's that for good work on Boxing Day? ... Anne
January 1, 2009: Forgot to tell you, Al, that I found Richard Mulhall in the 1839 rentals records, living in Ballard, which is about a mile south of Ballynultagh. He was a labourer, with a cabin only, so he probably travelled around for work. There was a James Wilson (Richard's wife's maiden name) who was a head tenant in Ballard. ... Anne ______________________ New January 7, 2009: See also the John Tomkins page.
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