Patrick MULDOON, 1797-1857 and Margaret BALLARD
from Terryglass, County Tipperary to Nepean Township (Fallowfield)

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Hi Steve:

Thanks for the e-mail regarding the BYRNE and MULDOON families.
They both settled near Fallowfield - Patrick Muldoon from County Tipperary was a 
pioneer in what is now the Bridlewood neighbourhood, Kanata, Ottawa. I believe that your Muldoons 
are descended from him. He's buried at St. Patrick's RC Church, Fallowfield.
There were also a lot of BYRNEs in Nepean. I'm not sure if/how they are 
connected to my Burns from Osgoode Township. (Have since proven that we are ... Al)

I'm putting this on a separate web page for Patrick Muldoon and will add to it when anything new comes in.

... Al

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> In looking through your Byrne data, my wife's line has a Joseph Byrne
> (the only note I have for him is he was Irish died in his 80's) married
> to Martha Muldoon they lived in Pontiac County. I know little of the
> Bryne line but Martha was a sister to John James Muldoon who was
> considered the largest man in Canada at one time. This Muldoon family
> came from Nepean, with sons Patrick and Richard settling in Torbolton Township
> and Pontiac County.  Any chance this connects with any of your Byrne's
> research?

March 10, 2001, Steve; I noticed your note from March 3/2001 where you mention a Richard Muldoon in Torbolton. My cousin Beverley Watters / Moore was just asking if I had any information on a Richard Muldoon married to Jane O'Meara from Torbolton. Is that the same Richard Muldoon that you were referring to in your message? If so, do you have their wedding date and when and where they died? (Note: See message below from Ed Brennan) Frank Watters
I thought to add some notes from the Kennedy file. William Kennedy came to Canada circa 1832, based on the 1842 census. Most of the prime farm land was awarded to disbanded soldiers, and earlier settlers. William obrained a patent from the Crown and took joint ownership with Patrick Muldoon, of a 200 acre parcel of land on the Western boundary of Nepean, which is today the Bridlewood development. William remained there until 1856 when he bought Lot 16 in concession 3 of Nepean. When Patricks daughter Mary Muldoon married John O'Grady, their child, Michael Muldoon (born April 9, 1861) was baptized at St. Patrick's in Fallowfield where James Muldoon and Judith Kennedy (William's daughter) were witnesses. I guess growing up as kids living next to each other brings special friendships. Taylor Kennedy
November 20, 2001 Al, One small tidbit for your site: Wife of Patrick Muldoon (1797-1857), from Terryglass-on-the-Shannon, Tipperary, was Margaret Ballard (c.1792-1875). I am a double descendant of them. Finally had time to visit the graveyard at St. Patrick's in Fallowfield, yesterday. Was very surprised to see how large and clear Patrick Muldoon's gravestone is. Don't think it could have been the original from 1857. More will follow later in due course, when I get my stuff together. Regards, Jim Robinson ============== also posted on November 20, 2001: Val Olander sent me the following Muldoon obituary from the Ottawa Citizen: Thursday, Nov. 21, 1929 Mary Ann MULDOON, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Muldoon, formerly of South Gloucester, Ontario. Funeral from the Whelan and Son Funeral Home, 515 Cooper Street on November 23, at 9:15 A.M. for Requiem High Mass at the South Gloucester Catholic Church. Internment at the South Gloucester Cemetery. (behind the Church, out Bank Street, west side, just before Mitch Owens Drive).
November 21, 2001: Hello folks It was nice to see that Patrick Muldoon was from Terryglass Parish, County Tipperary, Ireland as was my ggreat grandfather William Kennedy. There may just be more to this relationship than just farming together for a bit. Take care Taylor =============== Note: I'll bet that if we check the McCabe List, there will be more people from Terryglass ... Al =============== Here's a cemetery transcription from Our Lady of the Visitation, South Gloucester: Muldoon, Bridget 1856-1913 , Mary Ann 1859-1929, their Uncle William Downey, 1830-1923. ... Al
March 6, 2002: Hi Al: I noticed a note from Frank Watters, March 10th, 2001, regarding Richard Muldoon and Jane O'Meara.. When Richard Muldoon died, Jane O'Meara married Edward Brennan, February 8th, 1872 at St. Michael's at Fitzroy Harbour. There was a Muldoon family who owned a general store and gas station in Fitzroy Harbour for 45 years. See posting dated September 13, 2009 on our Fitzroy Township page. He was my Grandfather. Any information regarding the above would be appreciated. Ed Brennan
April 14, 2004: See also Jim Robinson's web site of his Muldoon ancestors. His other surnames are Morris Pierce Smith Tierney O'Meara Tripp Wilson Kennedy and Robinson.
July 11, 2005: Al - Could you pass the following information to Edward Brennan whose email stated on Bytown or Bust no longer works. Ed, Regarding what you posted to Bytown or Bust in 2002. I have in our family files Edward Brennan married to Jane O'Meara. You state this was a 2nd marriage for Jane. Do you have anything about a 2nd marriage for Edward as the 1901 Census states his wife as Katherine born Aug 15, 1857. I also have Jane's birthdate as Apr 27, 1835 which makes her 15 years old than Edward born March 18, 1850 which could mean one of my dates is wrong. Anything you have may help me sort this strangeness. Jane Blanchfield (nee Kennedy)
July 13, 2005: Hi Jane: Jane O'Meara married Richard Muldoon on February 14th, 1855 at St. Philip's Church in Richmond, Ontario. After Richard died, she married Edward Brennan on February 6th, 1872 at St. Michael's Church in Fitzroy Harbour, Jane died in 1889 and Edward married Catherine Houlahan on January 14th, 1891 at St. Patrick's church in Fallowfield. Catherine was born on August 16th, 1854 and died on April 15th, 1937. Edward Brennan was born in 1844 and died on July 8th, 1936. My new email address is (incorporated in the list below ... Al) ... Ed Brennan
June 18, 2009: Some of this material is followed up on our Thomas Carroll page.
December 8, 2015:
Passing of John James (Jim) Robinson - Historian, Genealogist, a good man from Quyon, Pontiac County, Quebec
Obituary for Mr. Jim Robinson

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