Mathew MORRIS and Ellen TRACEY / TREACY and the ROONEY family
Ireland to the Gatineau Valley, Canada
(Wakefield, Ottawa County, Quebec)
and on to Minnesota, USA

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

December 28, 2011:

Found your web site today while looking for census in Quebec. Sorry I have very little information to give, 
but I have hit the Mother load with all the wonderful info the site has to offer! My interest is Morris - 
Tracy. I have already found them on the 1881 census in Wakefield, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada, posted on your 
site. Our line is me Pamela Ledwich - Newcomer, my mother Patricia I. Aucourt - Ledwich, grandmother Mary 
S. Dowd - Aucourt, great grandfather Albert Dowd b. 1875 Kansas d. 1958 Kirkland Washington, USA,
great grandmother CATHERINE MORRIS - DOWD b. April 13 1865 Quebec d. 1953 Seattle WA., gr gr grandfather 
MATHEW MORRIS b. ca. 1841 Ireland, d. Quebec, gr gr grandmother ELLEN TRACY - MORRIS b. ca. 1841 Quebec, 
d. Quebec., gr gr gr grandfather JOHN MORRIS b. ca. 1803 Ireland, d. Quebec. 

The rest told to me by my grandmother in 1975 Ellen Tracy Morris’ father Micheal Tracy No. Ireland, mother 
Annie Rooney Tracy, No. Ireland, mother of Micheal Tracy, Honor Fagan. mother of Annie Rooney, Kitty Koffel. 
mother of Mathew Morris, Catherine Dowd Morris (different from Catherine Morris Dowd).

New September 27, 2012:

Hi Al,
Could you please replace the first photo I sent you, with this one, this one is scanned & is much more clear 
& the other only a photo of a photo & is blurry. 
Much appreciated,
Pam Newcomer

Mathew Morris and Ellen Tracey (new photo) Mathew Morris and Ellen Tracy
Credits on back of the photograph say E. C. LEMIRE, PHOTOGRAPHER, 45 Bank St. Ottawa, Ont. My great aunt & her cousin told me a long time ago about a Lord Brabison, I see from the census, there is a Brabison Morris living in the household. (Lord Brabazon was the Earl of Meath). She also told me her grandmother Ellen Morris was a seamstress for some government official. Enclosed are a picture of Catherine Morris Dowd and her baptismal certificate. I also have a picture of her parents somewhere, will post when I find it. Thank you all for contributing to this site! Pamela Newcomer
Catherine Morris Dowd Catherine MORRIS DOWD Catherine MORRIS - Baptism
Mathew Morris in the 1861 Census for Quebec. Source: Mathew MORRIS in the 1861 Quebec Census Al, I don't know if you can post the census I attached or not, I got it off the Gatineau Valley Historical Society (although I couldn't seem to get back there) it had a 2011 copyright date on it, but I think they got it from the Library and Archives, Canada, web site. At any rate, the pertinent info off the 1842 Wakefield census for me was: MICHEAL TREACY no. in household 6. years in province 4. acres 30 PATRICK ROONEY no. in household 7. years in province 7. acres 30 MICHEAL ROONEY no. in household 6. years in province 7. acres 40. X means land owner, able to vote. I include the Rooneys because Micheal Treacy married Ann Rooney & I have not yet proved the connection, I believe Patrick & Michael Rooney are Ann Rooneys' brothers, they live on either side of the Treaceys. It also looks to me that Rooney/Treacy split a 100 acre plot....speculation. MICHEAL MORRIS no. in household 3. years in province 2. acres 100 do not know yet if this is one of my Morris' ... Pam Newcomer
1881 Census Data - Morris in Ottawa County, Quebec
1881 Census Place: Wakefield, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375861 NAC C-13225 Dist 97 SubDist FF Div 1 Page 14 Family 51 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion John MORRIS M W 78 Irlandais Ireland Cultivateur Catholic (Irish) (Farmer) Mathew MORRIS M M 40 Irlandais Ireland Cultivateur Catholic Ellen MORRIS F M 40 Irlandais Quebec Catholic Brabison MORRIS M 39 Irlandais Ireland Cultivateur Catholic (See posting below regarding the name Brabison) John MORRIS M 18 Irlandais Quebec Cultivateurs Catholic Son Catherine MORRIS F 16 Irlandais Quebec Catholic Joseph MORRIS M 14 Irlandais Quebec Cultivateurs Catholic Son Ann MORRIS F 13 Irlandais Quebec Catholic Jane MORRIS F 11 Irlandais Quebec Catholic Mary MORRIS F 10 Irlandais Quebec Catholic Mathew MORRIS M 7 Irlandais Quebec Catholic Elisabeth MORRIS F 5 Irlandais Quebec Catholic Thomas MORRIS M 3 Irlandais Quebec Catholic Christopher MORRIS M 3 Irlandais Quebec Catholic ______________________________________________ Hi Al, Here is a tiny piece of Quebec history, this quilt was made by Ellen Tracey Morris circa 1910 in Quebec for her granddaughters, one for Mary & one for Gertrude. My aunt has the other one. Mary Dowd was my grandmother & Gertrude Dowd my great aunt. The rocking chair was made by my grandfather, Mary’s husband, circa 1920, a high school project.
Quilt Made by Ellen Tracey Morris, c. 1910
One day Gertrude & I were visiting her cousin Ellen in the retirement home at Christmas (Gert lived to be 99), the carolers were singing Jingle Bells "Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh!" and Gertrude leans over to me and whispers in my ear, "Grandpa ( Mathew Morris) in Ottawa had a one horse open sleigh!" I was just astounded, here was a woman who was relaying first hand information of transportation that was available when she visited her grandfather. Whenever I hear Jingle Bells now, I think of my great aunt! The 1881 census puts her in Wakefield. Merry Christmas to all, Pam Newcomer _______________________________ Al, I found Ellens parents & her paternal grandmother in the 1852 census, I wrote the page number etc. in the original post, it's at the bottom, you must have missed it. I could not copy either census, so I could not post it. Grandma also told me Ellen's maternal grandmother Kitty Koffel. I have been searching the site & others for location. I am confused, Wakefield is a township and my understanding is this is an area with several towns in it. The maps I have been able to find so far, get too blurry for me to read when I blow them up. I would like to find one of those maps that show who owned the property in the township, do you know where I can find this? Also, I don't know how to make a family tree on the computer, that I could post on the site. I guess I could write one out by hand. Pam Newcomer
January 1, 2012: Rooney Trip, Ireland to Gatineau Valley, 1845 Rooney Trip, Ireland to Gatineau Valley, 1845
Rooney Grave Marker in Minnesota, USA

July 18, 2012: Here are some links to data concerning these families. Thanks, Pam! 1851 Census 1861 Census Church Records Rooney and Tracy Records at St. Camillus Church Hi Al, here is the link to the Morris headstone at St Elizabeth, Cantley, Quebec Pam Headstone of John and Catherine Morris and children, parents of Matthew Morris of Cantley. My great gr gr grandparents. ... Pam
August 28, 2012: Hi Al, Below is an Obituary for Joseph Morris 1866 - 1942, I found on the Gatineau Valley Historical Society website, states he was Mayor of East Wakefield.He would be my great great uncle. They also have a new group starting up for Cantley history, great site. Also states he was from Wilson’s Corners, I will have to study that, the census has the children being born in Farrellton. Does anyone know where Wilson’s Corners is? Here's the link to the obituary: ... Pam
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