John MOORE and Bridget McKENNA
Ireland to Gloucester Township
also Martin POWERS / POWER and Terrance SMITH and Ann MOORE

January 12, 2003:

> From: "Jim McKenna" 
> To: ; 
> Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2003 9:47 PM
> Subject: John Moore & Bridget McKenna
>> Looking for information about Bridget McKenna and husband John Moore who
>> farmed on 200 acres on Cons. 6 lot 3 in Osgoode. They were both born in
>> Ireland and Bridget was the sister of Bernard McKenna of Gloucester
>> Here's what they looked like in the Census of 1871
>> John Moore  45  born: Ireland  RC. farmer
>> Bridget     35  b: Ireland Bernard she could read and write.
>> William     12  b. Ireland      going to school (son)
>> James       11  b. Ont
>> Margaret     9     "
>> Bridget      7     "
>> John         6     "
>> Patrick      5
>> David        4
>> Mary         3
>> Catherine    1
>> Anne         3 months
>> So it would appear they arrived here from Ireland sometime between
> 1859-1860
>> just before their first Canadian child was born.
>> We're trying to locate what town in Co. Tyrone they all came from.
>> Best Regards
>> Jim McKenna

> Hi Jim:
> Sorry it's taken so long for me to get back to you.
> I'll set up a new page later today for John Moore and Bridget McKenna later
> today.
> There's a "Moore Estates" subdivision at South Gloucester today, very close
> to where the McKenna farms were.
> I gather these would be your folks?
> Take care,
> ... Al


Hi Al:

That's right, they're part of my family genealogy research.  It's been close
to two years but thanks to your site we were able to hook up with Kevin
Collins who is also part of the McKenna legacy who had a lot of research
already done.

Thanks again
Jim McKenna 
October 22, 2004: Looking for Martin Powers / Power who was married to Katie Moore (d/o John Moore and Bridget McKenna). They lived in Gloucester. Also any descendants of Terrance Smith who was married March 1st 1881 at Our Lady of the Visitation as follows: Terrance Smith (s/o deceased father James Smith and Bridget Lougher) and Ann Margaret Moore, (daughter of John Moore and Bridget McKenna) in the presence of James Durning and Margaret McKenna. Many thanks ... Jim McKenna
March 19, 2007: Hi I have found two interesting documents that were hand written by my Great Grandmother Mary (Powers) Foran. One seems to be a handwritten rough copy of a letter dated June 26, 1931. The other is a hand written summary of a will. The summary reads as follows: M.J.'s Will $1000. to bishop $1000. to Chinese Missions $500. to Catholic Truth Society $500. to Our Church Repair $400. to Low Masses $250. to funeral expenses Any left over to Thomas, also place and belongings to Thomas. The handwritten letter reads: Billings Bridge Ontario June 26th, 1931 R. Walter Hamilton, N.P. 519 Bank St. Ottawa Re: Martin Powers Estate: Sir, Regarding your letter of the fifteenth inst, I make the following statements. 1) My father Tomas Powers was the son of John Powers. My mother, Mary McGee died July 3,1922. 2) My father's mother Catherine Nolan died Jan 15,1864 3) My father's brothers and sisters are; a) John, died 11th Dec 1912 his wife Ann Fagan died March 12, 1918. Their children Catherine, Elizabeth, Agnes, May, Teresa, John, Michael, Patrick and Edward b) Patrick, single, no record of death c) Nicholas, single, no record of death d) Edward, married no record of death his wife Margaret McKiernan no record of her death do not know his family e) Anistecia died Dec 1, 1900 her husband Michael Moran died April 21, 1915 their family Catherine, Mary Jane, Agnes, Briget, Thomas, John 4) My Grandfather's brothers and sisters are Patrick and Mary, the latter better known as "Mame". If there were any others they remained in Ireland. Patrick died March 16, 1898 his wife Nora Quinlan? (not sure of her maiden name) no record of her death. "Mame" didn't know her much and no record of her death. Her husband Thomas Powers no record of death. Interesting eh? I am still unsure of how Martin better known as M.J. links into the family. If I find additional information I will forward. P.S. - Mike, if you read above Anastasia is indeed Edna Foran Quinn's greatgrandfather's (John Powers) sister - however this is the Anastasia that is married to Michael Moran, not John McEvoy. Wouldn't you know it ... to complicate things there are two Anastasia Powers.!!! Mary ________________ I see on another note that Martin Powers was the son of Patrick and Nora. This would make Martin (or M.J. Powers) the first cousin of Thomas Powers (my Great Grandfather) Mary
March 20, 2007: Thanks Mary for the information posted on the website: Here's what I have found in my research on Bridget McKenna-Moore and the Powers family connection Catherine Moore baptism record (Our Lady of the Visitation) 11 April, 1870, Catherine Moore (born 27 March), lawful daughter of John Moore and Bridget McKenna, sponsor: Jane McKenna Catherine married Martin Powers. Descendants of Bridget McKenna-Moore at the time of her death 1919 Henry Thomas Moore -Ottawa Frank B. Moore -Ottawa Martin Powers (son-in-law) -Gloucester Katie Powers (d/o Bridget) -Gloucester Bridget Elen Moore-Osgoode Mary Moore-Osgoode Annie Moore (all spinster daughters) -Osgoode ... Jim
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