Ireland to Mooney's Bay and Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada

April 17, 2001
The information on this page was contributed by Mitchell LaFrance.

Some Descendants of Owen Mooney 
	1  	Owen Mooney	
.		+Catherine Blanchfield	1830 - 1911
........	2  	Patrick Mooney	1852 -
........	2  	John William Mooney	1854 -
........	2  	Charles Mooney	1855 -
........	2  	Margaret Mooney	1858 -
........	2  	Mary Mooney	1859 -
........	2  	Eugene Mooney	1861 -
........	2  	Joseph Mooney	1863 -
........	2  	Michael Mooney	1865 -
........	2  	Mary Ann Mooney	1867 -
........	2  	Bridget Mooney	1869 -
........	2  	Catherine Mooney	1871 -
........	2  	Owen Mooney	1874 -

June 17, 2001:
The parents of Owen Mooney were Patrick Mooney and Mary McHugh.
The parents of Catherine Blanchfield were John Blanchfield and Helen Hickey.
Patrick Mooney had a tavern at the corner of Riverside Drive and Walkley Road in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 
Mooney's bay is named after him. There's an interesting story about the 
tavern in "Carleton Saga", by Harry and Olive Walker, page 118. 
May 20, 2006: I would appreciate any data you have on Margaret Mooney, daughter of Owen Mooney and Catherine Blanchfield mentioned in your file on Owen Mooney ( Mooney's Bay), Ottawa. Would this be the same Margaret Mooney who was married to Augustine Fleming' and whose son Martin Fleming married Sarah Ann Jewell from Chapleau Quebec, on 03 Nov. 1874. Sarah Ann Jewell was one of nine children of Catherine Burns and Henry Jewell ( website). Her sister, Emily Jane Emma Jewell was my wife' s great grandmother. Records at St. Alphonsus of Ligouri Church ,Chapeau, Alumette Island , Pontiac County, Quebec state...a Margaret Mooney is interned there. I would be interested to know if this is the connection to Owen Mooney's daughter, Margaret. Many thanks. Joe Mooney ______________________ Joe: Your Margaret Mooney mentioned above married Austin Fleming on 26 Apr 1841, too early to be the Margaret Mooney who was the daughter of Owen Mooney and Catherine Blanchfield. I believe that some of the Mooneys from Mooney's Bay went to the Huntley Township or Almonte area with some Kerwin folks from Gloucester. They show up in the records of St. Michael's at Corkery, along with some Flemings who were concentrated there in the 1800's. ... Al
February 10, 2010: Good afternoon, I have been busy trying to update my family ancestry (Doyle’s) on the internet. When searching through Bytown or Bust, I discovered the information that was contributed by Mitchell LaFrance regarding Owen Mooney and Catherine Blanchfield. They are my great grandparents. Catherine Mooney and James Doyle are my grandparents. My parent’s are Martin Doyle & Isabella St. James. As my grandmother died just prior to my birth in 1946 I never really knew that much about the Mooney side of the family. The attachment is a copy of some family history that I had obtained years ago from my Aunt (Kathleen Doyle). I thought I would share it with you. I would very much appreciate receiving any other information that you might have on the family of Owen Mooney and Catherine Blanchfield. Many thanks. Cathy Legein (Doyle)
At Notre Dame Church in Ottawa, Owen Mooney, who was born in Ireland on April 26, 1820, m on July 31, 1849, Catherine Blanchfield, who had been born in Ireland on Oct. 27, 1830. Owen's parents were Patrick Mooney and Mary McHugh. Catherine's were John Blanchfield (1805 - 1888) and Ellen Hickey (1801-1880). John Blanchfield had acquired 400 acres in conc. 3, lots 30 and 31, Osgoode Township. The Mooney family settled permanently on a neighbouring lot, N ½ 32, but not until after the first two of their 12 children were born. 1. Patrick was b Nov. 7, 1851 in Clintonville, New York, USA but he returned to grow up in Osgoode where he bought the S ½ of lot 32, which he held until selling to his brother Charles, after 1879. Patrick had returned to the U.S.A. 2. John William (July 28, 1853 - Feb. 22, 1882) was b. in Ottawa; the other children in Osgoode. 3. Charles (13 Aug 1855 -11 Jan 1939) bought his brother's lot and lived there. 4. Margaret b 27 July 1857. 5. Mary b 17 May 1859, d age 6, 1865, same day as brother Eugene below. 6. Eugene b 8 April 1861, d age 4 in 1865. 7. Joseph b 30 Apr 1863 farmed beside brother Charles on W ½ lot 33. 8. Michael (26 July 1865 - 21 Oct 1914) was twice married, lst to Katherine Edgar from Ireland, 2nd to Lucy O'Connor from Kingston, Ontario. See below for more details. 9. Mary Ann b Sept 16, 1867 m Patrick Doyle s/o Patrick Doyle and Margaret Herbert. There was one son Alexander. 10. Bridget (July 11, 1869 - Sept 1943) m Frank Lawyer and lived in Syracuse , New York, USA 11. *Catherine Helen (3 Sept 1871 - 22 Apr 1946) m James Doyle brother of Patrick above. See below for details of children on this family. 12. Owen (Jan. 10, 1874 - 1936) remained unmarried. Michael Mooney, as a young boy, learned the blacksmith trade, probably from his Blanchfield relatives. One day he found $5.00 on the road - enough to pay his way to Watertown, New York, USA a place the Gaffney relatives had gone. Mike, Bridget & Mary Ann moved together. Michael had 4 sons by his first wife Katherine Edgar, but 3 of them d as infants; Eugene, the only one who grew up was not strong. The mother died of Tuberculosis and Eugene came back to stay with his Aunt Mary, Mrs. Patrick Doyle. Michael's 2nd wife was a friend of his sisters, Bridget & Mary, Lucy Rose O'Connor, whom he met at Watertown on Oct. 14, 1914. She had been b Rockport Apr. 1881. There was a son Paul Joseph b 18 July 1915, who m Dora Inez Brock 4 Dec. 1942, at Columbia, South Carolina, USA. Daughter Mary Patricia (Pat) Mooney m Herbert Dandridge Campbell 28 Dec. 1968 in Virginia, USA. Son Herbert Dandridge 3rd b Dec. 1970, at Tampa Florida. Present residence - Haymarket, Virginia. Michael, his 2 wives, and 4 sons are all buried in the Catholic Cemetery just outside Watertown. *Catherine Mooney m Sept. 12, 1899, in St. John's R.C. Church, Prescott Road, James Doyle and they had 6 children: 1. Margaret Mary Doyle m Stephen Shields s/o Thomas Shields and Bridget Dewan. Helen, Joseph, Teresa, Edmund, James, Mary, Margaret, Rita, Patrick, Catherine. 2. Catherine Ann Doyle b Sept. 19, 1902 (Kathleen) unm. 3. Martin Andrew Doyle m Isabella St. James : Andrew, Cathy, John, June, Frank, Philip, Isobel. 4. Evelyn Theresa Doyle, unm. 5. Joseph Michael Doyle m Molly Burns: Joseph, Mary Ann, Michael, Rosemary. 6. John James Doyle m Joy Dunn: Jimmy, Nancy, Pat, Cathy, Jill, Brian, Jeffrey, Jack, Candy, Kelly. (Writer: Gertrude Blanchfield Doyle with input from Catherine (Kathleen) Doyle Cathy Legein (Doyle)

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