Monaghan Landing (Bridlewood) - The Historic Hugh Davidson House and Subdivision

November 27, 2013:

Construction is currently in progress on a development named Monahan
Landing.  It is north of Hope Side Road and almost joins up with the south end of Bridlewood.
Near where Stonehaven Drive meets Old Richmond Road, and within the area
being developed there is what appears to be a "heritage" farmhouse.   

Before the Ottawa amalgamation the land was in the Fallowfield area of

... Ian White

Photograph by Ian White Thanks, Ian, for documenting this entire process! Hugh Davidson Home, built c. 1865, Corner of Richmond Road and Hope Side Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
From Karen Prytula: I think the old stone house Ian is referring to is the one the Family Brown used to live in, as it is situated north of Hope Side Road (which would back on to Bridlewood) Perhaps the Heritage Keeper at Heritage Ottawa should be made aware of this development and can provide answers for us. I can look up the Heritage Keepers name and forward this info on to them. Karen Prytula ______________________________ Hi Karen: I believe that the "Family Brown House" was located on the farm of Hugh Davidson. This may require a field trip -- we could check with Ian to see if he is available sometime. See excerpt below from the 1879 Belden's County Atlas.
Tierney Farms on Richmond Road, 1879
I believe that the Hope Side Road is located between the farms of Hugh Davidson and Samuel Davidson. The "Family Brown House", I think, was the farm of Hugh Davidson. Between the Davidson House and present-day Bridlewood are several Tierney farms. The Bridlewood Subdivision runs east and west between Eagleson Road, which is the boundary between Goulbourn Township and Nepean Township, and the Richmond Road to the east. Eagleson Road is shown in red to the extreme left of the map. ... Al ____________________________ Well, we still have not answered Ian's question. I don`t know if plans have been made to preserve the Family Brown farmhouse. I should look on the old map to find out who might have built it to give it a better heritage name, but have not done so yet. I believe there is a heritage keeper for Nepean Township and I will ask that the morning. Ian: You said you took 30 pics of the house. Would any of them happen to have a date stone ? Or something marked on a corner stone ? I am typing up a paragraph on the place and was just wondering if there were any identifying marks. I`ll show you the paragraph when I am done. I didn`t see anything like that on the pics you sent. KarenP ____________________________

From Karen: Hello All It has been brought to my attention by some concerned area residents that a certain stone home in rural Nepean may be threatened by yet another housing development. As far as my scant research shows, this property was owned by Hugh Davidson in 1879, but the stone home on it may have been built by his father who may have been J. Davidson a veteran of the War of 1812. Davidson was a Lieutenant with the 100th Regiment of foot, and when his regiment disbanded in 1818, he received 500 acres of land in Nepean Township for his military service. The house is situated on Lot 26, Concession VI, and borders the Hope Side Road. It was originally a 200 acre lot and still was in 1879. The house might be better known as the house the musical family “The Family Brown” lived in for some time. (Barry, Tracey, Lawanda, father papa Joe). The developer told one of the concerned citizens that he does not own the house, but the citizen saw the house on the developers map. Although I am the heritage keeper for Goulbourn township, and this house is situated in Nepean, it is rather close to the Goulbourn border (1 mile). I checked the Heritage Ottawa website and did not see a heritage keeper for Nepean township there…..I suppose I could volunteer for Nepean Rural West. Do you know what the circumstances are around this building project, i.e. is this home a designated heritage home, should it be, will the developer save it, and has a demolition permit been issued ?? Linda, do you still want me to speak at the AGM at the end of the month? I just need to know if I should rehearse my speech or not :) Thank you Karen Prytula Heritage Keeper Goulbourn Township _______________________________ Hello, Thank you Karen for bringing this to our attention. If we have a street address we find out if it is designated and perhaps learn if there are any development plans for the site. Leslie Maitland President, Heritage Ottawa / Présidente, Patrimoine Ottawa walking tours, lectures, publications and more! check us out at Des visites à pied, des conférences, des publications, et bien plus! Venez jeter un coup d'oeil à
November 29, 2013: Hello Al, Karen asked if there is any date on the house. I did not see any and my photographs don't show any. Dr. Bruce Elliott told me that it was built in about 1860 and that it has one unusual, but not unique, architectural feature on the extremities of the ridge of the roof. It appears that Lt. Francis DAVISON, who was a pensioned veteran of the War of 1812, petitioned for a Land Grant in Nepean in 1819. He chose the location because he recognized it as good agricultural land. After he took possession he wrote back to his sons in Ireland telling them that in Upper Canada they could own land and, if they worked hard they could have a considerably better life than in Ireland, which was in the post-Napoleonic War depression. The sons, Samuel, William and Hugh, soon owned and worked land next to each other, and beside their father, in Nepean. The family name changed from Davison to Davidson. When Hugh's farmhouse was built, and until Ottawa's recent amalgamation, it was in Nepean. It is now in the Kanata South Ward of Ottawa near the southern border of Bridlewood. Ian.

December 20, 2013: Hi Al, Attached is the photo of the city notice regarding the move of The Hugh Davidson Farmhouse to 34 Summitview Drive in Bridlewood for "office use in a heritage building". The notice is located at the vacant lot representing this future location. The city web site states that the move has been approved by the City Planning Committee, but still needs confirmation by a meeting of full council. Wishing Grace and yourself a great Christmas, a Happy Hogmanay, and a healthy 2014. Looking forward to lots more information and illustrations on your web site next year. Cheers. Ian White
Hugh Davidson Home, built c. 1865, Sign by the City of Ottawa

August 28, 2014: Al, Progress is now occurring on the relocation of the Hugh Davidson Farmhouse. The stone perimeter of the building is being removed to be re-assembled at its new setting about 80 meters from the original. The attached recent photograph shows that the cut-stone blocks which were on the outside of the house frontage have been removed, numbered and stored to be placed back in their former positions at the new location, as have the door, window and chimney stones. The outside walls of the house were about two feet (60 cms.) thick with rubble stones behind the cut stones. These too will be re-used but not necessarily in their former positions. Work is proceeding at a fast pace. Ian
Home of Hugh Davidson family, almost ready to be moved
October 29, 2014:
Home of Hugh Davidson family, complete outside layer of stone removed
Ian White is also following the heritage process of the Richardson family home in March Township.
New January 31, 2015: Al, The skeleton house, as photographed by Dr. Bruce Elliott and placed on your site on October 29, 2014, was demolished and the rubble removed during the first two weeks of December 2014. Attached is a photo of all that remained the following week. Also attached is a photo of the house and its surroundings taken by Google Earth during September 2008. It shows a very different scene from the other photos which we have. I suspect that at that time the property owner was renting out the farmhouse (marked with a red 'A') and the area immediately surrounding it to a tenant, and the useful farm fields of the property may have been rented to an active farmer. There is a smaller photo of the farmhouse attached to a report for the R.M.O.C. during 1975. The original of this shot is a 35mm. size positive which is not of perfect quality. I have attempted to enlarge and enhance it for use on your website, showing how the front of the farmhouse appeared at that time. I hope these photos are useful for your site, giving a picture of the Hugh Davidson Farmhouse at different times and in different ways. Cheers, Ian White. ___________________________ Thanks, Ian, for these wonderful photographs ... Al
Home of Hugh Davidson family home, photo by R.M.O.C. in 1975
Home of Hugh Davidson family, complete outside layer of stone removed
Home of Hugh Davidson family, demolished

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