Morgan MOLAMPHY (from County Tipperary, Ireland) and Catherine CUMMINGS
East Lot 9, Concession IV, Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

1 Morgan Molamphy (Known as "The Mayor of Tipperary") .. + Catherine Cummings ....... 2 Patrick Molamphy 1815 - 1879 ........... + Julia Keough 1821 - ................ 3 John Murray Molamphy 1842 - 1921 .................... + Margaret Robinson ................ 3 Julia Molamphy 1845 - .................... + Thomas McKnight ................ 3 James Molamphy 1849 - 1914 .................... + Sarah T. Welsh / Walsh ................ 3 Catherine C. Molamphy 1851 - 1935 .................... + Patrick Sullivan ................ 3 Mary Molamphy 1853 - .................... +John Brostow ................ 3 Patrick Molamphy 1855 - 1885 .................... + Mary Grogan ................ 3 Thomas Molamphy 1856 - 1876 ................ 3 Michael Molamphy 1857 - 1884 ................ 3 John Molamphy 1863 - .................... + Katy Cahill ................ 3 Margaret Molamphy 1866 - 1881
Kilby, James son of Kilby, James and Molamphy, Catherine was born on 11/29/1855, Sponsors were Nolan, Thomas & Molamphy, Sarah (From registers of St. Michael's, Huntley) - Kilby could be Kirby or Kiley
October 7, 2001 Postings from the Newsgroup soc.genealogy.ireland: According to MacLysaght in his "Surnames of Ireland", (O) Mullanphy, from the Irish O Maolainbhthe, or O Maolanfadh ( Chief of the storm), has a number of variant spellings beginning with Me - and Mo- as well as Mu. It is seldom met outside north Co. Tipperary. There is absolutely no connection given for the name to have ever been Moloney, which in the Irish Gaelic is O Maoldhomhnaigh, meaning 'Servant of the Church' - a different name entirely. Padraig O Gealgain Please reply only to the Newsgroup, thank you. ================= Original Posting: "allofus" wrote in message news:0cea01c107c3$cecc57c0$df6f3bcb@jones... > I am seaching for information on a Sarah Melampy/Melamphy of Tipperary. Born 1820 - 1824 and was an assisted immigrant to Austalia (Port Phillip Bay, Victoria). The Agricola left Cork in June 1841 and arrived in Port Phillip in October 1841. Sarah married a John Hall in 1847. On the shipping list her occupation was listed as Housemaid, Roman Catholic, she could read and her bounty was 19 pounds. Sarah died in 1888 and her father's occupation was listed as Pig Dealer. > > From the information I have been able to gather so far Melampy / Melamphy / Molomphy was an old name and has probably no longer exists in Ireland. It may have reverted to Moloney. There are Melamphy's in New Zealand and Canada. > > Any assistance or information would be most appreciated. > > Thank you. Jean Jones
June 23, 2002: My Name is Hugh Malamphy.I live in Cumberland, Maryland, USA. My grandfather was Michael Joseph Malamphy. He was from Tipperary. The relatives there spell their name MOLAMPHY. They Live in Coolbaun. We also have relatives in New Zealand and Canada with different spellings of the name. I do not have the information about the family available just now and have to sign off, but if you wish to obtain more information please contact my niece Peggy Larsen She has a vast knowledge of the family history. Hope to hear from you again. Sincerely, Hugh
September 15, 2002: My name is Colleen Molamphy. My father's name was Donald James Molamphy. I know I have family in Balsam Lake, Wisconsin. I need to know my family back ground. Where in Ireland are we from? Who were my grandparents, great grand parents etc. ? What is our family's crest? what is our clans plaid? ... Colleen
May 23, 2003: 1881 Census Place: Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist G Div 2 Page 8 Family 36 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion Julie MALANIPY F W 50 Irish Ireland Catholic Micheal MALANIPY M 21 Irish Ont Farmer Catholic Margret MALANIPY F 18 Irish Ont Catholic John MALANIPY M 16 Irish Ont Catholic __________________________________ 1881 Census Census Place: Ottawa Ward, Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375866 NAC C-13230 Dist 105 SubDist E Div 3 Page 19 Family 94 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion Virginia LAROCQUE F 22 French Ontario Servant Roman Catholic Anne MELAMPHY F W 45 Irish Ireland Roman Catholic James MELAMPHY M 20 Irish Ontario Book Keeper Roman Catholic Agnes MELAMPHY F 16 Irish Ontario Roman Catholic Marg MELAMPHY F 13 Irish Ontario Roman Catholic
August 27, 2003: Collen, HI. My name is Bill Anderson. My mother was Lorraine, your dad's baby sister. Not being sure the outcome of this, I'll keep it short. If you want to know about the Molamphys, contact our cousin Pat (Molamphy/Denver) Kastens. I don't have her e-mail address right here, but I can get it. Every year, for the past five or so, they host a family reunion, which has grown each year, and has attracted family from all over the country. (Cousins John Richard, Uncle Johnny's son, and his wife Virginia have come from the west coast for the past couple of years.) Pat has quite an extensive geneology of the Molamphy history, from Ireland to here, through the U.S. and Canada. Very interesting. If you can't reach her, contact me and I'll forward anything you'd like. In the meanwhile, God bless, and good luck. Bill. 8/23/03
July 12, 2004: Hello, Mr. Lewis, I had given up finding anything else about my family. My great-grandparents were Catherine Molamphy and Patrick Sullivan who were married in 1869 either in Ontario or New York State, and subsequently settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Their second-youngest son, Thomas Rodger Sullivan, was my beloved and dearly missed grandfather. Thank you for entering this family on the internet - now to find where in creation Patrick Sullivan originated... After almost 25 years of searching, I still have NO clue! Pat Collins Denver Colorado _________________________ Pat: There were three unrelated Sullivan families in Osgoode Township from the 1840's onward. One of the families were my ancestors, Nicholas O'Sullivan who came from County Meath. Mike Daley from Osgoode Township has some correspondence with a lady from Pittsburgh who is descended from the Molamphy / Sullivan families from Osgoode. I'll check with him later this week. I know that several members of the Sullivan family went to work in the coal mines or the steel works in the Pittsburgh area in the late 1800's. This was the time of labour problems and strikes. One brother was in management and the other was strong in the union. ... Al
February 9, 2005: Hi AL reading up on your Molamphy manuscript your last entry was from Pat Collins, from Denver Colorado Im wonder if she is same Pat Collins I traded info on the Molamphy family twenty some years ago OF WINDBER, PENNA, [just outside of Pittsburg , if that is her she should be able to help those other people, if not I could on earlier times, ... Michael Daley
September 23, 2013: Hi Al: I've attached the death certificate for Julia Keough Molamphy as well as the death certificate for her granddaughter Julia Anne Sullivan. She was the daughter of Catherine Molamphy and Patrick Sullivan. As you can see Julia was killed by a train, her granddaughter was severely burned when her skirts caught on fire as she was sweeping and died as a result. That is the story that was told to me by the person I was doing research for. ... Karen Bingham
Julia Keough Molamphy - death Julia Anne Sullivan - death

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