Michael McGRATH, son of Peter McGRATH

I came across this site with a multitude of McGrath's listed. Back in the
early 1980's our family attempted to trace our family roots. To my
knowledge,  success was pretty limited. The info suggests that my gg
grandfather, Michael McGrath (I think his middle name is Ambrose) was born
in Ontario (Renfrew?). He was the son of Peter McGrath who apparently came
from Ireland with his parents around 1845 - 50....his father, named Michael,
is supposedly to have died during the trip and was married to a woman name

Well, as you'll be able to discern, I've taken up the interest to find out
my family history.  I'm in the process of collecting all the info that my
aunts and uncles put together and determine what we know, and more
importantly, what we don't.  

If there is any additional info or you can point me in the right direction,
I'd be very appreciative.

Regards from Saskatchewan,

Dion McGrath

Dion: Thanks for your e-mail regarding the McGraths. I've added a new page for your folks at www.bytown.net/mmcgrath.htm There were a few McGrath families here by 1850. Was Ellen the wife of Peter or Michael? I have a couple of Michaels married to Ellens, but so far no Peters. ... Al
Thanks for your reply Al! I've done some scratching around in the National Archives and the Ontario Cemetery listings. It appears that an Ellen Mary McGrath is buried at the Malloch Road, Arnprior Cemetery in Renfrew County, in the Township of McNab. Could this be the woman who came across from Ireland with a Michael and Peter? When browsing through the National Archives of Canada, Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario I came across a number of Michael's and Peter's named McGrath. Based on the limited info that my ancestors lived in the Renfrew district I simply picked out the two who were from the area (I also learned that District's and Counties were altered at various times, thus it requires some double-checking to make certain). According to the 1871 Census, this Michael is 60, and Peter is 53. It may be that Michael married a woman named Mary Kennelly. Is there a cemetery named Mt. St. Patrick? They may be buried there? Dion
Dion: There is indeed a Church and Cemetery at Mt. St. Patrick. Carol Bennett has written a book called "People of St. Patrick's". There are quite a few McGrath and Kennelly families mentioned in the book. The McGraths came from County Limerick in Ireland. If you click on the link below (Bytown or Bust!!), you'll find her e-mail address and her website address for Juniper Books. ... Al
February 16, 2005: I was reading some of your emails on McGrath and I think Ellen Mary McGrath may be a relative of mine. I am just beginning my family tree and here is what I have found from family records. John McGrath married Ellen Mary and they had 8 children. Joseph, Simon, John, Michael, Ellen Mary, Teresa, Catherine and Mary Jane. It appears that they were raised in Arnprior. Mary Jane McGrath married my grandfather Robert Holt (she later died and he married her sister, also called Ellen Mary after her mother). I believe the Ellen Mary McGrath in the Arnprior cemetery is the one that was married to John?? Do you have any information on her? Date of birh, date of death, any other information from her grave stone? Mary Jane is also buried there. Thanks, Judy Hooper
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