A HICKEY family from Tipperary
also HICKEYs (PR) from Mallow, Cork

John HICKEY ML# 229 on the McCabe List
Thomas HICKEY ML# 11 on the McCabe List
William HICKEY ML# 267 on the McCabe List

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

March 29, 2002:

Yes, but I just unsubscribed to Tipperary . Going out of country.  I did quite a lengthy research 
on Thomas who came in 1818 or so.  Thomas left quite a bit of property to John and old land 
records show area on internet.(see also Belden's 1879 Atlas ... Al)  But I need to know what 
happened to William.  He could be brother or cousin to my ggrandmother.  
Can you tell me anything about him?  My e-mail address is ddcrc@aol.com and it will be running 
while I am gone.  My ggrandmother's Wm lived in Augusta - in Leeds / Grenville in 1838 at least 
until 1860.  Before that he probably worked on the Rideau canal.  I have made the USA connection 
but don't know where this family came from. Bruce Elliott's book reports that a relative in 
Clonmel said all the Hickeys had left. 
Thomas (1818) was single and acquired quite a large holding of land.  It turns out that the 
land was in the Glebe, Ottawa's first suburb.  He left property to 
John, a brother I believe and to Johanna and her six kids (Peter Robinson settlement from 
Mallow, Cork) and his sister Mary.  

Please advise with any info you have.  


October 3, 2002:
Note: The Glebe property owned by the Hickey family in 1879 (Belden) was bounded
by what is today Bronson Avenue, the Queensway, the Rideau Canal and Central Park.
Four lots, averaging about 12 acres each were owned by John, Thomas, William and James.
Immediately to the south was the large holding of William F. Powell.
... Al

May 14, 2002: Dear Dee I just read a letter of yours on the INet about Thomas Hickey. I believe I am a relative of yours. I am a descendant of John and Johanna Hickey of Mallow Cork Ireland. John, her son (age 18) and her (at age 32) left cork Ireland on 21 may 1825 on the Star for Quebec. No reference to Johanna's husband or other children. They may have come over on an other boat or just not on the ships list available to my aunt. Please send me all the info you can about this family. I am going to Ireland on Wednesday to see if I can trace any roots in the Mallow region of Cork. I check my email several times a day, even on the road. Thanks William P Hickey Jr.
May 18, 2002: Your comments on Bytown were interesting however I was unable to find Dee's original post. My GG grandfather was a John Hickey who had land in Fitzroy Twp and the information that I have was that he was born in Tipperary abt 1790 1810. Is the John listed in the McCabe list the same son of Johanna from Peter Robinson Settlers? John had a son named Lawrence however I do not know John's wifes name. Also Johanna children included a young boy named Michael and I have been unable to find out anything about him. Do either of you have any information on him especially who he married? My family had 2 Hickey families marry each other in the 1800's and they were supposed to be unrelated and they came from Carleton and Lanark counties. Any information most appreciated. Thanks Brian Pitzel See also another Hickey page and some Hickeys in the Gatineau Valley.
February 8, 2003: I a very much interested in finding out more about this family as I am a descendent of John HICKEY, from Limerick, abt. 1820. Thank you, Linda
March 20, 2003: I am addressing this e-mail to Brian Pitzel esp. because his mother was my first cousin. I too am very interested in our family tree and I have a fair amount of info as well as some quite old family photos. There is going to be a family reunion this summer. Give me a call if you are interested in attending. My grandparents were Michael and Catherine Hickey. The genealogy search becomes a wee bit confusing because Grandma Catherine was a Hickey before marriage as well but was not related to grandpa Michael. Grandma's brother was married to grandpa's sister- thus mom and her cousins were double first cousins. I know quite a few of the descendants of mom's double first cousins and could give you some info that you may not have. Sincerely, Maureen Condon Horon
September 26, 2005: See also John Hickey near Martindale, Quebec.
April 21, 2006: Hi Maureen, I was searching the internet, and came across Bytown or Bust about the Hickey Family, Michael & Catherine Hickey, and that they were your Grandparents, and I believe my Gr. Grandparents. I have been researching my Mother's Family, the Hickey's, and my Grandfather, Otto Patrick Hickey, was the son of Michael James Hickey born Sept. 27, 1851 in Pakenham, Ontario. Michael James Hickey was married to Catherine Hickey, ( a Hickey before marriage) who was born June 19, 1859 in Fitzroy, Ontario. I never knew my Grandfather, and he passed away Dec. 11 1963 and I was always curious about his family ancestry. I started researching my Hickey roots this year, and so found what you had written very interesting, and so I thought I'd write. I don't have alot on my Hickey Roots, but know it can take literally years sometimes to track things down. So, I look forward to hearing back, and anything would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. ... Donna ___________________ Hi Al, That's fine to add my email on your website. a I received so much information, and pictures, etc. from Brian Pitzel who's Grandfather & mine were brothers. He sent me photo's of our Gr. Grandparents, and much more, so you can well imagine how thrilled I was. Regards, Donna
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