William MITCHELL from England and Mary MURPHY from Ireland
to Bytown then, to Osgoode Township

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New June 22, 2015:

This Mitchell family was at Hog's Back at least by 1836 and William Mitchell was likely a worker on the 
Rideau Canal.

Descendants of William Mitchell
	1  	William Mitchell	1805 -
..		+Mary Murphy	1815 -
......	2  	John Mitchell	1834 -
......	2  	William Mitchell	1835 -
......	2  	James Mitchell	1840 -
......	2  	Margaret Mitchell	1842 -
......	2  	Mary Mitchell	1845 -
......	2  	Michael Mitchell	1849 -

Wiliam Mitchell and Mary Murphy are in the 1842 census for Nepean Township at Hog's Back.

Here is an early record of the birth of James at Notre Dame Cathedral in 1838:

3 Jul 1838
Baptism of James, born 8 June last of the marriage of William Mitchell & Mary Murphy
Witnesses: John Gunn & Eliza Gunn, his sister
Source: The Drouin Records at ancestry.ca

The Mitchell family shows up in St. John's Church at Enniskerry, in Osgoode Township in the 1860's. 

The location of their farm at South Gloucester can be seen on the 1863 Putnam Map for South Gloucester.

Joseph Mitchell and Elizabeth Stratford baptize Elizabeth in 1870 at St. John's Church in Enniskerry: Elizabeth Mitchell born 1870, daughter of Joseph Mitchell and Elizabeth Stratford
The sponsors were two Mcbride ladies. Both the McBride and Stratford families are on the 1829 McCabe List. ... Al
June 25, 2015: In the Foran ancestral letters, Patrick Murray discusses renting of property (I think Murray farm Lot 19 Conc 3 Gloucester) to a Joseph Mitchel - letter dated 1877. Foran's were originally on Lot 20 and then Lot 21 ... Mary Quinn _____________________________ Hi Mary: This Joseph Mitchell is in the records of St. Philip's Church in Richmond. Joseph's wife was Margaret SIMON. William Mitchell was here early. He was the lockmaster at Hog's Back from 1831 to 1845, according to Ed Bebee's book "Invisible Army" about the Rideau Canal workers, ISBN 978-0-9696052-4-9. He converted to Catholicism at Notre Dame Cathedral.
July 8, 2015: Thanks to Mary Quinn for the following: Ran across some info in Gloucester records that shows Joseph Mitchell was married to Elizabeth Stratford and they had two children confirmed at South Gloucester Our Lady of the Visitation in 1880, namely John and Margaret. ... Mary
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