Miscellaneous Peter Robinson Settlers
Miscellaneous Peter Robinson Settlers
I am looking for information on the CAREY family that emigrated to 
Canada and settled around Peterborough, Ontario. They may have been part of 
the Peter Robinson settlers who emigrated from Cork in 1825. I have found 
two families who I am searching for information on. The first family is from 
Kilworth, Co. Cork: John Carey (b. abt. 1787), his wife, Mary (nee ???) and 
their children Mary, Patrick, Catherine, Mary and Johanna. Mary Keane's  
(also CAIN) sister, Elizabeth, emigrated with the KEANE family to Canada. 
The other family came from Doniskea, Tipperary: Michael Carew (b. abt. 1781), his 
wife, Ann (nee Hogan) and their children, Bridget, Patrick, Michael, John and 
William. I am interested in information concerning both of these families 
(in Ireland and in Canada) as well as any information regarding other CAREY / 
CAREW families who emigrated to Canada. 
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Sun Jun 25 2000 
By: Loretta loretta_kane@bcts.hnet.bc.ca
I am researching the Brannen family who emigrated to Canada sometime between 1828 and 1837. The family left Ireland with one child, Philip, a baby. I do not know that they definitely came from Cork, but they settled in a part of Canada which was settled by a group called the Robinson Settlers, which went to Ontario, Canada in two groups (1825 and 1828). Many of the Robinson Settlers came from Cork. Does anyone recognize Brannen as a "Cork name"? I would also like to correspond with anyone researching the Robinson Settlers.
Thanks, Jennifer Lusser jlusser@hotmail.com

Posted by Pat on Tue, 08 Feb 2000, in response to Tobin, posted by Bob Tobin on Wed, 01 Dec 1999 Surname: TOBIN My GrGrandmother was a Tobin. They emmigrated to Douro, Ontario from Brigoun, Cork County in 1825. I can trace her family back to John Tobin b.1773 ,married Ellen, b.1775. They had a son John Jr. and several others. I have them listed on the ships The Fortitude and Regulus and were part of the Peter Robinson settlement in Canada. I know my grfather had relatives in Wisconsin, USA, but I am not sure what side of the family they were. Maybe my famiy and your Patrick are relation. If you would like to explore this just let me know.
shayshayy@msn.com (Pat)
I am looking for the parents of Thomas E. STACK, b. 1783, who left Ireland in 1825 from Doneraile, Cork Co. to be settled with wife and 6 children in Petersborough, Ontario, Canada, a government sponsored move. Can anyone help? His wife was Mary HERLIHY whom he married in 1804. Thank you. Howard Warren 1036117.2610@compuserve.com
Daniel O'LEARY and wife Eliza (maiden name unknown) left County Cork, possibly Churchtown, in 1823 with son Samuel. Destination: Almonte or Corkery, Ontario. Samuel was about nine years old. Would appreciate any help in Eire and Canada with further information. Thanks. Maureen O'Leary. moleary@crystalsugar.com
I'm researching two families (HARTNETT and PIGGOTT) that were part of the 1825 Peter Robinson migration from Cork Ireland to Peterborough Ontario (Canada). Both families came from Churchtown Cork, and the ships' registers include "51 Lord Doneraile" and "75 Lord Doneraile" -- any clue what this refers to? Is it a parish name or a reference to leased land? The specific families are John (b 1779) and Catherine Hartnett, and William (b 1779) and Honora Piggott. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Mary Beth Hagen mbhagen@mediaone.net

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- fshan@northernnet.com> on Tue, 08 Sep 1998 Surname: SHANAHAN, SHANNON Seeking info on the SHANNON/SHANAHAN family who left Ireland to Canada and USA first families with Peter Robinson Expedition in 1825 others followed, some to Canada, some to U.S. fshan@northernnet.com Fred Shanahan Shannon, Grand Rapids, MINNESOTA USA

Dear Mr. Lewis,
I just found your site on Peter Robinson's 1823 passenger list. I would appreciate your help with information on these listed passengers: CONNOR, Hugh (Hebe); both John GREEN(s) on the Stakesby and William Green, (Stakesby); George Green(Stakesby); GREGG, Michael and Gregg, William(both Stakesby).
I have found my ggggrandparents who came in 1825 on the Brunswick. I am hoping that these Connors, Greens and Greggs are relatives that I can tie into the families. Any information you can give me on the Stakesby and Hebe passengers above would greatly be appreciated. Thank you in advance for looking at your information for me. Betty Koltz Send E-mail to Betty Koltz
Early Irish Palatine settlers, from County Limerick in 1823 with Peter Robinson.
June 2, 2005:
John McCARTHY and Margaret McCARTHY 1825 Peter Robinson Settlers
Al, I was told by Glenn O'Meara here in Minnesota that you might be able to help me. I am looking for descendants of John McCarthy (48) and Margaret McCarthy (35) who came with the Peter Robinson Expedition in 1825. They came on the Brunswick and were settled in Emily. They came from Kilshanig, Cork, Ireland. There family was Florence (20), Michael (15), Charles (11), James (9), Owen (7) and Margaret (2). My ancestor was Owen McCarty (McCarthy) who settled in St. Anthony, MN, USA in 1849. He married in NY (I have no idea where) and then moved to Michigan (I don't know where) and then to Minnesota. Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated. Carol Tindell ___________________________ Hi Carol: Thanks for your e-mail. Most of the Peter Robinson settlers who came to the Ottawa area and are mentioned on our web site came here in 1823. However, there were many connections between the two groups. Some of the 1825 group's church records are recorded here, mixed in with the 1823 gang. There are a couple of John McCarthys mentioned, from Cork. I think that one was married to a Margaret Kelly and another to a Margaret Callahan. Dou know what your Margaret's maiden name was? I was unable to find any mention of Owen McCarthy, although he and the family are mentioned in Carol Bennett's book, The Peter Robinson Settlers. This book also lists the family of an Owen McCarthy and his wife, Margaret aged 36 who came from Catheragh, County Cork. Do you mind if I add your e-mail to the web site? Someone may have further info for us. Last summer I made a trip to Minnesota. A great number of our pioneers, or their children made their way to your area. It's interesting stuff. While in Minnesota, we set new records at several all-you-can-eat restaurants in the Duluth area. Thanks again, and please let me know if it's OK to add your e-mail to the web site. ... Al Lewis _______________________ Al, I have no idea what Margaret's maiden name was. I have never been able to find anything out about them and whether it is my connection or not. I have never been able to find out my ancestor's parent's names or if he had any brothers or sisters. He always went by the name of McCarty. There was also a James McCarty who lived near him all his life here and is buried in the same cemetery in St. Anthony, MN and belonged to the same Catholic Church. I have never been able to connect them at all though, just suspicions. James McCarty's wife's name was Hanora Kelly and her father's name was Patrick Kelly. My Owen was married in New York but not to an Irish woman. I have never been able to find her family in New York either. Please post the information. Thank you. Carol Tindell E-mail: grvdgrgrny@charter.net

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