Miitary Obituaries from the Bytown Gazette, 1836-39

January 9, 2004:

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Bytown Gazette - Thursday, September 1, 1836
     OBIT - "At Glengarry, on the 7th instant, John McDonald, a native of 
Invernesshire, Scotland, in his 90th year. He was of the last survivors of 
the 500 HIGHLANDERS who emigrated from their native country in the year 
1784, with the late Allan McDonnell, Esq., of Glengarry."

Bytown Gazette - Thursday, December 22, 1836
     OBIT - "At his residence at the Cascades L.C., William Johnson, Esq., 
aged 66 years, son of the late SIR JOHN JOHNSON, KNIGHT & BARONET, CAPTAIN 
in the late REGIMENT of CANADIAN VOLTIGUERS. He has left a widow, two 
daughters and three sons to lament his loss. He was a kind and affectionate 
husband and parent; and a sincere and warm friend. Captain Johnson entered 
the British Army early in life as an Ensign; he served in several Regiments, 
and last in the Distinguished REGIMENT of CANADIAN VOLTIGUERS in which his 
conduct was such, in the late war with the United States (USA), as to merit marks 
of approbation and was at its reduction placed on half-pay of the British 

Bytown Gazette - Thursday, December 29, 1836
     OBIT - "At Castleford, in the Township of Horton, Renfrew County, on Friday the 23rd, 
C. J. Bell, Esq., R.N., in the fortieth year of his age. --- The deceased 
was actively employed and eminently distinguished himself during the late 
war with the United States, in the GUN BOAT SERVICE, where he lost a leg, 
and received the most unequivocal testimonies of his conduct from the 
different officers under whom he served. On the Peace, he retired on his 
Allowance of Lands, where his example as a good subject, an excellent 
neighbour and worthy man will be long remembered by his surviving friends. 
He has left a widow and numerous family."

Bytown Gazette - Thursday, January 19, 1837
     OBIT - "At Melrose, Scotland, CAPTAIN WALTER TAIT, R.N., aged 60. He 
was in the hard fought engagement between the Mars 64 and the French Herenle 
74, when the latter was captured, both Captains were killed. In an attack on 
the French Batteries in Cherbourg Reads, he lost a leg and was invalided. He 
resided some years at his native village of Melrose and is understood TO BE 

Bytown Gazette - Thursday, February 16, 1837
     OBIT - "At Ripley Castle, England, aged 45, Lady Barrie, wife of 
Captain Sir ROBERT BARRIE, Royal Navy, C.B. & K.C.H., and sister of Sir 
William Amcotts, Ingilby, Baronet"

Bytown Gazette - Thursday, April 6, 1837
     OBIT - "On Friday last, at Kingston Mills, Grace, the wife of Mr. 
Thomas Burrows, Clerk of Works, Royal Engineers Department, aged 42 years."

Bytown Gazette - Thursday, March 30, 1837
     OBIT - "At Chambly, P. Marta, Esq., Barrel-Master at that place, 
formerly of the 49TH REGIMENT."

Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, June 28, 1837
     OBIT - "At Edinburgh, on the 8th of May, CAPTAIN R. H. BARCLAY, of the 
Royal Navy, who commanded on Lake Erie, in the engagement with Commodore 

Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, July 19, 1837
     OBIT - "At Hull, L.C., on Wednesday the 12th inst., Nancy, daughter of 
the late CAPTAIN GIDEON OLMSTEAD, wife of J.F. Taylor, Esq., of the same 
place, and on the evening previous, the infant daughter of the said Mrs. 
Taylor ---- leaving a numerous family to deplore their loss."

Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, January 24, 1837
     OBIT - "At the residence of Dr. J. Stewart, Richmond, on the 18th 
ultimo, Mr. Stephen Lett, aged 21 years, eldest son of the late CAPTAIN 

Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, February 28, 1838
     OBIT - "At Port Stanley, in the District of London, Upper Canada, on 
the 25th of January, Charles Ogilvy, Esq., son of the late Daniel Ogilvy 
Esq., of Park Connoa, Montrose, Scotland.
     He was one of the Brave ST. THOMAS VOLUNTEERS CORPS, who boarded the 
deadly armed Piratical Schooner, Ann of Detroit, in the River Detroit, near 
Malden, where he, and other of his comrades went into the river up to their 
necks in the water to scramble up the bulwarks of the schooner. A very 
dangerous enterprise at the inclement season of the year ( the night of 
Tuesday the 9th of January, 1838 ) he there caught a cold from the severe 
attack of which he never recovered.
     Having no relations in this Province, Editors of Newspapers in Canada 
and the United States will confer a kindness to his friends, by inserting 
the above, in the hope that some of his friends, residing and traveling in 
the United States, may see the same."

Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, March 7, 1838
     OBIT - "On Monday morning, at his residence at the Mountain, Lawrence 
Castle, Esq., formerly PAYMASTER of the DEMENRON REGIMENT, and for many 
years past, chief accountant of the Montreal Bank, aged 61."

Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, April 18, 1838
     OBIT - "At his residence, Orchardly, West Oxford, U.C., on Saturday, 
     The premature death of this excellent Officer, and highly respected and 
amiable gentleman, took place from the effects of a bite received from a dog 
and to which he paid no attention in the last instance.
     It will afford much consolation to his numerous friends to learn that 
his sufferings, although severe and protracted, were borne with manly 
fortitude and the most exemplary Christian resignation. His consciousness 
remained to within a short period of his dissolution, and his last moments 
were tranquil and settled by the presence of his afflicted wife and 
surrounding friends.
     His mortal remains were deposited in the Church yard of Woodstock, on 
Tuesday the 3rd instant with Military honors. The 2ND OXFORD MILITIA, under 
COLONEL LIGHT and the rest of the Officers having assembled to pay this last 
tribute of respect to his memory.
     His infant and only son followed the hearse, and the procession, and 
ceremony excited the deepest sympathy and interest to the surrounding 
neighbourhood, who attended on this melancholy occasion. THE STEADINESS AND 

     OBIT - "In Glengarry, on the 25th February last, in the 76th year of 
his age, after a lingering sickness of 6 years, which he bore with Christian 
fortitude and resignation to the Will of a Divine Providence, KENNETH 
MURCHISON, ESQ. He was one of the U. E. Loyalists / UEL who bravely took up arms 
in the defense of King and Country. He was one of the patriotic volunteers 
who was at the taking of Baldston."

Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, July 4, 1838
     OBIT - "At March Township, Upper Canada, aged 61, beloved and lamented, CAPTAIN 
BENJAMIN STREET, R.N., a brave and talented Officer, he was the only 
surviving son of John Street, Esq., of Babington, Cheshire, England, and was 
justly proud of having commenced his Naval Service in LORD HOWE'S glorious 
battle and victory on the 1st of June, 1792."

Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, September 26, 1838
     MARRIAGE - "At Helenville, March Township, U. C., on the 24th September, by the 
Rev. S. S. Strong, CAPTAIN ROBERT STEPHENS, 37TH REGIMENT,  to Helen, relict 
of the late CAPTAIN BENJAMIN STREET, R. N., and the youngest daughter of the 
late James Fogo, Esq.W. S., Edinburgh, and of Killorn, Stirlinshire, New Brunswick"

Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, September 26, 1838
     OBIT - "Suddenly of apoplexy, on Thursday the 20th inst., at Bytown, 
Mary, wife of James McIntosh, Esq., Barrister at Law, and daughter of JOHN 
KEARNS, Esq., late of HER MAJISTY'S 68TH REGIMENT., in the 30th year od her 

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The Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, August 8, 1838
     OBIT - "At Dominica, on the 18th of May, having landed only on the 
preceding day, in a state of great debility, Assistant Commissary General 
WILLIAM A. THOMPSON, in the 52nd year of his age. He was a native of Quebec; 
brother of Assistant Commissary General JAMES THOMPSON, now in charge of 
commissariat duties at Chambly, and twin brother of Mr. JUSTICE THOMPSON, at 

The Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, September 26, 1838
     OBIT - "Suddenly of apoplexy, on Thursday the 20th instant, at Bytown, 
Mary, wife of JAMES McINTOSH, Esq., Barrister at Law, and daughter of JOHN 
KEARNS, Esq., late of her Majesty's 68th REGIMENT, in the 30th year of her 

The Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, November 14, 1838
     OBIT - "At Peterborough, Newcastle District, U.C., on the 29th of 
October, CHEESEMAN MOE, Esq., one of the oldest Lieutenants in the ROYAL 
NAVY. During a residence of eight years in Upper Canada, his talents and 
inflexibility of moral character, secured to him, the esteem of a numerous 
and respectable circle of friends, who will long regret his death and 
respect his memory."

The Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, January 2, 1838 MARR. - "At St. James Church, Toronto, on the 11th ult., by the Honorable and Venerable, the Archdeacon of York, George S. Denison, Jr., second son of Alderman Denison, of the City of Toronto, to Mary Anne, the eldest surviving daughter of LIEUTENANT DEWSON, of the 15TH REGIMENT." The Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, January 16, 1839 OBIT - "At Hawkesbury Mills, Upper Canada, on Monday the 7th of January, GEORGE HAMILTON, ESQ., aged 58 years, after an illness of five weeks, deservedly and universally regretted. His death was occasioned by a cold, caught while attending to his MILITIA DUTIES, as LIEUNTENANT COLONEL of the 1ST PRESCOTT RESERVE, at a distance from his home, in the early part of December. To the object of the foregoing obituary notice, this part of the Country owes a deep debt of gratitude. Mr. H., has been for many years extensively engaged in the Lumber Trade on the Ottawa River, in the prosecution of which he furnished employment and bread to several hundred hands every year. He possessed a sound judgment on every subject connected with his pursuits, and was every ready to supply those who asked it, with his best advice. As a public-spirited country gentleman, he was always foremost in advancing any measure for the benefit of the community. In these respects, his death may be justly considered a public loss, while his memory will be long cherished in the recollection of a numerous circle of acquaintances, to whom his amiable habits and friendly disposition had long endeared him." The Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, January 30, 1839 OBIT - "In Hull, Lower Canada, on the 27th instant, Esther, relict of the late CAPTAIN GIDEON OLMSTEAD, aged 69 years. The Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, July 17, 1839 BIRTH - FIRST REGISTERED QUINTUPLETS "On the 18th of May, the wife of one of the workman of Messers George Kent and Co., of London, presented him with 5 children, three of whom with the mother, are coming on well; the other two, not quite as well." The Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, July 17, 1839 MARR. - "At Belleville on the 1st of July, by Rev. John Cochrane, the Baron of Rottenburgh, LIEUTENANT COLONEL COMMANDING the DISTRICT, to Louisa Mary, eldest daughter of George Neville Ridley, Esq., of Bellevile, formerly of Kimbolton, Huntingdoneshire, England." The Bytown Gazette - Wednesday, July 17, 1839 MARR. - "At St. George's, Hanover Square, HENRY BYNG, Esq., LIEUNTENANT, ROYAL NAVY, son of the HONORABLE CAPTAIN BYNG, and nephew of the late Lord Viscount Torrington, to Mary Anne, only daughter of the late William Webb, Esq., of the Views, Quendon, Essex, a descendent of Archbishop Cranmer."

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