to Carleton County, Ontario, Canada, in the 1800's

September 25, 2001
My family is connected to Kazabazua, Danford Lake, Gatineau, Pontiac county, Alywin and 
Huntley township. My family names include, Milford, Johnson, Keys / Keyes, Lee and 
Have you come across any of these names in your searches? I don't see any of them listed 
on your web site. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Ronald Milford
June 29, 2004: Hi, Do you have any info on John MONTGOMERY b. abt 1810, Mary (TALLENTIRE) Montgomery abt 1814, Samuel MONTGOMERY abt 1829 w. Catherine abt 1832. I think John & Mary where born in Ireland. Samual and Catherine born in Canada. Thanks. Sally ____________________ 1881 Census Place: Huntley, Carleton, Ontario, Canada (near Carp) Source: FHL Film 1375867 NAC C-13231 Dist 108 SubDist G Div 2 Page 34 Family 141 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace John MONTGOMERY M M 57 Irish Ireland Occ: Farmer Jane MONTGOMERY F M 52 Farmer Ireland Religion: C. Presbyterian John MONTGOMERY M 27 Irish Ontario Occ: Farmer Religion: C. Presbyterian Thomas MONTGOMERY M 22 Irish Ontario Occ: Farmer Religion: C. Presbyterian W. Andrew MONTGOMERY M 20 Irish Ontario Religion: C. Presbyterian Hugh MONTGOMERY M 18 Irish Ontario Religion: C. Presbyterian Margret MONTGOMERY F 23 Irish Ontario Religion: C. Presbyterian Mary MONTGOMERY F 15 Irish Ontario Religion: C. Presbyterian
May 11, 2005: Sadly, Ronald Milford passed away on May 3, 2005. He and I never met, but we corresponded by e-mail off and on for almost 4 years. He did a great deal of work on his family tree and his work will be carried on by Erin Hunt. Ron's daughter, Angelique will also be carrying on her dad's work. Condolences to Ron's family and friends. Angelique's E-mail address is Erin's E-mail address is: ... Al __________ Al, You may have received an email to let you know that Ron Milford passed away on Tuesday, May 3rd in Thunder Bay. Several of us cousins have been working with Ron in regard to the family tree. Ron had concerns about his health for sometime and I was one of his cousins with whom he shared what he was doing in regard to family research. It's how I know about the Keyes Family project with you. My husband, mother and I planned to visit with Ron in June. He sent me many of his computer files, including the Keyes Family file, before he passed away and I promised him that I would take care of the information and make it available to family members. It's the file you reference. Ron didn't want his files to be lost, hoarded or require a fee to obtain them. I have been actively researching the Milford and Keyes family lines as well and I would be grateful if you would add my email address to the file, so that I would be aware of responses from anyone in regard to the Keyes Family. (more) ... Erin
January 28, 2011: Hello all, Thank you for opening and reading this email from a complete stranger, I do appreciate the time you are taking. My name is Jack Simpson, Jr, and I am the Great-Grandson of Ann Milford, born April 1st, 1871, in Huntley Township, Carleton County, Ontario. At some point, Ann, or Anny, appears to have moved east of Ottawa to Hawkesbury, Prescott Co., where she married my Great-Grandfather William Simpson. Their youngest son was named George Milford Simpson, b. Oct 23rd, 1898, in Hawkesbury, and he is my Grandfather. 'Milford' in my GF's name is not part of a combined last name, it is his middle name, but obviously taken from his mother's maiden name. The family is listed in the 1901 Census under the Head of Household: Williame Simpson. Ann Milford is the spouse, listed as Anny. I assume the name William is misspelled with an 'e' at the end because there may have been a francophone census taker. (in French, William = Guillaume ... Al) Ann Milford appears as a child in the 1881 Census, aged 10, with the following siblings: Samuel Milford, 23; Thomas Milford, 21; James Milford, 19; Robert Milford, 16; Eliza Milford, 14; and John Milford, 12. Again, Ann was the baby at 10 years old in 1881. The Head of Household in the 1881 Census is Jane Milford, Widow, aged 45, Huntley, Carleton Co. She is also in the 1871 Census, aged 36, widowed, Huntley Twp, Carleton Co. I believe Jane was born Jane Montgomery, circa 1835, in Ireland, and was the daughter of Thomas and Margaret Montgomery. I believe this based only on the 1861 Census of Huntley Twp, but it is unconfirmed. I believe Jane married Robert Milford, Sr, who must have died young, who was a son of Samuel and Sally Milford, all born in Ireland, and this based on the 1851 Census of Huntley Twp. Again, this is unconfirmed, but there were very few Milford's in Ontario at the time, and all in that area. I assume at least some of you are direct descendents of Ann's siblings, is this the case?? My father, Jack Simpson, Sr, is 71 and still alive, but I doubt he has living Milford or Montgomery cousins. My father is the youngest child of George Simpson, who was the youngest child of Ann (Milford) Simpson, who was the youngest child of Robert Milford / Jane Montgomery. If Dad has any living cousins, they would have to be in their late eighties or even well into their nineties. If there are living Grandchildren of the above Milford siblings or the equivalent generation of Montgomery's, I would be delighted to know... as my father would be a cousin. Similarly, I am certain that any second cousins I might have would be in their sixties or seventies. I would have second-cousins-once-removed perhaps in their forties or fifties. Again, I am a Great Grandson of Ann Milford. I would love to hear from you, and would be very proud to hear from you. My father knew almost NOTHING about his Ontario roots, and I have thoroughly enjoyed telling him so much already through my very basic research to date. He simply had no idea about the Milford's or Montgomery's, or of the very significant Irish influence. As well as saying Hello, I am sure some of you could corroborate information regarding the Milford's and Montgomery's, and perhaps let me know where from Ireland they came, and perhaps when they came. With sincere gratitude, ... Jack Simpson ______________________________________________ Thanks to Erin for the following reply: Hi Everyone, Thanks for forwarding the email, Diane! Jack, your research fits into the Samuel and Sarah (Sally) Milford family. I'm a direct descendant of George, their youngest son, and his first wife Mary Jane Johnson (possibly Johnston). Samuel and Sally arrived in Canada in July 1819 according to the ship's manifest of passengers aboard the Malsham, a steam ship, whose general route was between Quebec City and Montreal. As shown on the 1852 Census of Canada for Huntley Township in Ontario, their son Robert, who married Jane Montgomery, was born in "Upper Canada" in about 1825/1826. Samuel and Sally came to Canada with two children who were born in Ireland. One child was Jane and the other child's name has not been confirmed as yet. Samuel's and Sally's family eventually settled in Huntley Township after being in March Township. Annie, I believe, is Robert and Jane Montgomery Milford's daughter Mary Ann Milford, who is listed as 1 year of age on the 1871 Census of Canada, Huntley (g), Division 01, Carleton County (78), Ontario, Canada. The estimated birth year is 1870. Her just older brother John is listed as 2 years of age on the census, indicating he was born about 1869. With Robert's death being in 1869, the estimated birth years for the two youngest children are in question. I have found a birth date with the year of 1870 for John, however, I also came across another year of 1868 as his birth year. I have found problems with birth years for children born before 1869 and occasionally after that year, because they were not registered with the government and some births were registered many years after the event took place. Mary Ann was the youngest of the seven known children of Robert and Jane. I have not as yet learned of a Church of Scotland or Presbyterian parish record of their births. The 1871 Census of Canada shows the following family members: Jane Milford 36 Samuel Milford 14 Thomas Milford 11 James Milford 10 Robert Milford 6 John Milford 2 Elisa (sic) Jane Milford 4 Mary Ann Milford 1 The 1891 Census of Canada, Hawkesbury Village, Prescott (111), Ontario, Canada shows the following members of Jane's family: Jane Milford 57 James Milford 28 Robert Milford 24 John Milford 21 Annie Milford 19 ... Erin ________________________________ Back o Jack: Greetings from Nova Scotia and Hello to all, Dear Diane, Erin, and Diane, much appreciation for your responses to my email. I definitely learned a few things, and am grateful. I suspected Robert Milford died young and tragically, thus leaving Jane (Montgomery) Milford a young widow, and your attached death record for Robert certainly confirms that. Very sad. I also never knew Sally Milford made her way to the USA with one of her children, Henry. And I was fascinated to learn of the steamer journey to Montreal in 1819, and to learn of a second Irish born (un-named) sibling to go with Jane. The information on the homesteading and the March Twp was also new to me. I was a history major in university, and always like to put names and dates into the context of their times, and give meaning to such things as immigration dates and so forth. Such events as potato famines, Loyalist movements, the expulsion of the Acadians, etc, make the dabbling in genealogy just that much more interesting and meaningful. It is also profound to consider who carved out new frontiers as pioneers to new tracts of land and so forth. I have had much luck with my mother's Nova Scotia roots, but considerably less success with my father's Ontario roots, and again, I am very grateful for your emails. The 1871 and 1891 Census reports cited below are known to me, and perfectly consistent with Annie Milford meeting my Great Grandfather William Simpson in Hawkesbury, ON. 'Simpson's' seem to be like flies in Ontario, but I am fairly certain that mine came to the Hawkesbury area in the early 1800s and were lumbermen, sawyers, and filers. Vankleek Hill, William's father's birthplace just south of Hawkesbury, sprouted as a Loyalist (UEL) town in the early 1800s... so their route to Upper Canada could have been through the United States, though I am not certain. They are of a Scottish / Presbyterian line and may simply have immigrated from Scotland or the north of England. Anyway, poor Annie Milford married William Simpson on June 17th, 1891, and shows up in the 1901 Census as Anny Simpson, born April 1st, 1871, wife of William Simpson, with four boys. George, my Grandfather, being the youngest. So I think we have the same gal. I thought I would tell you what I know of Annie. I just spoke with my father to confirm what I have heard over the years, and he described Annie, or Gram to him, as: "Tall, stately, elegant, very kind, and of great presence. When she came into a room, everybody was aware of it." I know my father adored his 'Gram'... Annie. And my father is not inclined to speak kindly of a person as a matter of idleness, for he has hardly ever spoken kindly of his own father George. My father did not know his Grandfather William, as he likely passed before my father was born, and never met his maternal Grandparents either, so Annie Milford was his only known Grandparent. Again, he adored her, and loved her very much. He has a funny story of driving through the night to get to his parents where his Gram also lived, and coming in at 3:00 a.m. to Gram lying on the couch with her arms crossed on her chest. As she was elderly, he feared she may have passed away given her posture. He whispered into her ear, shook her gently, and finally brought his cheek to her nose and mouth to feel for a breath. After moments of seeming not to breathe... and Dad fearing the worst, she gasped a deep breath, grabbed his arm and said "Jack, is that you honey"... and sent him through the roof, himself scared half-to-death. Dad is a very animated story teller, and it is a very funny story when he tells it. He describes his 'Gram' as I would describe my Aunt Bernice, 91, and Aunt Claire, 89, Annie's daughters and my Dad's sisters. They were always so striking to me growing up, tall, beautiful, great presence... stately as my father said of Annie. I know they got it from the Simpson/Milford side, as their mother, my Grandmother, was a compact Acadian woman of the Savoie / Savoy clan. I can also tell you that after Annie's first husband William Simpson passed away, she would eventually re-marry, and that was to a Sanborn, apparently of Maine, USA. I have yet to find out how all that came to be, or when she left Hawkesbury or by what circuitous route. I am also not sure when her second husband Mr. Sanborn passed away, but I am certain that Annie returned to Nova Scotia as a widow to live out her years with her youngest son, George Milford Simpson, my Grandfather, and his family. Annie (Milford) Simpson passed away in 1961, aged 90, in Bedford, Nova Scotia, and as I know first-hand, adored by my father and aunts... her grandchildren and your third-cousins. Bedford is a bedroom community of Halifax, situated at the tip of Bedford Basin, which is the protected portion of Halifax Harbour. Annie is interned with my Grandfather's family in a lovely cemetery in Bedford. If you are interested at all, Annie had four children, all boys... your second-cousins, once-removed (through one of your parents): William Earle Simpson, b. 1892, 15 Nov, known as Earle, who moved to Juniper, New Brunswick, NB, and worked as a sawyer / filer. He married Hilda, and had a son Grayson and a daughter Maxine, your third cousins. Albert Claire Simpson, b. 1895, 22 Feb, known as Claire, who moved to New York City and was a nurse (no known marriage or children); Robert Gerald Simpson, b. 1897, 1 Apr, known as Gerry, who remained in Hawkesbury, ON, married, but had no children; and George Milford Simpson, b. 1898, 23 Oct, known as George, who moved to NB to work in lumber industry as a sawyer / filer, met/married my Grandmother Alma Savoie, moved to Nova Scotia, and had four children... also your third-cousins. Anyway folks, that is it for now. Thank you again, and I hope you found news of Annie to be of some interest. I grew up hearing such wonderful things about her. Regards, and best wishes, Jack Simpson, Jr. Nova Scotia

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