Patrick John CORCORAN and Catherine O'LEARY

Hi Al!

The only Ottawa connection in my family tree is as follows:

Patrick John Corcoran and his wife Catherine O'Leary moved here around
1877.  They were both from the Quebec City area and were married in
Sillery in 1876.

His parents were Cornelius and Julia (O'Malley) who were married in
Quebec City in 1851. I believe they were both from County Tipperary.

Her parents were Dennis and Elizabeth (Connolly) who were married in
Ste-Foy in 1844.  He was from Co. Kerry and she from Co. Monaghan.

Patrick and Catherine had only one surviving child: Henry John who
married Marie Felicité Albert in Ottawa in 1912.  Catherine died in 1883
and Patrick remarried Sarah McCann.

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