Mielke Family
from Germany to the Gatineau Valley, Quebec, Canada, in the 1800's

New March 19, 2012:

Hello, my name is Karen Milks (Mielke) and I am looking at the website, St Matthews Lutheran Church in Mulgrave and Derry.

I noticed the picture of an Albert Clemenhagen (Friedrich Albert Clemenhagen/Kleimenhagen?) My Great Grandmother was Christine (Tenae)
Clemenhagen who was married to my Great Grandfather Paul Mielke(Milkey/Milke). It is also my understanding that Paul Mielke's 1st 
wife was Christine's sister Martha Clemenhagen who is buried at the Mulgrave and Derry Baptist Cemetery.

I would be very interested in getting a copy of  the Book: "Olden Days" A History of German Settlement in the Township of Mulgrave-
Derry or any information about the family history.

I am hoping 1 of you would be able to help me out.

Your help would be very much appreciated.
Karen Milks-Griffin

Hello, Karen:
I have a copy of the book here. Itís very good and has a lot of family histories and great pictures.

I bought my copy second-hand through www.abebooks.com and I notice that The Book Bazaar in Ottawa has one copy left, 
in VG condition. (Note: Karen has since bought this book!)

I have bought a lot of books through abebooks.com and have never had a problem ordering from them over the Internet.

See www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?tn=Olden+Days&an=Alice+Biehler+Burich&y=20&x=106

Attached is a tree showing some Meilkes. There are likely other occurrences of the family in the book.

Karl Mielke / Carlena Baerwald Family Tree
Other family names listed in the above attachment are: Baerwald, Bennett, Berndt, Biehler, Brown, Brumm, Clarkson, Clemenhagen, Cochrane, Cullen, French, Gimm, Grandmaison, Green, Lamb, Leoffler, Miller, Papke, Rampling and Reid I have come across the surname Miekle quite often and would like to start a new web page for them on our site, based on the attached tree and your e-mail. Would this be OK with you? Please let me know. Some are buried in the Lutheran Cemetery; some are buried in the Baptist Cemetery. Thanks again, ... Al Lewis
That is fantastic! I have already ordered the book through the website attached. Absolutely, you can use the information that I have provided to you regarding the Mielke(Milke, Milkey) family. The actual spelling is Mielke although there seems to be errors on the Census'. I do have some information regarding that part of the family tree and would be more than happy to share it. Hopefully, all the information is correct. One thing I did notice is that the Pinecrest Cemetery (where my grandfather Lionel Carl Milks and my grandmother Minerva Elaine Milks (Webb-from Pennsylvania, US and then Thurso, Quebec) are buried, is actually here in Ottawa off of Baseline Road in the West end. I have been to the Mulgrave-et Derry area and especially look forward to driving up there again this year when the weather is better. Regards, Karen Milks-Griffin

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