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February 25, 2011:

I am a genealogist from New Jersey who is researching my family tree.  My wife's Great Great Grandfather and 
Grandmother are listed as having been born in Germany ... moved to Blanche, Quebec (where they has a large 
number of children) and died in Mayo, Quebec.
I am looking to find out if you would have any information on where they may be buried.  Her great great 
grandfather was named John Middlestate (or a derivation) and he died on 26 Oct 1919 (he was of the Catholic faith).  
Her great great Grandmother was Anatasia (Appolonia) Von Arndt Middlestate and she died between 1890 and 1900.
Any assistance you would be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.
Steven A Brown

Good morning, Mr. Brown:
Thanks for your e-mail regarding your wife’s ancestors who died in Mayo, Quebec.
Mayo and its immediate neighbourhood was mainly settled by Irish Catholic famine immigrants beginning about 1847. Most of them 
came from County Mayo, Ireland. These folks arrived in great numbers at Quebec City where the Roman Catholic priests led 
these people to various new areas of settlement in Ontario and Quebec.
There is a Catholic Church in the village of Mayo, so it is likely that your wife’s ancestors are buried there. 
See . 

The records for the Mayo Quebec church should be in the DROUIN records stored at 
The township is called Mulgrave – Derry. The nearest town is Buckingham, Quebec, another possible burial location, 
whose records should be also recorded in the Drouin records.
You should be able to find this family in the 1901 and 1911 Census of the Province of Quebec, Canada. 
Check at, for both Middlestate and Von Arndt.
Now, here’s another possibility: Since these folks were from Germany, originally, they likely settled at the German settlement, 
not far from Mayo, Quebec. These people from Germany were strong Lutherans, for the most part.
In the 1800’s, the German people asked the owner of a large lumbering company, who ruled over the area as a 
sort of feudal lord, if he would give them a few acres to build a Lutheran Church. He declined, saying that 
there were already Catholic and Protestant Churches in the area. The Germans then built their own church, 
on land donated by a local German family.
I have a couple of local history books regarding the German settlement at Mulgrave-Derry and will let you know 
if your surnames are mentioned there, if I find them. 
Also, if you send along a little more information about the family, especially in the 1800’s, I’d be glad to set up a new web page for this family.
... Al Lewis

Thank you so much for your information.  John Middlestate's death record is in the Drouin collection and 
he is listed as a Catholic.  His father's name is also omitted from the record (see below).

Death of John Middlestedt in 1919
Their daughter, moved down to Brockville in Ontario and married an Irish immigrant who later migrated to the US. Bill Nolan (The name is spelt with a W and an O - Nowlon) married Ida May Middlestate and she moved to NY with him. When he died, she relocated with her daughter to Memphis, TN, Tennessee, USA where she died in 1964. You are welcome to start a new web page for the family. Steve
Source, below: Olden Days: A History of German Settlement in the Township of Mulgrave-Derry, Quebec, 1850-1890 John Middlestedt and family, Mulgrave-Derry, Quebec
The above book also contains some obituaries for the Middlestedt family.
New February 26, 2011: Thanks to Steven Brown for the following photos: Ida May Middlestedt Nowlon William James Nowlon William Harold Nowlon 1877-1964 1873-1941 1908-1981 Ida May Middlestedt Nowlon William James Nowlon William Harold Nowlon

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