Michael WALSH and Mary (or Bridget) WALSH,
also Thomas WALSH and Mary WALSH
Fitzroy and Onslow area

November 21, 2001
Michael Walsh married Bridget Flannery, possibly in County Mayo, Ireland in 1841. They came
to Canada c. 1845 with two children and settled near Quyon, Pontiac County, Quebec. Their primary parish was St. 
Mary's? at Quyon, but there are some records for them at St. Michael's in Corkery and 
possibly at St. Michaels in Fitzroy Harbour.

The first two children, born in Ireland, were James (1843) and Bridget (1844).
The following were born in Canada: Maria (1847) Ellen (1849) Annie (1851) John (1853)
and Hannah (1858). They lived on Lot 5, Range 2, Onslow which they had purchased from 
Ruggles Wright, son of Philemon Wright.
Michael died in 1900, age 86. Mary died 1877, aged 60. Both buried at Quyon.

Source: Mrs. Sue Page
Campbell River, B.C.

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January 12, 2002 Do you have any information about Catherine Walsh ?. She is my great grandmother as she married Joseph Lafrance in Fitzroy Harbor in a catholic ceremony on 12th august 1852. Her mother is listed as Mary Walsh and her father as Thomas ? Walsh on the marriage contract. I would like to trace her family. She lived and died in Davidson, (Fort Coulonge), Pontiac County after her marriage. Thank you for your interest. My name is Romeo Lafrance and my e-mail address is : rlafrance@vipxlnet.com ============ Romeo: I'm putting your info regarding Thomas Walsh and Mary Walsh on this page with Michael Walsh and Bridget Flannery as I think they are probably related. Here's a marriage record from St. Michael's at Corkery in Huntley Township: McDermott, Michael son of McDermott, Michael and McCarthy, Margaret of County Galway married on 8/23/1846 Witnesses: Walsh, Mary daughter of Walsh Thomas & Walsh, Mary of County MAYO / residing at the Chats Falls (Fitzroy Harbour) at St. Michael's RC Church in Huntley Township There are a lot of co-incidences. Both of these Walsh families came to the Fitzroy / Quyon area from County Mayo, Ireland. Also, and this may be a long shot, but Mitchell LaFrance (is he related to you?) has some info on a Bridget Walsh who married James O'Brien and lived in Osgoode Township. Do you know anything about these folks? I may be related to them. ... Al Here's another Walsh connection (Osgoode Township): Michael Walsh b. 1809 lived with the family of James Burns and Elizabeth Walsh, Con 3, Lot 11, Osgoode. Across the road were James O'Brien and Bridget Walsh. Michael was probably Elizabeth's brother (and Bridget's ?). He is buried at St. John's, Enniskerry, #86. In 1861 census, he's living with Sylvester Doyle's family. Any further info you have on your Thomas and Mary Walsh (children, etc.) would be appreciated. Later today I'll try and add some more records for the Walsh families in the Fitzroy area to this page. ... Al Lewis
January 12, 2002, From Mitchell LaFrance: Well Al, at least I see you are working at the slightly more civilized time of 7:56 am rather than (what was it 6:15 am last time?)..... Unfortunately I do not have any information on the origin of Bridget Walsh other than knowing that she must have married James O'Brien in Ireland sometime before 1846 because their first child, John James was born in Ireland in 1846, but their second child, Ellen (my gg-grandmother) was born in Canada in 1849. I have no idea what part of Ireland they were from. Do you know where Catherine and Thomas Walsh lived and where they were possibly married? If the practice in marrying in the females parish applied, I would guess that Catherine/Thomas were probably from Fitzroy Harbour but Joseph was from Pontiac, which is why they settled there. I'm not sure what the parish church was in Fritzroy Harbour, (St. Michael's) but I would suggest going to the family history centre and reviewing the church registers on microfilm to see if any additional information is available, on the chance that Catherine/Thomas perhaps had their children baptized at that church and possibly were also married there. It might be worth a shot. As far as the Lafrance connection goes, I'm not sure about that either since Joseph tended to be part of the given name for all French Canadian males, similar to Marie for French Canadian females. Have you already traced the Lafrance connection? Do you have Joseph's other given names and possibly his parent's names and birth/marriage place? Sorry I cannot help any more. Mitchell Lafrance
NEWER: January 13, 2002 From Romeo Lafrance Thank you for yout interest in my query. Here are the facts that I possess. According to the marriage record of Joseph Lafrance and Catherine Walsh (married by a priest in Fitzroy Harbor on 12th of august 1852.) I do not know the name of the parish and the priest's name is Bernard xxxxxx. Romeo: I believe the parish is St. Michael's ... Al) The father and mother of Catherine are named to be Mary Walsh and Thomas Walsh. Oral tradition says that Catherine was born in Ireland, county of Mayo, possibly at Castlebar.One witness was John McDonald. Joseph Lafrance and Catherine Walsh lived in Davidson, Pontiac county and raised a large family. They both died in Davidson, he on the 15 th of February, 1869, and she on the 26th of July 1925 at the ripe age of 92. They are both buried in LaPasse, Westhmeath Twnship, Renfrew County. I sure would like to know her family pedigree.I do not know when they moved to Davidson (Fort Coulonge) but I do know that Joseph is the first one to have the deed to the farm. Joseph Lafrance , born in 1825 probably but I am not sure yet of the date and the place, was the son of Paul Daragon (Darragon) dit Lafrance. He is named as Joseph in his marriage record and was also known as Joseph. He may have also Alfred as a second name. Paul was born in Ste. Rose, north of Montreal , on the 23 d of May 1787, married to Marie Francoise Israélise Risse on the 2d day of february 1812 in Pointe Claire, Quebec ( ST-Joachim Parish) and he died in Pointe Claire on the 18th of october 1837. On the marriage record of Joseph and Catherine his mother is listed as Francoise Rxxxx. I wonder if it may be possible to locate Catherine and Thomas on the list of passengers on the boats carrying immigrants from Ireland. Would appreciate any info about the Walsh family. I have much more info on the Lafrance Family if you want more. Have a good day. Romeo ==================== January 13, 2002: From Mitchell LaFrance Well... the simple part is the lafrance family. My family is descended from the Pinel / Lafrance line rather than the Daragon / Lafrance line therefore this would definitely be a different family. In terms of the the Irish side, unfortunately nothing rings a bell with me, although I'm curious about the marriage record. The Ottawa area basilica (Notre Dame) identifies Saint Michael as the only Fitroy Harbour Church, and it only started in 1860, but the marriage record is for 1852 therefore I wonder if there was possibly an earlier church not listed or perhaps they lived in Fitzroy Harbour but were married elsewhere. Where did you obtain the information regarding the marriage record, given that you are uncertain of the parish name? There might be additional information in the actual church register (whether it's Fitroy Harbour or possibly elsewhere) therefore it might make sense to try to track down this element. I would suggest you call the current church in Fitzroy Harbour and inquire about dates and possible other churches. It's possible there could have been an earlier church or mission and the current church has their records. I have also found examples in my own family (i.e. the Irish side) where family members were married at Notre Dame or St. Patrick's in downtown Ottawa even though they were not part of those churches per se, but they happened to be central churches that were around in earlier years. Check with the current Fitroy Harbour church and then go from there. The information is at : http://www.basilica.org/parish2.htm Since Catherine only died in 1925, you should check her death certificate because after about 1895 they typically recorded the parent's names and the birth place of the person. The Mormon family history centre on Prince of Wales Drive would have copies of the death certificates through about 1929. There are some that stop earlier than that date but its worth a try. Otherwise, you could obtain it from the Registrar General of Ontario. This is about all I can think of right now. ================= From Al: Hi again Mitchell and Romeo: > > Here's a little more about Fitzroy Harbour. > > The village of Fitzroy Harbour in Fitzroy Township was set up as a fur trading post in 1796. There were people/activity in the village from that > time onwards. By about 1830 the steamboat from Aylmer, P.Q. went as far as > Fitzroy Harbour but couldn't get past the rapids to go further west on the > Ottawa River. Settlers portaged around the rapids and were picked up by > another steamboat to go to the Upper Ottawa Valley, e.g. Renfrew on the > Ontario side, Fort Coulonge on the Quebec side. > > As the timber trade developed, a "horse railway" was built on the Quebec > side of the River - horses pulled carts on a train track to move people > (settlers and shantymen) and goods around the rapids to go upstream. > > The early Catholic people at Fitzroy Harbour, either permanent or just > moving through, often used the church facilities of St. Michael's at Corkery (see photo of church) > in Huntley Township. Also, itinerant priests from both St. Michaels, > Corkery, and Notre Dame, Bytown "overlapped" - there are records from > Fitzroy in both churches. > > I have the records from St. Mikes at Huntley back to 1837, except for the > births from S to Z. It's possible some of the Walsh children are recorded > there, or at Davidson, depending on when they arrived in the Pontiac. In any > case, as Mitchell says, the best bet would be to call the church at Fitzroy. > > Another possibility is the old RC Churches at Quyon which have records of > another (possibly related) Walsh family from County Mayo. St. Mary's is the > current church, but there's an old St. Bridget's Cemetery north of Quyon > which was probably a predesessor. > > Sorry to be so long-winded, but this is also a chance for me to get some > info on the village of Fitzroy Harbour onto the web site. > > I'll let you know if I learn anything more about Catherine Walsh. > > It's interesting that Catherine and Joseph are buried on the Ontario side. > If you go to this page, http://www.bytown.net/brudenell.htm , > you'll find some Walsh and Lafrance names in Renfrew County. > > ... Al _____________________ January 14, 2002 From Romeo I know of two children of Joseph Lafrance and Catherine Walsh that married Handrahan's in Canada, (also spelled Hanrahan) Jane Lafrance married Thomas Handrahan on aug 1st 1888 Margaret Handrahan married Joseph Lafrance on 15 april 1896. Would appreciate info if these are people you are looking for. My name is Romeo Lafrance my e-mail: rlafrance@vipxlnet.com

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