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Source for following paragraph: What is Microhistory? Theory and Practice, by SG Magnússon and IM Szijártó 
(Download remainder of the postscript to this book at https://www.academia.edu/5205155/What_is_Microhistory_Theory_and_Practice)

What is Microhistory? - an excerpt from the book What is Microhistory? Theory and Practice
The study of history using the technique of "Microhistory" is rapidly developing. This web page will be used to give some examples of microhistorical research using our web site "Bytown or Bust". Our web site is called "A Digital History of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, Canada" and contains over 1,700 web pages which can be searched using the dedicated Google search engine on every page. We have lots of machine-readable research material including the histories of many of the towns and villages in the Ottawa and Gatineau Valleys, hundreds of family histories which can be used for migration and settlement studies and for genealogical studies and we have many church registration records for both sides of the Ottawa River in the nineteenth century. This web site is a co-operative resource with many hundreds of contributors. It is free to use and to collaborate with other researchers and this site is updated on a more-or-less daily basis.
Article by Chad Gaffield - Evidence of What? Changing Answers to the Question of Historical Source as Illustrated by Research Using the Census
The above excerpt is from University of Ottawa Professor Chad Gaffield's chapter called Sources, Methods and Interdisciplinarity, in the book Building New Bridges / Bâtir de Nouveaux Ponts, edited by Jeff Keshen and Sylvie Perrier, published by the University of Ottawa Press, 2005, pages 265-274. You can read the complete chapter online at https://www.ruor.uottawa.ca/bitstream/10393/32291/1/Evidence%20of%20What.pdf Other Interesting Papers by Chad Gaffield: "Boom and Bust: The Demography and Economy of the Lower Ottawa Valley in the Nineteenth Century", by Chad Gaffield, Historical Papers / Communications historiques, vol. 17, n° 1, 1982, p. 172-195. "Canadian Families in Cultural Context: Hypotheses from the Mid.Nineteenth Century" by Chad M. Gaffield, Historical Papers / Communications historiques, vol. 14, n‹ 1, 1979, p. 48-70. See also History of the Outaouais, by Chad Gaffield, Institut québecois de recherche sur la culture, Published by Institut québecois de recherche sur la culture, 1997, ISBN 9782892242713 (book is available in English) Other references to historical research in the Ottawa / Outaouais can be found in our bibliography. ... Al

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