Michael FAGAN and Alice HUGHES
County Armagh to South Gloucester
also Charles FAGAN, and James FAGAN
County Wicklow, Ireland, to South Gloucester, Ontario, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

	1  	Michael Fagan	1817 - 1878
..		+Alice Hughes	1820 - 1893  (County Armagh)
.......	2  	Terrence Fagan	1840 - 1897
...........		+Margaret Carraher	1844 - 1912
.......	2  	Mary Fagan	1848 -

Some Descendants of Patrick FAGAN and Susan SMITH
1 Patrick Fagan 1845 - 1909 .. +Susan Smith 1850 - 1933 ....... 2 Terrence Fagan 1883 - 1902 ....... 2 John Fagan 1878 - 1907 ....... 2 Rachel Fagan 1880 - 1908
March 30, 2004: Hello Shirley: Thanks for your e-mail regarding early Fagans from Ireland. The Fagans who came to the Ottawa area in Canada did come from the eastern coast area of Ireland. There seems to have been about a half dozen families who arrived here around 1828. The related surnames are Hughes, Fagan and McGee. Also Casserly, I think. A Charles Fagan came here from Hackettstown, County Wicklow. Another Fagan family came from County Armagh, which is part of the hinterland of the port of Drogheda. I'm not sure if these families came directly from Ireland to Ottawa. The Rideau Canal here was built between 1826 and 1832 and it attracted Irish labourers, many of whom later took up farming in this area. One thing which interests me is the common use of the name Terence among these families. They all used it although it is rare among families who came here from other counties in Ireland. There were Fagans among a group who settled in Saint John, New Brunswick, around 1818. There, the name Terence was also common. The folks who settled in Saint John had been sea-faring and fishing people from County Louth (around Carlingford). They took over the local inshore fishing industry in Saint John - the fleet and the large seaside fish market. (1820's). By the 1850's (I think) these fishing families were settled on farm land inland in New Brunswick. They didn't take well to farming and many of them went back to Saint John. What struck me was the same family names which became concentrated in about a half-dozen block area near the fish market in Saint John are the same family names who concentrated in a small area here, called South Gloucester. And they all continued to name their first sons "Terence". ... Al Lewis Ottawa, Canada
January 31, 2005: Mr. Lewis, I am doing family research on the Fagans from South Gloucester. Michael Fagan and Alice Hughes are my great, great grandparents. I've researched all the records at their Parish....Our Lady of Visitation (now at the Mormon family history centre) I'm curious where you got the information about where they were from in Ireland. My dad says he was told they were from county Armagh but that's all I know. Can you help in any way.....I'd be most appreciative. Laurie Fagan ___________________ Hi Laurie: Thanks for your e-mail. I think that we are probably related somewhere out there. I'm descended from the McGees at South Gloucester who are tied in with the Hughes and Fagans and many other families from South Gloucester. I'm not sure where I got the county of origin for the Fagans. The Hughes and McGees definitely came from County Armagh. I'll try and find exactly where in Armagh they originated. Possibly Keady, where the McGees lived. Before the church at South Gloucester was built, the baptisms, marriages, etc. were carried out at Notre Dame Cathedral downtown. The Fagans, McGees and Hughes all show up at Notre Dame from about 1830 until about 1848 when the records begin from Visitation. These old records name the parish of origin in Ireland for marriages. One of the first Fagans I have is from 1830, I think, and he's from Hackettstown, County Wicklow. He may or may not be one of your Fagans. I'll have to look through the Notre Dame records again to verify that some also came from Armagh. (A good chance!). The McGees and Hughes also signed an 1829 petition to Colonel By, when the canal was being built. On it they list their Irish counties (Armagh) and their parishes in the old country. There are no Fagans on this list, though they may have been here in 1829. Thanks again for this. ... Al Lewis ______________________________ Hi Laurie: Here is a marriage record at Notre Dame in 1847. 15 Apr 1847 After one publication of banns, marriage of John McCartin of Gloucester, son of John McCartin and Bridget Fagan of County Armagh. ________________ Al and Michael, No problem sharing the information it might help solve the mystery. My grandfather was a son of Patrick Fagan and Suzan Smith. Patrick is one of the sons of Michael Fagan and Alice Hughes. My dad says his father told him that Michael came from county Armagh....(no town known). I'm not sure under what circumstances Michael came over....as in was he already married, did he come with other family members and if so what were there names.....did he work on the construction of the Rideau Canal. My dad thought he came over some time between 1828 and 1830. I'm going to the Mormons family centre on Tuesday to dig some more. Cheers. Laurie Fagan ________________ Hi Laurie and Michael: At Notre Dame, one of the early Fagan families is listed as living at Hog's Back. There were many families who lived for a while, after the canal work was finished in 1832, at the lockstations at Hog's Back, Black Rapids and Long Island before taking up farms either in Gloucester/Osgoode or on the Nepean side. One of these days I'll put the names together as many of them were related. The early Notre Dame records show some relationships between the Fagans and Daleys in the 1830's. ... Al
February 1, 2005: Hi AL , Hello Laura Fagan, The Fagan name , Cristopher Fagan married Margaret Nash sister to my mothers grandmother , Elizabeth [ Nash] Herbert, daughter of patrick Nash, and Margaret Blanchfield, their family married into james m, Agnes Daley.[mygrandfather's sister,] PATRICK , M CATHERINE O'Connor,Margaret jane , m.William Watters, Mary Ellen m. Frank O'Leary, Michael, m. Teresa Watters, John Christopher, m. Ann Carrigan, Elizabeth , m .John McEvoy. Steen and Charles ,B0TH DIED YOUNG , of Diptheria. My wife is related to another family., just to mention one, a Jim Fagan if I, recall a Jim Fagan, he married Lizzie Fitzimins daughter of John Fitzimins (Fitzsimmons?) and Margaret Mury / Murry, Murray), this brings the name Fagan into my wifes, family, the Thompson. , there is no tombsone with the Fagan name in St, Brijid cemetery, but I 'm sure the're buried, as that is were the farm on the River Road, I do recall meeting up with those names , THE Fagans also married into the Prescott Road Doyle. A Moses DOYLE Married A Catherine Fagan. Laura ,I would be happy to share info, Michael Daley.
February 4, 2005: HI, Al, Taylor , LAURIE. THANKS FOR THE INFO. FROM THE 1881 CENSUS FOR OSGOODE, Michael Fagan 24 years , his wife , Mary age 19 years.,, Patrick age 34 his wife Susan, age 20,[ ?] family Maryann,age 5 years Michael, age 4 years , John Patrick , 2 years , Alan , under one year . Christopher Fagan age 50 years ,his wife Margaret [ NASH] Age 40 years , ... Michael Daley
February 20, 2005: Thanks to Michael Daley for the following: HI AL GAIL, LAURIE WOW, I'm trying to get this old head ,around the immense amount of information that confronts me, My file on Power. Fagan, you'll find on your ByTown or Bust, under John Power and Catherine Nolan. compiled by Maureen . she visited here in 1989, we traded info, [ I presume you ,Gail, Kelly, have reviewed this file] [she has the big end, me Im like a cows tail Im always behind] some notes on, Gloucester Fagan's, 1881 census, family of Martin age 68 ,and Bridget 60, Fagan, son William 27,Martin 20,Mathew 19,Margret 22, In Our Lady of Visitation Cemetary, Michael Fagan, died June 2,1878 age 61, his wife,Alice Hughs,died March 13,1893, age 73; Terrance Fagan ,died Feb,5 1897,age 57 , his wife Margaret Carraher died Nov 30,1912, age 68, the following appear to be brothers and sisters, Michael Fagan,1877---`1958; Mary Ann Fagan , 1870 ---1920 wife of John Cahill, David Fagan ,1884-1927 , Patrick A, Fagan ,1883--1967, ,Alice Fagan,wife of T,H, Crawford,1881-1967, --------------Ellen Fagen wife of Bernard Rooney died august 18, 1922, age 70 years [ Rooney of South Gloucester] James Fagan,1890--1977,his wife Mary Elizabeth Fitzsimmons, ------Mary Ellen Fagan 1872--1946 Wife of Francis Michael O'Leary--------------- Patrick Fagan, died may 13 ,1909,age 64, his wife Susan Smith,died May 1,1933,age 83, son Terrance died May 19, 1902 age 19,John died Nov, 5 1907,age 29, Rachel died Oct.17 ,1908, age 28 years.--------from 1881 census reads, John Fagan,age 23, his Mother , Alice --- Fagan ,[widow] age 60 years born Ireland, -----note, John Fagan , son of Christopher Fagan and Margaret Nash died in 1947, husband to Anne Carrigan, -------------note ,Jack Fagan,married Anna Carrigan,daughter of John Carrigan, Rose Ann McGuire, Granddaughter of Patrick McGuire ,Mary Ann Nash, POWER The name Powers in Ireland is among the sixty mostly commonly found in the country. It arrived with the Anglo-Normans in the twelfth century as Le Poer, especially into County Waterford where it is still frequently found .------- The 1881 census for Gloucester Township [South] registered, 5, households with the name Power, Thomas Powers,age 45,his wife Mary [McGEE] Powers age 46, son John, age 10, Miney [Mary]age 8 , Patrick age 3,------------ John Powers born ont. age 42. [ son of William Powers and Rachel Ryan,] and Ann born Ont. age 40 [Fagan] Powers,Catherine age 11, Alice age 9, Elizabeth age 7, John age 5, ----------- Mathew Powers ,born Ireland,age 60,years,his wife, Mary----Powers born Ireland,age 60 years,son John, born ontario age 21, Margaret born ontario age 23 years. ------------- Patrick Powers age 64 years, born Ireland, his wife Norah, age 67 years, born Ireland , sons Patrick ,30, John,28,Edward age 26, Martin age 23 and daughter Bridget age 21, born Ontario. Michael Power born Ontario age 35 years Julia Power, born Ontario age 26, [Sister or wife ?] Note, Anastaia Powers, wife of John , P,McEvoy of the Prescott Road, [Enniskerry] was the daughter of Richard Powers , and Bridget Murphy, Some years ago in seach of family history ,I visited Mrs,Michael Quinn, [nee Foran], daughter of William Foran, and Mary Powers.,,she informed me ,Anastaia [ Powers] McEvoy, was a sister to her Grandfather, Thomas Powers , husband to Mary McGee . I know I've come on board late , if you have all of this just Delete, Michael Daley . See also the John Power page. _________________________ also posted on February 20, 2005, from Laurie: Michael, Al and Gail Thanks for the info.....actually Michael Fagan died June of 1876 (I checked his death certificate with the province of Ontario) I was at the Mormom family centre today and discovered that Michael Fagan and Alice Huges eldest son Terrence who died in 1897 is listed as being born in Ireland (if that is true that might explain why I can't find a marriage record for Michael and Alice....because they were born in Ireland) Michael do you have any information about where in Ireland Alice or Michael came from. Or if either of them had brothers or sisters here. I'm presuming if Terrance was born in Ireland in 1841 then they came after that (previously I assumed they came around 1830) Gail do you have any death records for Ann Fagan that might list where she was born. Where is she buried....in the Detroit area. Ann's brother Patrick is my father's grandfather. My dad he remembers a Michael Power coming up to visit in Ottawa in the early 30's from Detroit driving a roadster to visit relatives on the farm in South Gloucester? My dad and grandfather had a business called Fagan Motors in Ottawa and Michael pulled up in his roadster (my dad was really impressed) At the time he would have been about 22 or so years old. Could this be for father? Laurie
November 11, 2005:
Christopher FAGAN, Charles FAGAN
Dear Mr. Daley: Here is the information that I have: Charles Fagan married to Jane Cunningham, they were the parents of Christopher Fagan (born l831) who was married to Margaret Ann or Marguerite Nash. I have no dates on either Charles or Jane, all I know according to my old notes is that they were born in Ireland. I hope you can help me. It was nice talking to you today. Thanks! ... Pat O'Reilly ______________________ Hi Pat O'Reilly, Charles Fagan , his wife Jane , for 30 years , Jane's maiden name, has been scribed as "Cousnieu". "Corcorn", and now you say "Jane Cunningham ", Parents of Christopher Fagan , husband to Margaret Nash, sister to my G,G,Grandmother, Elizabeth [Nash] wife of James Herbert, my notes say Charles Fagan and a brother James are from Co, Wicklow , Ireland, Christopher Fagan , and Margaret Nash had family of 6 boys and 3 girls, [correct me if i'm wrong,] your G, Grandfather, Michael Fagan, married Teresa Watters, born March the 22 1885, Daughter of John and Catherine Watters,at St Patrick Church, Fallowfield June 18 i907, hope this helps, more info ,if needed ... Michael Daley ______________________ Also posted on November 11, 2005: Pat and Michael: Sorry, I'm a bit confused these days because of all the inter-connections among all of our ancestors at South Gloucester. I have continued this material on the Patrick Nash page. ... Al
July 18, 2008: Dear Michael- I got your email address from an email that Al Lewis sent me some time ago. Recently I was looking at the Bytown or Bust website and reading emails regarding Fagans and Daleys from the Ottawa area and noticed one that you sent (Below): Hi Pat O'Reilly, Charles Fagan , his wife Jane , for 30 years , Jane's maiden name, has been scribed as "Cousnieu". "Corcorn", and now you say "Jane Cunningham ", Parents of Christopher Fagan , husband to Margaret Nash, sister to my G,G,Grandmother, Elizabeth [Nash] wife of James Herbert, my notes say Charles Fagan and a brother James are from Co, Wicklow , Ireland, Christopher Fagan , and Margaret Nash had family of 6 boys and 3 girls, [correct me if i'm wrong,] your G, Grandfather, Michael Fagan, married Teresa Watters, born March the 22 1885, Daughter of John and Catherine Watters,at St Patrick Church, Fallowfield June 18 i907, hope this helps, more info ,if needed ... Michael Daley My great, great Grandfather is James Fagan, who married a Mary Daley (alia Doolin/Dooley). Below is their marriage information sent to me by Al Lewis 7 Jan 1834 Bytown (now Ottawa) Marriage of James Fagan from the parish of Hackettstown, County Wicklow and Mary Daley alias Doolin / Dooley of the Township of Osgoode Witnesses: Peter Skeffington, Nicolas Brady & Rose Johnston (nee Hogan) You said in your email that Charles and James were brothers. Do you have any more information on them? James came from Hackettstown, which I understand is where Charles came from too. Anything you could share with me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sara Zimmermann
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