Henry MELLON and (1) Bridget BOLGER and (2) Bridget RONAN
County Tyrone, Ireland to Allumette Island area of Quebec, Canada
ML# 517

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New August 7, 2016:

We are now able to access the McCabe List original documents at ancestry.ca. Here is the URL for Henry Mellon at ancestry.ca:

And here is a partial record for Henry Mellon from the original February 1829 McCabe List: Henry Mellon on the 1829 McCabe List (partial record only)
April 7, 2011: Hi Al, I think it's very possible that the Henry Mellon, b. Ire., who was in Waltham, Pontiac County, Quebec in 1851 (attached) and 1861, and later around Allumette Island, is the man listed as #517 on the McCabe List, from County Tyrone. Henry of Waltham, QC, etc. was married initially to Bridget Bolger, (possibly related to Thomas Bolger) according to a family tree listed with ancestry.ca (which also says he was from Northern Ireland), but later married Bridget Ronan in Allumette Island (attached); at that time he was the widower of Bridget Bulger, the record says. Henry died in Allumette Island. You have a couple of pages in B or B involving this family: http://www.bytown.net/heaney.htm and http://www.bytown.net/lumbering.htm , which has a photo that includes him. I have been looking at the Mellons from Bytown to Kingston the last few days, trying to make some of them mine, who are from Wicklow / Wexford, but all this eastern Ontario group appear to be from Tyrone. Here's the Hugh Mellon who was in the 1st Carleton Militia, and earlier in the 99th regiment: Hugh Mellon age 38 Goulbourn Served in 99th Regiment. From British National Archives: Record Summary Scope and content HUGH MALLON Born AGHALOE [Aghaloo], Tyrone Served in 99th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 32 Covering dates 1804-1818 There's a Hugh Mellon in Kingston in 1871 who could be this man. Anne Burgess
Marriage of Henry Mellon and Bridget Ronan Source: Drouin records at ancestry.ca Marriage of Henry Mellon to Bridget Ronan
Additional names: James Ronan, Margaret Chamberlain I found the marriage of Mary Mellon and Hugh Hany / Heaney in the records of Notre Dame Basilica: ND Ottawa Feb 3 1836 Marriage of Hugh Hany to Mary Mellon Witnesses: Patrick Whalen and Henry Mellon This Heaney couple was living next to Henry Mellon and family in Waltham in 1851 (attached), so I think Mary must have been Henry's sister. (They're 10 years apart in age.) And the fact that Henry was in the Bytown area in 1836 would lend a bit more support to our contention that he's the man on the McCabe List. Anne
April 14, 2011: Just a note that Hugh Haney / Heaney died in Chapeau, Quebec, circa 1852 / 1853 as the month of July 1853 Hugh Haney Jr was born and Mary Mellon widow of Hugh Haney remarried a Belanger, both recorded on the same page. Taylor Kennedy ___________________________ oth Henry and Hugh are ML# 517.
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