John and Honora MEEHAN in Huntley Township
(Peter Robinson Settler) in Huntley Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1823

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

Brennan, Meehan, Doughan (Duggan?)

My Meehan's arrived in Canada with Peter Robinson's Settlers on the Hebe 1823 in Huntley Township, Ontario.
John and Honora travelled with their young daughter Mary and John's brother Michael. 
I do have info on this family if it pertains to yours.

Kelly Brennan - Harrison

Brother of Michael MEEHAN who married Esther MANION.
July 13, 2004: Hi Al Lewis, I saw the tree on "Bytown or Bust" I'm descended as follows: Esther Manion + Michael Meehan son John Meehan + Kitty O'Connell dau. Anna Elizabeth Meehan + John J. Grace son Wilfrid Michael Grace + Muriel Close son Dalton Grace + Phyllis McBurnie (... 2 more generations) I would love any information on this family that you have. Also, I have the "Meehan-Grace-O'Connell-Devine" book by Kathleen M. Meehan (1956) which lists the descendants of John & Kitty Meehan. Did you know that Patrick and John's other siblings were Lawrence, Andrew, Edward, Michael, Esther, Ellen, Margaret & Mary? Look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely, Jill Kennedy
August 7, 2011: Hi Al, please change our email to and Hi Kelly, please note above address change (I'm not sure when you posted your response on the Bytown site), but yes, our Michael travelled with his brother John on the Hebe in 1823 and I would love to know what you have on them. Thanks, Jill Kennedy
October 16, 2016: Allan Great to hear from you. Yes you may use the material. I received an email from Frances a little while ago discussing her ancestors who emigrated from Churchtown, Cork less than thirty miles from Kilcoran. I will forward to you all her email and my replies to her which includes a copy of my family history up to the time my ancestors went from Kilcoran to Castletownroche, County Cork. These will be in several emails. It is possible Ted Meehan has some more info on the links between the Kilcoran Meehans of 1766 and the Peter Robinson emigrant Meehans. All the best Bob Meehan (more to post from Bob Meehan... Al)
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