An Historic Neighbourhood in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

April 24, 2010:

Source for Text, below is page 36 of Michael Dawber's book                                                  Map Source: Showing the road from the mills at "Little Chaudiere"
Where the Heck is Balaheck - Unusual Place Names from Eastern Ontario                                       Belden's 1879 Atlas of Carleton County
Mechanicsville, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada               Mechanicsville, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1879 Map

Map Source, below: Topographic Map of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Scale 1:50,000 produced by the Surveys and Mapping Branch of the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, 1984. This map shows the location of the Little Chaudiere Rapids. Mechanicsville, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Topographic Map
Also shown on the map are the Champlain Bridge which crosses from Ontario to Quebec via Bate Island. The federal government complex at Tunney's Pasture is at the bottom of the map, where the fold occurs. The main occupiers of this land are Health Canada and Statistics Canada. The Lebreton Flats houses have all been razed by 1984. Also on the map is the Lemieux Island Filtration Station. Mechanicsville grew in population during the period of industrialization and urbanization in the late 1800's. Thousands of young familiy members left the farms in the Ottawa and Gatineau Valleys to work in the mills and in downtown Ottawa. My grandparents moved from their farm in Osgoode Township and settled in Mechanicsville. Many of their new neighbours in Mechanicsville and Lebreton Flats had also been neighbours on the farm. ... Al
New April 28, 2010: Thanks to Allen Craig for sending along this earlier topographic map of the Mechanicsville area: Hi Al, Very interesting page on Mechanicsville. I have a earlier topographical map - the 1935 revision of the 1923 original, 1" = 1mi. If you'd like I can do a scan of roughly the same area as the 1984 map you have. The comparison between the two is interesting -- no parkway, Tunneys pasture is still just that, there is a sawmill between the road to the filtration plant and the railway. Roughly speaking, the whole map covers the area Stittsville to Manotick Station to East Templeton to Breckenridge Station to Stittsville, I'd be glad to scan any sections you might want. The source info is as follows: Sheet 31 G 5 ; scale 1 mile to 1" or 1:63,360. Surveyed by Geographical Section G. S., original survey 1923. Revised 1935. Published by the Geographical Section, General Staff, Department of National Defense. Reprinted 1940 Regards, Al Craig
Mechanicsville, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Topographic Map

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