Peter McVEIGH, also the surname McCALLUM
early settlers in the Ottawa, Canada area

April 22, 2003:
Hi there;
I would like to add my ancestor to your list of Irish that came to the Ottawa valley.  
Peter McVeigh came sometime in the 1820s and worked on the Pinhey Estate.  According 
to his son, John, they were from a little township just outside of Kilkeel, Ireland.  In 1842 
Peter purchased land near Vars and the next three generations were born there, one of 
which was my Father.  (The family also owned land in Goulbourn Township at one time). 
I was hoping to find out what ship Peter came over on and of course  a little more about what he 
did when he first arrived - i.e. worked immediately for H. Pinhey or was he somewhere else 
for a while.  
Thanks for your kind attention.
Gail Hildebrandt

New June 26, 2008: Hi My great great grandfather Peter McVeigh came to the Ottawa area ca. 1826. He worked on the Pinhey Estate and finally bought land in Goulbourn Township. He came from Ireland and later he and his wife Elizabeth bought land in Vars. Here is where the McVeighs lived until the early 1900's when many of the family were moving west. Thomas McVeigh, son of Peter, with his family eventually lived in Bytown. Another son, John McVeigh had 13 children, one of which was my grandfather, William. William married Annie Poole from Wakefield, Quebec. I have a lot of information on this family, if there is anyone wanting more. We have alot on the McCallum family as well. The McCallums have been in the Cumberland area for a long time. Our families were joined when John McVeigh (son of Peter) married Isabella McCallum (daughter of Archibald McCallum and Mary Cameron.) ... Gail McVeigh Hildebrandt _________________________ There was a Felix McVeigh in this area before 1829. He came from County Tyrone in Ireland and is listed on the 1829 McCabe List (Felix McVea, ML# 179). I think that he settled in or close to the village of Metcalfe (now part of the city of Ottawa), not far from Vars. Your Peter and this Felix McVeigh may have been related. I have also come across the McVeigh / McVEY and Poole surnames in Goulbourn. There is a Poole Creek which runs through the village of Stittsville in Goulbourn Township. I see that there is a Duncan McCallum also working on the Pinhey Estate -- perhaps related to your Archibald McCallum, all good Scots names. ... Al

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