Clerk of Works on the Rideau Canal

April 27, 2005:

Hi Al
I'm also researching John McTaggart who worked under Colonel By as a surveyor for 
the Rideau Canal.
Would any of your readers happen to know a) the year he was born  b) where he 
lived when he was in Bytown / Ottawa and c) what year he died in and d) where he died 
(Ottawa or England?)
Thanks once again
Karen Prytula

McTaggart Street in Lowertown was named after John McTaggart.
He also wrote a book called "Three Years in Canada" and which is listed at our bibliography.
The Taggart Street Station in old Lowertown was the first railway station
in Ottawa's downtown core. It was the northern terminus for the Bytown and Prescott Railway which was completed in 1854.
On this web site, McTaggart may also be spelled MacTaggart as well.

... Al
April 28, 2005: Hi Al Something else I would like to ask your readers.... I am looking for an early Bytown/Ottawa map that would show MacTaggart Street. I believe the street was in the vicinity of Sussex and Dalhousie. I have read that the area of town where MacTaggart was, was inhabited by squatters and the like, and a more cleaner ( for lack of a better word) area was wanted because this area was going to lead to the PM's house, and dignataries would be travelling this particular route. So, the area was razed. Do you or your readers have a link to an early map that would show MacTaggart Street? Thank you Karen Prytula ________________________ Karen: McTaggart Street is shown on a map on page 10 of Belden's 1879 Atlas. It was located in the part of lowertown that was razed to provide a prettier view for persons travelling to the Governor General's residence. The Bytown and Prescott Railway (1854) came up through Gloucester Township on the east side of the Rideau River and crossed the river just north of Porter's Island and headed west to Sussex Street. The railway followed McTaggart Street and was one block north of present day Botelier Street. Today, McTaggart Street has been replaced by the traffic interchange at the end of King Edward Street. ... Al

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