also Robert LEISHMAN

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

November 15, 2005:
Your data about Bytown or Bust is most interesting. I am tracing the Robert Leishman 
family who settled in Nepean Township by the 1842 census. Robert emigrated to Canada 
in 1815  from Scotland (exact place of birth is not known) and married Helen / Ellen 
Miller (from Fife) in Nova Scotia in 1818. Their children were born in various places: 
Halifax, Boston, NY, USA, and Ottawa! The family eventually ended up in Ramsay Township, 
Lanark County, Ontario, Canada. 

Daughter Catherine Leishman married James McQuarrie, son of Neil. 

Neil McQuarrie and Flora McFarlane were Scottish Emigrant Society pioneers in
Ramsay Township. They are buried in the Auld Kirk Cemetery at Almonte, Ontario.

November 16, 2005: Dear Mr. Lewis, Thanks for adding the new information re the above to the "Bytown" site, along with the Leishman connection. I never did find out where Robert Tinkerton Leishman Senior and his wife, Ellen, were buried. The last record I have of Ellen is on the 1871 census where she is enumerated with her son, Alexander Leishman, in Ramsay Twp. In 1861 she was enumerated in Morris Township, in Huron County, ON with son-in-law James McQuarrie, daughter Catherine and grandchildren. She was a widow by then, so husband Robert had died sometime before that. ... Linda Lowery
New November 10, 2011: My name is Gordon Leishman McQuarrie my email is I live in British Columbia. My father, who died in 1930, was James Leishman McQuarrie and my brother was Lachlan James McQuarrie. He married my mother Shirley A Hilbert I do not know where. My grandfather I am told was Neil McQuarrie. Do you have any more information ? Thank you. ... Gordon Mcquarrie ___________________________ Dear Al, Thank you for your message and the one from Gordon Leishman McQuarrie. Luckily it reached me as Mountain Cable is now owned by Shaw and hence our email addresses are all changed. (Linda: I updated it in the list below ... Al) By coincidence some of us are working on the Leishman family right now, so that was good timing. I will answer Gordon Leishman McQuarrie and tell him that this past August I just delivered the McQuarrie family binders to my cousin Gerald Morton, who lives in Victoria, BC. Perhaps they will be able to meet. Sincerely, Linda Lowrey
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