Scotland to Gloucester Township

July 17, 2007:

Hi Al,
I am just beginning work on the last of my paternal gg grandparents named above. 
Donald Mclaughlin (McLachlin, McLauglan) born in Scotland 1820 settled on and farmed 
L 23 C I O.F., Gloucester sometime after emmigrating to Canada in 1852 until 
shortly before his death in 1910. The 1852 arrival  makes him a relative latecomer 
amoung my gg grandparents.
Jeanette (Janet) Lochead was also born in Scotland about 1820 but I do not know when 
she arrived in Canada or if they were married before or after  arrival. I believe 
there were Locheads in Gloucester Twp in the 1860's and later.
They had 3 daughters Agnes born abt 1857, Margaret born 1859, and Jane (Jean) born 1863.
Margaret married James M. Sorley and was my ggrandmother. Jane married Joseph 
Wellington McNabb (McNABB Park?) who was an Ottawa city councillor in the 1920s.
Agnes remains something of a mystery. I know she was a school teacher for some time 
after 1881 and it appears from the land registry records 
that she married an unknown Bell sometime before 1910 but the only Agnes Bells I can 
find in the 1911 census don't seem to be fits.
Hopefully the above is enough for someone to make a connection
Al Craig
New July 23, 2007: Hi Al Craig; I did find a death registration on-line at which does give a huge number of clues re Agnes. Died 16 August, 1896 in Carleton county, Ont at age 7 from blood poisoning, child of W. B. Bell, Donald McLauchlan Bell, born Winnipeg, Manitoba. Informant was James Sorley. I checked the 1901, 1906 and 1911 Manitoba censuses and the only Agnes Bell I could find remotely close to Agnes McLauchlan's age was married to a Robert Bell. In all the censuses, this Agnes says she was born in Ontario (age varies at times) and husband born in either Ontario or Scotland. All their children, starting in August 1881, were born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I wonder if Agnes didn't die in Winnipeg sometime during or after son Donald McLauchan Bell's birth in abt 1889? It might be worth seeing if you can find a birth certificate for this son in Winnipeg and see if there is a death registration for Agnes between 1888 and 1896. On the 1884 marriage registration of James Sorley to Margaret, Margaret's mother's name is entered as Loughead, so I guess the spelling also varies like McLauglan, as Loch or Lough. Hope this helps, Sue ________________________ Hi Al, Its interesting that you would wonder if McNabb Park was named for J W McNabb. The same thought occurred to me; I'll try to find out. Thanks to Sue, I was able to find a birth record for Donald McLaughlan Bell , born Feb. 28, 1889 at Winnipeg, and a sister Janet Marjorie Bell born Mar. 26, 1891 also in Winnipeg using the Vitals search at . This Manitoba gov't site provides an index to BMD's in the province from 1880. It also provides a means of ordering the complete record online ( for a fee). The index includes some parental information on birth records -- usually the mothers given and maiden names (but seldom the fathers given name) as well as full date and location of birth and registration. As you might expect earlier records are far less complete than more recent ones and previous experience has shown me that the original document seldom contains much more information than the index. Marriage and Death records show the same variability. Donald McLauchlan Bell is buried at Beechwood. I was also able to find one W. B. Bell with a wife Agnes on the 1881 census. They were in Winnipeg which would seem to fit, but that Agnes was 10 years older than my Agnes Mclaughlin who appears in the 1881 census as living in Gloucester in her fathers home working as a school teacher. In the 1882 and 1883 Ottawa Directories, she is listed as a teacher at By Ward Primary School. As you know this means she would be unmarried at that time. Regards, Al Craig
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