The Ottawa River, Ontario and Quebec
MacLaren's Landing, Torbolton Township, Ontario to Quyon, Quebec

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New March 7, 2013:

McLaren's Landing is thought to be named after one of the McLaren families who came from Buckingham, Quebec in the 1800's.

The Otawa River, Quyon, Quebec to MacLaren's Landing, Ontario Extract from map published by the Canadian Hydrographic Service, Marine Services Directorate, Department of the Environment, 1973 The Otawa River, Quyon, Quebec to MacLaren's Landing, Ontario
Some of the features of the above map: 1. Top right corner shows a bit of Mohr Island, named for the Mohr family, settlers in Pontiac County, Quebec and Fitzroy Township, Ontario. 2. River depths are given in feet. A god stretch for fishing for walleyes (pickerel) but be real careful of the whirlpool / eddy (75 feet deep) under the Hydro Transmission Lines. 3. The village of Quyon is located just to the west of the Quyon River. 4. This map is continued towards the Chat's Falls dam on our Changing Topography in Fitzroy Township web page. 5. The first European explorer of the Ottawa River, Samuel de Champlain, spent a night at Mohr Island in 1615, as per his diaries. He travelled up as far as Morrison Island at Pembroke in 1613 and met the Algonquin First Nation there. 6. In the summer, the lee side of Mohr Island is often used as an overnight mooring location for sailboats and motor boats travelling upriver from Ottawa or from Aylmer, Quebec. Sometimes the Tall Ship Black Jack can be seen there. Twelve Mile Island is just downriver from Mohr Island. There is a picture of the Black Jack on our Twelve Mile Island web page.
Here is Mohr Island in 1879 Source: Extracted from the Carleton County Digital County Atlas at McGill University Mohrs Island n the Ottawa River, Quebec, near MacLaren's Landing, Ontario
Property owners: Coyle / Coil, Mcdonald, O'Kelly, James Low, Connell, Munro, Mrs. McLaren. Crown Point is named for King Edward VII who visited when he was Prince of Wales.
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