Patrick McKINLEY and Grace McKENLY
County Antrim, Ireland to Plantagenet, Ontario, Canada area in the 1800's

Hoping you can help me. 
  I have been doing research for the past 7 years to find the key that will 
open the door to my ancestors. Here is the information I have to date. 
Sarah McKinley born 25 Nov 1831 County Antrim Ireland. Died 26 Sep1903 Maniwaki Quebec 
Married William Hebert 26 Jan1849 in Buckingham Quebec and went to live in the 
Cumberland  Ontario area. There's also reference to them in the Clarence 
Creek Area. They then moved to Maniwaki Que on the 28 Jan 1870 where they 
purchased lot 1 conc 3 Kensington township 
  Her parents were Patrick McKinley who died 1845 in Plantagenet Ontario 
(can't find anything in records. Mother Grace McKenley (apparently not 
related) died 01 Jan1839 in Plantagenet (again can't find record) 
1- John born 1823 Antrim Ireland died 1900 in Munising Michigan USA (confirmed) 
2-Patrick died at age 19 drowned and was buried Plantagenet (can't find 
3-Mary  apparently stayed in Antrim Ireland 
4-Ann married Joseph CHARLES a farmer from Red River Manitoba and had 2 
children (see below, dated February 16, 2003 ... Al)
5- Bridgit married Edward Charles a farmer from Red River Manitoba and had 8 
children. This was confirmed by one descendant from Vancouver BC 
6-William died at a young age 
7- Katie died 28 Dec 1888 at a young age presumably buried in Plantagenet 
(again can't find record). 
Sarah had arrived from Ireland in 1847 at age 14 and worked for different 
farmers in the Montebello, Plantagenet area. Her father had arrived in Canada 
previously and had his family come over piecemeal. 
  This info was obtained from Outaouais Genealogical Society Bulletin ISSN 
0707-8137 Volume xv number 2 march-april 1993 

Hoping you or someone else can help me authenticate this information 
Maurice Hebert    

Maurice: This family MAY be related to your McKinleys. I believe they lived to the east of Ottawa, possibly in the Cumberland to Plantagenet area. 1 Richard McKinley born in County Antrim, Ireland .. +Margaret McNeil ....... 2 Hugh McKinley ........... + Mary Madden 1819 - 1889 ................ 3 Margaret McKinley 1838 - .................... + Daniel McCrank (McCann) ................ 3 Elizabeth McKinley 1839 - .................... + William Cunningham ... Al
Hi Maurice: Thanks for your note regarding the McKinleys and Heberts. This is interesting. By chance, my wife went to high school in Plantagenet and she's been doing some research on her own family. She has a book which mentions some McKinleys who came from County Antrim. I'll have a look at it this afternoon and will get back to you. Do you mind if I start a new web page for this family, with your e-mail address on it as a contact? Thanks again. ... Al
Hi Al, Thank you for your response, by all means use my e-mail address for responses. It sure would be great to be able to find the key that would open the door to this family. There's also other of Irish descent that were either godparents or witnesses to weddings. I'll give these names in case it would help solve this puzzle. 1-Peter Nolan, 2- Matthe Fobert (Foubert ?) married Mary McKenly a distant cousin (note the the name was spelled in the register although I've learned the hard way that the priest in those days spelled a lot of names phonetically) 3-Rianne Sara-Anne Hebert married Francis "Frank" Keegan 4-John Buckley married Olive Hebert they were also godparents 5-James Logue & Sarah Nolan were godparents 6- Ellen Hebert the witnesses at death were John Murphy & John Corcoran 7- Jane Murphy godmother 8- Peter Moffat / Moffatt, godfather This is all i can find to date but as you can see there was a lot of Irish connection Thanks again Maurice Hebert
Maurice: There's a very interesting story about the McKinlay clan who were in Lennox, Scotland (just north of Glasgow). Some members went to County Antrim in the late 1700's. In Ireland, the spelling was changed to McKinley. One of the descendants from Antrim was William McKinley, the 25th President of the United States. Some of these McKinley families came from County Antrim to the Plantagenet area of Ontario in the early 1800's. There may be records of them at St. Bernard's Parish in Fournier, Ontario, Plantagenet (N. or S. ??) Township. An original McKinley farm is still in the family. You should get this book on interlibrary loan: Fournier 1867-1992, ISBN Number 0-9695824-0-4. It has the McKinley story and lots of pictures. I'll see if it's still in print when I'm down that way (you can see the McKinley farm from my mother-in-laws' farm). ... Al
February 10, 2003: hi, my name is Ron Marion from Hammond Ont . my mother is a Mckinley from Pendelton between Fournier and Plantagenet , Curran area . Attachment is a short family tree which may help in your search . Please advise if you have recieved this and if this is where i should have sent it . thanks ... Ron
February 16, 2003: Hi Maurice: It is interesting that two of the McKinley girls married CHARLES'. There was an early Charles family in the Plantagenet area in the c. 1818. They also were married into a family by the name of Georgen. These people came up from Montreal. Along the east bank of the Nation River there is a lone headstone with a Charles buried there. Interestingly I searched the 1881 Census for Manitoba and came up with the two Charles families in High Bluff & Popular Point , Marquette Manitoba. Also, these Charles' adhered to the Church of England faith and that is what they are listed under in Manitoba. Also, in the book "Histoire des Comtes Unis de Prescott et de Russell" by Lucien Brault 971.386 B825 R, it states that a McKindlay, John, de Salt Coats, Ecosse, autrefois de Montreal on the 27 of July 1822 got 200 acres on Lot 18 Concession 2. None of the old timers around here seem to know of this fellow. I am also researching the McKinley name as my great grandmother was a McKinley in North Plantagenet, daughter of Hugh McKinley and Margaret Craig (see below, dated May 3, 2016). As of yet, I can't find any connection to the other McKinley's mentioned in earlier emails to you. I hope this information is of some help to you. My sister is also looking for a Michael McKinley. Dianna ____________________________ Note: Two of my Burns ancestors (sons of William Burns and Elizabeth Mulroney, both sons born late 1870's) married CHARLES sisters - Elizabeth and Susan - whose families originally came from England. Somewhere I have some papers saying exactly where in England they lived. ... Al Note: Surnames for search engine: McAuley Ryan Keough Hamilton
March 20, 2003: Dear Maurice: According to the 1901 Census in Wright County, Township of Kensington in Quebec (this area is near Gracefield Quebec) on Concession 1, Lot 40 owning 350 acres we have Patrick Hebert, b. 1851 born in Ontario, Asilie?? wife, age 41 born in Quebec and seven children ranging in age from 19 to less than one year. Next door, also Concession 1, Lot 40, we have Barusebte?? Cyril, head, age 29 and his wife Teresa, age 26, and a one year old son, Joseph. Also living in the house with them is a widow, Sarah Hebert, born Ireland 1831 (doesn't know birthday) age 69. She came to Canada in 1843. It also states she is the mother-in-law. I think that is your Sarah! As of yet I have unearthed nothing of her parents in the Plantagenet area. ... Dianna
October 8, 2005: Hello All, I am Marc Larocque from Windsor Ont. Sarah McKinley is my great-great-grand-mother. From her marriage to William Hebert, one of their children Grace Hebert married Agapit Rivet Jr. and lived in Maniwaki Québec. Sarah is buried there and I have a picture of her monument. Grace Hebert and husband Agapit Rivet then moved to Sturgeon Falls Ont. along with those children already born. One of whom was my grand-mother Regina Rivet. This Rivet family then moved further into the bush and settled at Crystal Falls. There the church's bell is named after Grace Hebert. While in the area, Regina Rivet married Treffle Larocque (my grand-father). My father was the second last of six children. Regina and Treffle moved to Windsor Ont., lived there for approx. 13 years and then moved back to Sturgeon Falls. My father stayed in Windsor, married Rita Boutet and I am the second last of their seven children. For many years, I tried finding the marriage place of William Hébert and Sarah McKinley. And recently found the Buckingham notation through the Family Search web-site (Mormons). I would like to find out more information: arrival in Canada, year, parents etc... Stumbling on this site was a lucky stroke. Previous correspondence (from Al) mentions a website with Maurice's name. Can I have the address please? Hope to hear from someone in the near future. ... Marc email:
June 8, 2007: Hi Al Still looking for the McKinleys, Also found a photo of Sarah McKinley I have been going over my information of the McKinley trying to find that key that would open the mystery door. Alas I went back to my locksmith and re-analysed the information I had and found some major mistakes Patrick McKinley was born in 1798 and not 1780 died in 1863 and not 1845 in Plantagenet Patrick had 3 brothers & 4 sisters who stayed in Ireland Grace McKenley was born 1797 and not 1779 died 1857 in Plantagenet Grace had one brother and 4 sisters One immigrated to Kingston Ontario Canada and was Sarah's Godmother Patrick Jr. was born in 1830 Antrim Ireland died in 1849 by drowning Plantagenet Ontario Maybe this will help to open that mystery door Al Could you add this new information so that others can read and maybe ring a bell Thanks Maurice Hebert
Sarah McKinley

January 26, 2009: Hello... I happened by your web site while looking for some of my ancestors. I am a McKinley from the Curran / Plantagenet area. I could probably help you. Or, at least eliminate some of the confusion. Let me know, and I'll try to do my best. I have an 83 year old grandmother, with a great memory, that lived there most of her life. I can only remember very little but I've got photos too. Cheers, ... Lisa
January 28, 2009: Thanks to Lisa for the following material which was published in the 150th Anniversary Book for the village of Curran:
Picture of the McKinley family at Curran, Ontario, Canada

January 8, 2010: hi everyone, my name is richard wruth i live in British Columbia. Patrick and Grace are my fourth great grand parents, their daughter sara is my third great grandmother her daughter helene is my second great grandmother and her daughter Clementine Bertrand is my great grandmother. i'm just wondering if any of you have found out who grace and patricks parents were. hope to here from you soon. ... Richard Wruth
September 29, 2010: Hello, I am new to genealogy and was just browsing the Mckinley family. This is definetely a branch of mine. My great great grandfather was James McKinley who married Mary McAuley. I am really hooked now. Can someone advise how I can get into these records ie what and where as well as cemeteries where the McKinley and McAuleys might be buried???? Many thanks ... Lisa
New May 3, 2016: Thanks to Paul Pelletier who has discovered the following McKinley records: McKinley arriving by ship in Montreal 1829 and 1830 Here on an 1829 ship, 2 single (celibataires) McKinley arrived in Montreal. If you look at line 21 and 23 one is Hugh and the other James; the name James is mentioned on the site. note: adult steerage fare reduced from -/10/- to -/5/- See Also, On this 1830 ship [line 460] there is a Patrick McKinley (who could be the father of Sarah McKinley my gggrand-mother). Note he travelled alone. Could open some doors. See ... Paul Pelletier

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