New Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Neighbourhood founded by Thomas McKAY
Scotland to Ottawa, Canada, 1820's

New September 25, 2015:

Al, I have been spending time on the site, a great source for genealogy background. 
This article presents an interesting look at Thomas McKay: 

The title and author of this paper is "The Honourable Thomas McKay, M.L.C., Founder of New Edinburgh, 1792-1855"
by Francis J. Audet, the Report of the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Historical Association / Rapports annuels de la
Société historique du Canada, vol. 11, no. 1, 1932, p. 65-79.

... Mark Cullen
June 13, 2008:
Photo Source: Where Rivers Meet: An Illustrated History of Ottawa, page 36 Thomas McKay photo, c. 1850
Drawing Source: Ottawa, An Illustrated History, by John Taylor, page 38 Mill at Rideau Falls, 1830
Names for search engine: W.C. Edwards, New Edinburgh, Jean Baptiste St. Louis
August 29, 2008:
The W. C. Edwards Saw Mills on the east side of Rideau Falls, c. 1900 Photo Source: Hurling Down the Pine by Bond and Hughson, page 36

February 5, 2010:
Map of New Edinburgh in 1879 Source: McGill University Digital Maps New Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, map in 1879
Sketch by Michael Flynn, Corner of MacKay and Victoria Streets Map showing the intersection of MacKay and Queen Victoria Streets, New Edinburgh, in 2010 From the Ottawa Journal, March 13, 1976 Source: Google Maps House in New Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1976 Map of New Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, map in 2010

April 13, 2010: The McKay family was prominent in the founding of Beechwood National Cemetery in New Edinburgh.
June 30, 2010: The James Fraser Schoolhouse, built by Thomas McKay in 1837 Source: National Capital Region Heritage, page 106-107 Schoolhouse of James Fraser, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Schoolhouse of James Fraser, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada By 1844, James Fraser has opened another school on Sparks Street, in Uppertown. Source: Bytown Gazette, July 4, 1844 School of James Fraser, Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1844

August 7, 2011: Al: Included in my late father's box of memorabilia was a xeroxed copy of Memories of the Burgh, published privately by Ethel Sivyer Proulx in 1991. It is a 68 page collection of the "Memories of the Burgh" column that she wrote for the New Edinburgh News in 1986-1990. The stories speak to people, places, stores, businesses, etc. from New Edinburgh in the 1890-1930 period. I read it with great anticipation since my father was raised on Noel Street in the '20s and '30s, but, unfortunately, nothing was written about my Cullens. There were a couple of mentions of other relatives, though. Even though the timing is a little later than your normal coverage, I was thinking it might be of interest to you for your bibliography section and/or for setting up a new page on people from the Burgh. Let me know and I will send it to you. Mark Cullen ________________________ Mark: Thanks for sending this to me. I read it with interest as there is a lot of material covered in it. ... Al
Here's a scan of the index to the articles included in the book: Memories of New Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Source for the following picture is Ottawa Waterway, Gateway to a Continent, by Robert Leggett, page 155 Memories of New Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
keywords: lumbering , Steam Boats

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