Pioneer Families in Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada

New January 30, 2013:

Dear Michael, Mary and Allan,  

I’m looking for help in researching information and records regarding two gravesites in Gloucester and Osgoode Townships.  

The first is a site at St. John the Evangelist church on Stagecoach Road. I am looking for information about Edward McKay, buried alongside 
William McKay and Mary Reynolds. His name is inscribed on the side of the marker. Edward McKay is my maternal grandfather and I am 
interested in any records regarding him and his relationship to the others buried at this marker. 

The second site is in St Brigid’s Cemetery near Manotick. The marker is for Robert Lowrey and Catherine O’Brien. They are my great-grandparents, 
their daughter Sarah Lowrey is my grandmother and was married to Edward McKay (above). I am looking for information regarding Robert Lowrey 
and Catherine O’Brien and their relationship to the others buried at this marker. 

I have attached two pdf’s of pictures of these markers. (Note: the Lowrey pdf includes a picture of the grave marker for Sarah Lowrey 
which is in fact from Notre Dame Cemetery in Ottawa.)

I look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to take your guidance regarding fees or anything else related to this search. 

Best Regards,  

Brian McKeown

Hi  Al.   Mary ,  
         Brian I would suggest you check ,St. John  church register  Or the census of Osgoode Township ,    You ask about Edward  .I stand to be corrected
     in my view  Edward is son of William and Mary Reynolds. Julie Reynolds would be the mother to Mary Reynolds.
     Anne McKay Married  Patrick Herbert, Elizabeth married ,James Fagan   etc.
       Hope this helps , for now, I have  the church register  some place in this computer    if I can find it.
                Michael Daley

Hello Everyone, 

Thanks so much for your replies. This is all great information and very helpful. I am just getting started on this and the 
discoveries are amazing. I discovered the Lowry / O’Brien grave by accident and took a picture of it. Only later, when looking at 
my grandmother’s gravestone in Notre Dame Cemetery did I realize that the names on the grave in St. Brigid’s were familiar and 
that Robert Lowrey and Catherine O’Brien were my great grandparents. I’m sure you’ve all had many experiences like this, but 
this one was kinds of a galvanizing epiphany for me. 

My grandfather, Edward McKay (and they all pronounced the name makee with the accent on the first syllable) apparently owned the 
last livery stable in Ottawa. He was convinced that the automobile would never catch on and became, for various reasons, 
estranged from the rest of the family, spending his final years in the stable with his one remaining horse – and his fiddle. 
He was a fiddler. His great claim to fame as passed on in family lore was that he once sold a blind horse to a gypsy. He was 
quite renowned for this and gets my respect as well. 

The Lowreys, McKays and now Reynolds are all part of my mother’s family. She was Helen McKay, oldest of three and was born in 1900. 
My father`s family, McKeown and Whelan are from around Aylmer and the Irish community on that side 
of the river (Pontiac County, Quebec). My father was the youngest of eight. His brothers were butchers in Ottawa. 
Patrick (Paddy) owned Central Meat Market in the Byward Market and Mick and Tom owned McKeown’s Butcher Shop on Somerset St. W. 

I grew up in Hawkesbury and now live in Vancouver. 

I would be delighted if you started a new page for the McKays and Lowreys and I look forward to being able to fill in details as time goes on.  
There’s a lot of detail to be filled in. 

I am hungry for marriage records and, of course, birth records that will allow me to trace back further and pick up the threads in 
Ireland. I suppose the church registries will provide a lot of that.

Thanks again for your help. One of the nicest things about this is that I’ve been able to rediscover what a beautiful place Manotick is. 

All the best, 


William McKay Grave Marker, Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada Edward McKay Grave Marker, Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada
_________________________________ Hi Brian, Mary and Michael: I think that I have located the McKay, O’Brien and Lowery farms in 1879, just south of Manotick. The attached excerpt from a map of Osgoode Township 1879 shows two farms belonging to a John McKay and Robert Lowrie. The farrms were waterfront lots on the Rideau River. There are several O’Brien farms nearby. I believe that the Reynolds may have farmed just north of Manotick in Gloucester Township also close to the river. I’ll have a closer look. ... Al
Northwest Corner of Osgoode Township in 1879 Source: McGill University Digital County Atlas Project McKay, Lowery, O'Brien and Reynolds in Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada
Other names on this map: William Mansfield, Thomas Mansfield, John Trimble, James Buchanan, Mrs. Brady, James Haney, A. Moodie, Samuel Scobie, David Condie, William Condie, James Chambers, Joseph Martin, O. Harris, Charles Harris, William Davidson, Joseph Davidson. ________________________ Hi all . Brian, Al , Mary, Some time’s I wonder if my e-mail are working going out, I found my church register[ St.John’s ] And William McKay , and death date ,most times these lines will give the spouse name ,BUT the Parish Priest at that time put every thing in French , he was instructed at a later date, by the Bishop to put every thing in English, The Lowrey farm, Lot 8, con .1 in Osgoode Township I was on that property many times , Clifford Davidson , bought Lot 8 con 1 in 1930 he had been renting the property since 1927, He married Anna Ferguson and they had one daughter, Shirley, born 1936 and she married Donald Lowe they took over the farm. Robert Lowrey Born Feb.22 1821 in County Down Ireland Died Feb 7 ,!896 his wife Catherine Obrien Died January 9, 1907 age 84 yrs. A descendant of this couple ,Mary Ruth Lowery, married a Second cousin of mine ,Charles Daley , She died a young woman, ,Would be buried in Notre Dame cemetery, There was also , A Father Lowery, in that family , I met him , once. Hopes this helps Michael Daley ___________________________ I didn't realize the number of families the McKays were connected to. They are also connected to the Stackpole family. ... Al

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