McHugh Surname
County Sligo to Bytown and Spruce Hedge (Renfrew County), c. 1840
also from County Galway to Quyon and Onslow, Quebec
also the surname KILGALLON

April 15, 2003:
Al:  I'm searching for the gggfather of my wife.  Hi name was Michael McHugh who 
came from somewhere in ireland, we think around Sligo or Straban, perhaps Fermanagh.  
He and his wife Sheelah Donnelly with sons Michael, John and James arrived in Canada 
in the 1840s, we believe.  He was probably born in the late 1700s; they were married 
probably c 1815 and they settled in Spruce Hedge, close to Calabogie in the Ottawa Valley, in Renfrew County.  
Some of the McHughs are buried in the St. Gabriel cemetery at Springtown.  We'd like to 
know where he was born and what year they arrived in Canada.  I believe that he died 
sometime before 1856 in Spruce Hedge.  Any help you can give me would be appreciated.  
Frank Cosentino 
Hi Frank:

I'm also interested in the McHugh family. There was a McHugh family who came
from County Sligo in Ireland to Ottawa in the mid 1840's. I don't see  your
Michael McHugh and Sheelah Donnelly, but there's a chance that the two
families may be related.
Below are the records for my McHugh family who had some marriages and Baptisms at 
Notre Dame Church in downtown Ottawa in the 1840's. Some of them later lived in 
Osgoode Township. You may recognize some of the surnames for witnesses to marriages 
and baptisms.

Do you mind if I add your e-mail to a new page for the McHughs on my web
site? Maybe someone else will have more info for us.

The McHugh family which was in Ottawa in the 1840's married into my Starr
relatives. Your wife's ancestors likely passed through Bytown on their way
to Spruce Hedge.

... Al
Al: thanks for the reply.  Please feel free to add the info to your McHugh
page.  I don't know if we are speaking of the same McHugh family.  My wife
tells me that the family did spend some time in Arnprior (which might
suggest that they came over with a ship of Scots) and then to Mount Saint Patrick 
 before settling in Spruce Hedge. It would help of course if we
knoew when and how they came over. Any help you can get will be
most welcome.  thanks, Frank

Here are the McHugh families listed in Drouin records at for Notre Dame records:

23 Jan 1843
After the publication of one bann, marriage of Patrick Regan, resident of Long Island
and adult son of Owen Regan and Mary Tareel of County Roscommon to Bridget
McHugh, resident here and adult daughter of Alexander McHugh and Bridget Mown of
County Sligo
James Brown, Catherine Doolan & others

23 Apr 1843
Baptism of John, aged 1 days, son of John Kilgallen / Kilgallon, labourer, and Mary McHugh of Bytown
Patrick Ragan / Regan & Bridget McKue / McHugh

2 Feb 1846
After two publications of banns, marriage of Hugh O'Brien of Wakefield, (Gatineau Valley) adult son 
of the late James O'Brien and Sarah McHugh, to Ann Duggan of Bytown, adult daughter 
of Neil Duggan and Catherine Curran 
George Fairbair / Fairbairn & James Connor

17 Feb 1846
Baptism of Catherine, daughter of Patrick Regan and Bridget McHugh
Felix McHugh & Catherine Foghlin / probably Coughlin

2 Mar 1848
After dispensing with banns, marriage of Felix McHugh of Bytown, adult son of Felix McHugh
and Bridget Moran, to Rose Anna Finlay of Bytown, minor daughter of John Finley and
Bridget Clary of Gloucester
William Driscoll  & Ellen Finley / Finlay / Findlay Creek subdivision?

9 Mar 1848
Baptism of Helena, born 20 February of the marriage of Hugh Corrigan and Catherine
McHugh of Osgoode
Thomas Stapleton & Mary James

26 Aug 1848
Baptism of Edward, born 25 July of the marriage of Patrick Howard and Ann McHugh
James Mullowney (Maloney?) & Mary Ann Denmark

20 Nov 1848
Baptism of Bridget, born the 9th of the marriage of Thomas Coffee / Coffey and Bridget McHugh
George (blank) & Mary (blank)

30 Jun 1849
After two publications of banns, marriage of Stephen Starr, widower of Bytown, to Mary
McHugh of Bytown, widow of John Killgallon
Felix McHugh & Anna Healy

31 Jul 1849
After one publication of banns, marriage of Owen Mooney (Mooney's Bay) of Bytown, adult son of Patrick Mooney
and Mary McHugh, to Catherine Blanchfield of Bytown, adult daughter of John Blanchfield and
Helen Hickey.
Patrick Malone and Catherine Nash

10 Sep 1849
Baptism of Jane, born about the middle of last month at Black Rapids, 
daughter of M. Newton and Mary McHugh 

22 Nov 1849
Baptism of Mary Ann, born 20 November of the marriage of Felix McHugh and Rose Ann Finley
Thomas and Catherine Finley

25 Aug 1850
Baptism of James, born about 17 August of the marriage of Patt. Howard and Ann  McHugh of Bytown
James Murphy & Eliza Bachant / Bechand

14 Jul 1851
Baptism of Felix, born 7 July of the marriage of Felix McHugh and Rose Anna Finley of Bytown
Andrew Joyce and Ellen Finley

12 Apr 1852
Funeral service for Mary Starr alias McHugh who died yesterday, aged about 36 yrs.
Darby Kealy & Denis O'Neil

26 Jun 1852
Baptism of Catherine, born 20 June of the marriage of Thomas Gunn and Ellen McHugh of Bytown
Philip Gunn & Ann Burke

31 Oct 1852
Baptism of John, born 26 October of the marriage of Patrick Howard and Ann McHugh of Bytown
Michael Quinlan & Ann Howard

26 Jun 1853
Baptism of John, born 18 June at Bytown of the marriage of Felix McHugh and Roseanne Finerol
John McGuire & Bridget McHugh

16 Oct 1853
After dispensing with banns, marriage of Patrick Real of Merrickville, adult son of
Patrick Real and Anne Hogan, to Mary McClean / McLean, adult daughter of Michael
McClean and Elizabeth McHugh of Bytown
Thomas Real / Riel? & Ellen McClean

19 Mar 1855
Baptism of Thomas Patrick, born 18 February of the marriage of Felix McHugh and Rosanna Finlay
William O'Donnell & Ellen Denly

26 Jul 1855
Baptism of Thomas, born 22 July of the marriage of Thomas Gunn and Ellen McHugh
Michael Dolan & Eliza McCann

Here's a George McHugh at Mount St. Patrick's in 1914

The Costellos, Moores, Craigs and Troys all were 2nd or 3rd generation families who
migrated to western Renfrew County from the Ottawa area.

Item#3 Page 177&178 Thomas Moore Costello 
April 28th 1883 We the undersigned Parish Priest of Brudenell baptized Thomas Moore Costello, 
born 27th inst of the lawful marriage of James Costello and Rachel Craig. The sponsors were 
William Troy and Rachel Costello. J. McCormac, P.P. 
(in the margin) 
Thomas Moore Costello was married at Renfrew on August 3rd 1914 to Mary Nina Mackay 
by Rev. F.L.French, Witnesses: George P. McHugh & Kaireen Mackay, J N. George P.P. 

July 28, 2003: My wife is a descendant of Felix McHugh. Family tradition has it that he immigrated to Canada with his widowed mother and two sisters "from near Sligo". "Widow McCue" was enumerated in what appears to be the Bytown portion of the Nepean Township census in 1842 and was reported to have been in the province for one year. The Illustrated Historical Atlas for Carleton says Felix arrived in the county in 1840. The two sisters are believed to have been Mary, who married John Kilgallon then Stephen Starr, and Bridget, who married Patrick Regan. Felix lived in Bytown until the mid-1860s, at which time he bought a farm in Gloucester Township. I have no evidence that conclusively links Felix to the other McHughs named in Notre Dame registers but would be interested in hearing from anyone who does. I would also be interested in knowing what happened to Felix's sister Bridget. Any help you can give will be appreciated. John Wilson
March 25, 2005: Hi Al, Yes, by all means, please do add my name and email. My McHugh ancestors started in Onslow, Quebec, mid-1800s, Bernard / Barney and Anne Gibbons, with children (all born in 1850s) 1. James (married Elizabeth Cooney; my GGGrandparents); they had 5 kids, 2. Sarah (m. Patrick Gibbons, 4 kids), 3. Elizabeth (m. Will Hickey, 8 kids), 4. Catherine (m. John Hickey, 8 kids), 5. Belinda (m. Martin Smith, 4 kids) and 6. Mary Ann (m. Thomas Madden, 5 kids), I have no idea where Barney and Anne came from (or exactly when), but family lore says the Province of Connaught, likely Galway County in Ireland. Alan (see posting dated June 17, 2005)
April 5, 2005: If this is still an active email address please respond as you have mentioned our family of McHugh's, a Barnie that married Ann Gibbons is a great grandfather to me. Joe _________________ Barnie McHugh came over in 1838 from around Galway sure enough and County Connaught. There is no mention of a Burns or Christopher in our family that I am now aware of. I got your address from the Bytown site and we have traced a few of the Cooney, Hickey Ready / Reddy / Radey, Gibbons and Madden names. They all came from the Ottawa valley area and spread out. Anyone having info regarding them would be beneficial. Thanks Joe
June 17, 2005: Message for Bytown McHugh site: I am interested in contacting "Alan" who requested information (see posting dated March 25, 2005)on James McHugh (b. 1834, Fermanagh) and Sarah McHugh (b. 1832, Fermanagh). This person is also related to the Starr family. I am a relative of James and Sarah if you would like to contact me. Thanks, Beth e-mail:
May 29, 2016:: Hello, I'm hoping that some one may be able to help me in finding a little more on Mary McHUGH who married John KILGALLON 1849 . It is the KILGALLON surname that I'm researching and as I'm having no luck with tracking down my line I'm trying to see if I can find them by seeking out as much as I can by going side ways. Kind Regards Wendy

E-mail Frank Cosentino, John Wilson, Alan, Joe, Beth, Wendy and Al Lewis

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