McHALE surname
Ireland to Fitzroy Township, Osgoode Township and Mayo, Quebec

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New September 22, 2005:

Hi Al
Re: Michael Lawrence McHale
I have found Grave Markers, Ottawa area and the McHales in Fitzroy are not my relatives.  
The one other place that the grave markers didn't have was Our Lady of Visitation RC 
Gloucester Carleton Co. If that doesn't work out I am going to start looking again in 
London Ontario. Plus I remember my Mother telling me that my Father worked in Detroit 
for a spell so his Grandparents maybe lived close on the Canadian side who knows I am 
really getting dizzy here.  Who new this would be sooo much work, but still so exciting.  
Thanks for all your help say Hi to Ottawa for me.  Hope the weather is good.  
Yours in Genealogy
I have managed to come across a file in a round about way giving some McHales in 
Mayo Quebec. They are not my family but they could hold the key to them.  I am not familiar 
with their given names. I know you are very busy but any info would be greatly 
appreciated. I am going to the Latter Day Saints reading room tomorrow. My 
thinking has been in the last week that my gg grandfather died either crossing 
from Ireland or at Gross Ile and my gg grandmother re-married James McHale.  
It would be nice to put this part of my chart to bed.
Do you know any McHale's in Ottawa? Unfortunately I never did keep in touch when 
I was still in Ontario.The older you get the more important these things seem to be.
Regards from Vancouver Island
... Margo Morel 


Here are two McHale families who were in the Ottawa area in the 1800's.
The first family was in Fitzroy Township. There are old (and maybe newer?) 
grave markers for these McHales at St. Michael's Church in the village of
Fitzroy Harbour. They may be connected to your McHales.

The second McHale family came from County Mayo in Ireland and were neighbours
of my ancestors in Osgoode Township, now part of the City of Ottawa. They are
buried at Our Lady of the Visitation Cemetery here at South Gloucester.
Some of the descendants of Miles McHale who died in 1860 (shown below) are listed
on one stone at Our Lady of the Visitation.

Let's see if anyone can help us out on this.
... Al
McHales in Fitzroy Township: (1881 Census)
1881 Census Place:	Fitzroy, Carleton, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375867  NAC C-13231  Dist 108  SubDist I  Div 2  Page 11  Family 42
		Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace	Occ		Religion
Patrick MCHALE	M	M	56	Irish	Ireland		Farmer		Catholic	
Bridget MCHALE	F	M	47	Irish	Ireland				Catholic	
Patrick MCHALE	M		21	Irish	Ontario		Farmer		Catholic	
James MCHALE	M		19	Irish	Ontario		Farmer		Catholic	
Thomas MCHALE	M		18	Irish	Ontario		Farmer		Catholic	

McHales in Osgoode Township, Concession 3:
(parents born in County Mayo)
	1  	Miles McHale died 1860
.		+ Mary Neilon	died  1877 (family from Concession 3, Osgoode Township)
......	2  	Michael McHale	1826 - 1853
......	2  	Edward McHale	1831 - 1918
..........		+ Margaret Durning	1831 - 1909
..............	3  	Julia McHale	1864 -
..............	3  	Patrick McHale	1870 - 1926
..................		+Cecilia Moore	1886 - 1967                         

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