Peter McGREGOR and Christiana
from Paisley Townhead Society, Scotland
to Ramsay Township, Ontario, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

April 7, 2012:

I am looking for a Peter McGregor (wife Christina) who settled in Ramsay Township about 1821, 
part of the Scottish folks from the Paisley Townhead Society folks. I don't see them on your 
list. As Ramsay isn’t on the 1851/2 census for Canada, I wondered if you had any ideas on 
how to find more information on this family. With thanks......Goldie Doratti, Kamloops BC

Good morning, Mrs. Doratti: Thanks for your e-mail regarding Peter McGregor and his wife Christina. I'll have a look at through my material here and see what I can find. Is it OK with you if I add your e-mail to our web site? Hopefully someone will already have done some work on this family. Please let me know. Thanks again, ... Al Lewis
Yes, go right ahead, and thanks for that!! Do you know why Ramsay doesn't have a 1851/2 census? It appears to be the only one missing on Automated Genealogy, but I'm no Ontario specialist....LOL. Thanks again, Goldie
I didn't find Peter McGregor in the lists I have, however, I did find the following census records for 1861:
Personal Census for 1861: Enumeration District, No. Twenty-eight, of the Township of Ramsay in the County of Lanark Peter and Christiana McGREGOR Census records source: Peter McGregor, 1861 census for Ramsay Township, Ontario, Canada Probable son of Peter and Christiana -- enumerated on the same census page. Names Peter and Christiana used in second generation. Peter McGregor, 1861 census for Ramsay Township, Ontario, Canada

April 10, 2012 Hi Al... I found the following on the old "Granny's Garden" genealogical site. Peter McGregor was on Concession 10, Lot 13W and was registered or given the land on July 31, 1821. Looking at the map, it would appear that his (brother? John?) was given Lot 13E. (Beckwith Township ?) And, on the same site, here is a Peter McGregor with an Archibald McGregor who took up land in 1819 and it says that they came over on the ship "Sophia". (and this same page also shows an Alexander McGregor who came over on the same ship, "Sophia", but the previous year - a relative?) And, on the same site, here is a Peter McGregor with John and Robert McGregor, all from the parish of Comrie (in Scotland, I guess) located Oct 24 1818 on Concession 10, Lots 14 and 15. Peter and Christiana (as spelled in the census) are in the 1871 Almonte, Lanark cesus, both aged 78 years and both members of the Church of Scotland. With them is married Margaret Bane, aged 75 and also born in Scotland (I think this is Peter's sister Margaret, who married Walter Bane / Bain in 1859 in Lanark county, aged 60 and a daughter of Duncan McGregor and Katherine McColl). Peter McGregor died December 13, 1873 at age 81 years of heart disease in Almonte, Lanark. His death registration says he was born in Pond Hill, Scotland and the informant was Duncan McGregor, carpenter of Almonte. (do they mean BonHill, in Dunbartonshire?). Christina died Jan 11 1874 and her death registration reads, "Christina Smith, wife of Peter McGregor, died aged 81 years. Informant was also Duncan McGregor, carpenter of Almonte. Sue
April 12, 2012: It appears there are three Peter McGregors in the 1851 census, 2 in Beckwith and one in Bathurst. These are not the family. There is no 1851 census or agricultural census for Ramsay in Lanark as in Simcoe County. Either it is partial, too badly decayed or totally missing as in other areas of Ontario. The following is what I found: Peter McGregor born circa 1793 Sue has posted death date (buried at the Auld Kirk Cemetery) Christina Smith born circa 1793 Sue has posted correct death date (buried at the Auld Kirk Cemetery) Duncan McGregor born 2 Jun 1817 Scotland married Ann Lockhart James McGregor born 28 Sep 1819 Scotland Peter McGregor born 25 Dec 1821 Scotland married Sarah Ann ?? 17 Jan 1851 Mary McGregor born 1823 Ramsay Township married James Gemmill Elizabeth McGregor born 12 Aug 1826 Ramsay married Robert Kincaid John McGregor born 8 Mar 1829 Ramsay married Ann Bridges / Brydges Alexander McGregor born 31 Aug 1831 Ramsay married Mahali Bridges / Brydges Also attached is the 1861 census for sons Alexander and John plus many other records. Duncans marriage to Ann Lockhart. Please note the comment on his son's marriage as both are deaf and dumb. Take care ... Taylor Kennedy
September 25, 2012: Hi Folks: I just stumbled upon your website. I am also looking for further info on Peter McGregor. I just started putting my history together this past summer. Although I was born and raised in Nova Scotia, my father was born and raised in Almonte and area. I have no problem tracing back to Alexander McGregor and Mahila Brydges (that Taylor lists in his posting) as follows: Alexander McGregor / Mahila Brydges ( Gravestones in St. Paul's Anglican Cemetery, Almonte ) I I Robert McGregor / Margaret Thom ( Gravestones in Auld Kirk Cemetery, Almonte ) I I James Alexander MacGregor / Lillian Alice Cochrane (Gravestones in Auld Kirk Cemetery, Almonte ) I I Norman John MacGregor / Enid Arlene Boyce ( Norman buried in Nova Scotia, Arlene lives in Nova Scotia ) I I Alan Norman MacGregor (myself) / Jeanne Elizabeth Ferguson My wife and I spent time this summer in Almonte and area chasing info on Peter. Between the graveyards, Lanark Coounty Archives, Internet and family oral tradition we uncovered enough to be confused. There were at least 3 Peter McGregors in the Lanark area at the same appropriate time and all have an Alexander connected to them. I feel I need a few more concrete facts to definitely establish which is the correct one for my linage. I would be happy to share the info I have accumulated so far but I would like to make sure you are still interested before I start scanning and sending. For example, I have a copy of the Paisley Townhead Emigration Society register showing Peter McGregor’s signature (he appears to sign it McGrigor) that Goldie mentions in her original posting. The book “The Lanark Society Settlers” by Carol Bennett states that Peter McGregor arrived on the ship “Earl of Bucking- hamshire” in 1821 accompanied by his wife Elizabeth Smith (not Christina) and two young sons. Other Children were born in Ramsay including Alexander in 1831. I have photocopies of the Township of Ramsey Register for Peter McGregor Lot 13, Concession 10 and for Alexander McGregor and wife Lot 14, Concession 12. The problem I have encountered so far is to be sure which Peter is the correct one. There are 2 different Peter McGregors listed on the “Earl of Buckinghamshire” manifest. That’s enough for now. Goldie: If you are still interested in this, please contact me and I'll send you what I have. Al & Taylor: If you are able to assist in any way, it would be most appreciated. As I said, I am sure of the connection back to Alexander. Robert & Margaret’s Wedding Registration clearly shows Alexander and Mahila as Robert’s parents. Thanks and I hope to hear from you all soon. Al MacGregor _____________________________ Hi Al: I'll have a look at the book "Imperial Immigrants: Scottish Settlers in the Upper Ottawa Valley, 1815-1840", just published this year by Michael Vance at Dalhousie University. It contains some McGregors, but no Peter or Alexander. Also, I have a copy of the Glasgow Committee report of 1836 regarding the 1820-21 Settlers here in Lanark County. It's a terrific book and includes a plan of the between decks of the Earl of Buckinghamshire. Unfortunately it has no index, but I'll have a look for McGregors in it. ... Al
New September 26, 2012: Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for the following: Hello everyone: Mr McGregor, I searched through many deaths, marriages and births which sometime note the concessions and lot numbers. None were found. I also searched the 1871 nominal census for those who died that year and again no luck. In the 1901 census, Robert McGregor and Margaret Thom are living on Concession 1, Lot 23. My best advice to you and this is very good advice, visit the National Archives in Ottawa, or Ontario Archives in Toronto or even order a micro film from the National Archives to your library and search the probate records for the Last Will and Testaments. These will tell you what land, concession and lot numbers that were in possession of the McGregor,s in Ramsay Township. I know it was not concession 8 lot 23 as that was Peter McGregor who married Janet Fisher, who died in 1857. Sorry I couldn't help any more than that. Best wishes. ... Taylor Kennedy
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