Thomas McGRATH
Ireland to Calumet Island

January 18, 2006:
Good evening all.  I was wondering in your research have you run across the
surname McGrath?  I am Phil McGrath. My great Grandfather was Thomas McGrath
from Calumet Island.  In the 1881 Census he is listed but is not there in
the 1901 one.  I know he died somewhere after the first census but cannot
find a burial place or any word on him or the rest of the family including
Terrance (Son), Mary (Daughter), Rosa ((Rose, Daughter)  Any help would be
... Phil McGrath
January 20, 2006: Hi Phil: 1901 census, District 180 Pontiac, sub District Grand Calumet Island, G - 1, page 7, microfilm T6538 shows the following: McGrath, Terrance - head - Nov. 1853 McGrath, Mary - 1840 - sister McGrath, Judy - 1844 - sister McGrath, Rose - 1850 - sister McGrath, Francois - June 13, 1883 - nephew For the 1911 census, District 185 Quebec, sub district 5, Enummeration District 9, page 10, line 26, family 89 shows the following: McGrath, Terrance - Jan 1855 - Head McGrath, Mary - Jan 1847 - sister McGrath, Frank - June 1884 - nephew Take care ... Taylor Kennedy
January 21, 2006: Hello again all. First thanks for taking the time and effort to help me. My main interest is the McGrath's on Calumet Island Quebec but am sure some if not all the McGrath's of Pontiac County were related in some way. I do not know when Thomas and his wife arrived in Canada but know it was somewhere between 1849 and 1853. Thomas was widowed by 1881 census. There is a grave marker in the Old St. Anne's Parish cemetary which an inscription: In Memory of Marg Hanratty Wife of Thomas McGrath Died May 15 1866 but through researching the Hanratty connection no solid evidence or connection could be found. My Grandmother started life as a Kelly but married a Ladouceur and had 2 children, Albert and Rosie. (Both deceased). Her marriage to Francis McGrath produced Kaye, Elwood, Helina, Wilfred, and Francis. Kaye Married Bill Watters, Elwood remained single, Helina married Gerald Lamothe, Wilfred married Eileen ???? and Francis married Gisele LaSalle. New February 9, 2006: I also have in my possession the Range and lot numbers of 1867 for all the families on the Island. If I can help give me an e-mail Phil McGrath

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