Junction Gore, Gloucester Township

New May 5, 2008:

Hi Al,
I have this puzzle that you may have the answer to.
Here is the Fitzwilliam Estate, County Wicklow, McGrath family that settled first in Black Rapids, and 
then in what was called Billings Bridge in the BMD records.

Fitzwilliam Tenants - Family Group 
   ID:  758 Parish     Mullinacuff 
   Year Listed:   1847 
   Surname   McGrath 
   Reference No.     277 
   Group Members: 
   William 40, Mary 50, Kitty 19, Margaret 12, Paddy 17, Edward 15, Michael 16. 
   Townland Ballynultagh 
   Other Information:   Holding - Cabin and kitchen garden from Timothy Byrne. 
Source: Accompanying CD to the book Surplus People by Jim Rees

From the death cert for the FW Edward McGrath, (died in 1902 at age 73) I discovered 
that he lived at Lot 22, Junction Gore. He lived there with his children (wife had died), his widowed mother, 
Mary Byrne McGrath, and his brother Patrick.
    Edward's sister, Catherine McGrath, m. Patrick Whalen (FW family from Aylmer), 
	and they are enumerated next to Edward et al in 1881. Also on Lot 22, Junction Gore?
Now: from the Stackpole tree on B or B, I discovered that John Stackpole, b. 1851 
Osgoode, ALSO lived at Lot 22, Junction Gore.

Junction Gore, Gloucester Township, 1879 Source: Belden's Atlas of Carleton County
I would suspect that the land was owned by John Stackpole, because the McGraths don't show up on those early Gloucester maps, so perhaps they were renters. But...what's the connection between these two families? I hope you can shed some light on this. Anne Burgess
May 7, 2008: William McGrath was living in Ballynultagh when he emigrated in 1847, but he was actually born in Killinure, and it's John O's view that he was a brother or cousin of the following Michael McGrath (m. Elizabeth Kehoe). Fitzwilliam Tenants - Family Group ID: 761 Parish Aghowle, County Wicklow Year Listed: 1847 Surname McGrath Reference No. 69 Group Members: Michael, Elizabeth, Nicholas 32, William 30, John 27, James 25, Bridget 22, Elizabeth 18. 1st cousin Biddy McGrath 36. Voyage Townland Killinure Other Information Browne to take the land and speak to Mr Challoner about the house. 5 acres from Mr Browne, a head tenant, part of Abraham Coates' execs holding. Nicholas McGrath of this family settled in Hungerford Township, Hastings County. I haven't found the rest of them yet. Anne
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