Hugh Edward McGOVERN

 January 8, 2003:
Dear Kevin, 
     My name is Daniel McGovern and I am the grandson of Hugh Edward McGovern listed 
     at the following web page - Timothy Collins
I have only recently begun to trace my genealogy and had been trying to get more info 
on my grand father.  The entry mention now takes me to my great grandfather and for that 
I am ever so grateful.
     If it helps you any, I used the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid 
     to discover a McGovern family plot in Carlsbad Springs, where Bridget, Catherine, 
     Elizabeth Hugh, James and Patrick are buried.  I haven't yet been out there to check 
     it out but I did speak to the parish priest assigned to St. Laurent RC Church where 
     the cemetery is located and he's has indicated that he's do a records search and get 
     back to me in a couple of weeks.
     I have more recent info on that part of my family if you care to have it and I'll 
     be pleased to pass on whatever else I receive in the future.  I have to tell you I 
     am elated with what I found.  Thanks again.
Daniel McGovern

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